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INTERTEK 22196:2007

INTERTEK was assigned to test biocide efficacy of ANTI-B Plastic film packaging versus AMUL fresh milk packaging. INTERTEK pursued test as per ISO 22196:2007 for 24 hours and it proved that ANTI-B plastic film packaging had 99.5% anti bacterial efficacy whereas AMUL fresh milk packaging did not have any anti bacterial efficacy.

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INTERTEK 22196:2007

  1. 1. lntertek India Private Limited I te k Division : Commodities Intertek House, "F" wing. Tex Centre. 26—A, Chandivali Fann Road, Off. Saki Vihar Road, Andheri (East). Mumbai - 400 072, India. Tel : +91 22 42450100 Fax : +91 22 42450250 operation. mumbal@intertek. com wvvw. intei1ek. ccim Valued Quality. Delivered. LABORATORY REPORT Report No. : MUM/319/2016 Sample Received Date : 04.02.2016 Report Date : 05.02.2016 UKKO Organic & Energy Pvt Ltd 1008, 10"‘ Floor, Yogi Tower Society, Yogi Nagar, Borivali (West), Mumbai - 400091. For the Attention of : Mr. Sunil S. Rathi Sample(s) received from : UKKO Organic & Energy Pvt Ltd Sample(s) submitted as : Plastic Film Sample Description(s) on Label(s) : As attached Seals on Sample(s) : None The above sample(s) was/ were examined as detailed below and the following results obtained: Please refer attached sheet for analytical results. LABQA QA 328 ISSUE 110.: 03 ISSUE DATE : 01.02.2010 An ISO 9001 : 2008 Organisation Regd. Office : E-20. Block 31. Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate. Mathura Road . New Delhi — 110044, India
  2. 2. Valued Quality. Delivered. LAB REPORT NO: -MUM/319/2016 DATE RECEIVED: 04.02.2016 DATE REPORTED: 05.02.2016 Sample Label : Plastic Sample Treated & Untreated Sample Description — Transparent printed plastic film & Amul milk pouches. A I 7 Result afte 24 Hrs Contct Time ‘T W Metho M @- l ' E. coli Atcc8739 , l Treated sample (plastic) 99.50% Count-2x10 cfu/ ml ‘ E. coli Atcc8739 Count—4x105 cfu/ ml ‘ ‘ S. aureus Atcc6538 9”” Re“”°“°" °°”""3“° °‘”’"" fl Amul pouches untreated 0% Reduction Count-2x10 _ V S. aureusATCC6538 _ _, __ W _ I Culture Count @0 hrs(E. coli Atcc8739) - 2x105 cfu/ ml Culture Count @0 hrs(S. aureusATCC6538) - 1x105 cfu/ ml Incubation temperature followed during the analysis : 35°C / ._. Li T3‘ 7 ‘ ““ " -A; /9“? * l , — ' ‘N, ’ ‘ .1 lgl ‘A3,; = ‘.°/ , '- /7 Pravin Poojary‘ »-« /1’ Laboratory Ma / Note : This report relates specifically to the sample(s) that were drawn and I or provided by the client or their nominated third party solely for testing. The reported result(s) provide no warranty or verification on the sample(s) representing any specific goods and I or shipment and only relate to the sample(s) as received and tested. This report was prepared solely for the use of the client named in this report. Intertek disclaims any and all liability for damage or injury which results in the use of the infonnation contained herein and accepts no responsibility for any loss. damage or liability suffered by a third party as a result of any reliance upon or use of this report. IABQA QA 32:: ISSUE no. = as ISSUE on-re: 01.02.2010