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Google it

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Google it

  1. 1. 1“Google it … “Villanova Libraries
  2. 2. 2Google is a search engineIt searches web pages for your search terms
  3. 3. Tips …3Ignore spellingGoogle ignorespunctuationSearch by filetypefiletype:pptfiletype:pdffiletype:xlsIgnore words-nutsSearch with anexact phrase“criminal code”Google is notcase sensitivenew yorkSearch within aspecific
  4. 4. 4Tips …4Search similarterms~poisonSpecifytimerange ofresults2012..2013Show resultswith particularword in titleintitle:velocityReturn resultsby particularauthorauthor:smithWord ordermattersAND ORAND finds bothterms on pageOR finds one orthe other
  5. 5. 5Finally …Research takes time; however, using these tips will makeyou more efficient and effective!