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Agile Interiors For Your Workspace


-Impact of workspace on us
-Workspace Vs Agile values & principles
-Expectation from Agile environment
-Traditional workspace
-Trends changing in organization
-Healthy Agile Workspace
-Some Tips


-In transforming their workspace with least possible changes
-In understanding the effect of surrounding in keeping the agility health of team

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Agile Interiors For Your Workspace

  1. 1. Agile Interiors For Your Workspace Anuj M Ojha, Agile Consultant
  2. 2. “WE SHAPE OUR BUILDINGS; THEREAFTER THEY SHAPE US.” Winston Churchill Isn’t it true ?
  3. 3. The 4th Role Few considered it, many knew it but can’t do much and most never realized the effect of team work space.
  4. 4. Few Traits Of Being Agile Happiness Effective Communication Motivating Satisfy Employees Adaptable Improving Processes Technical Excellence Predictable Engaging Spirit of Oneness Deliver Value Respond to Change Trust & Respect People Development Equality Self- Organizing Creative Collaboration Simplicity BEING AGILE Fun at work Continuous Learning Autonomous
  5. 5. Benefits
  7. 7. Lets understand the Personas Organization Team Individual
  8. 8. Individual wants.. Freedom to choose Work Style Sitting, standing, lying on bean bag, cafeteria Access to Work High Speed internet, Charging points at all places, Ergonomics, lockers Conducive Surroundings Lighting, Quiet, Air- conditioning , visibility of floor Leisure Beverages, Recreation, break-out area Communication Team trackers, important guidelines, notice or announcements Learning Library, learning centers , reading group bay Flexible & Productive system
  9. 9. Team wants.. Collaborative Workspace Entire team together, Round table sitting, conducive ambience Infrastructure Writing boards, Visual panels (TV) showing data, Team Flag, hooters for Build mgmt Discussion Rooms Enough space near sitting area, discussion rooms with writing boards Client Meetings Closed rooms with Display/VOIP, Writing boards, projectors Leisure Meetings in cafeteria, recreation areas, discussions at coffee Learning Tech sessions at cafeteria, Creative Zones to be high performing
  10. 10. Organization wants.. Culture Transparency, Flat structure, flexibility, productive systems, self-organizing teams, spacious, predictable workspace.. Recreation Gaming zones, Billiard, table tennis, Dart Boards, Creative bay, Music & watch Sports, gym .. Cafeteria Beverages, coffee table discussions, Enlightening sessions & joyous events.. Collaboration Pleasant reception, Conducive discussion/ meeting space, sit & stand working space.. Innovative Glory boards, Clarity on vision, Idea boxes, Creative Zones, Memento Bay Lively Green, Colorful, Equipped with Technos.. to achieve Business Goals
  11. 11. Do you have other ideas? Share with me @ Find me @ Linkedin Anuj M Ojha And also on Twitter @AnujMOjha