Pop custard apple(sitaphal)


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Pop custard apple(sitaphal)

  1. 1. Crop Production and Management Assignment on Package of Practices Custard Apple(Sitaphal) Presented to: Mrs. Ansu Abraham Presented by: Ankur Singh PGDRM-09
  2. 2. • It is one of the most delicious fruits when consumed fresh. • This crop is known by varied names such as Sitaphal, Sugarapple and Sharifa. • The edible portion is creamy or custard like with a good blend of sweetness. • It is used in ice-creams and several other products.
  3. 3. Soil and Climate • It is a tropical plant but can also be grown in mild sub-tropics also. • It is sensitive to frost. •It prefers dry climate during flowering but fruit is aided by high humidity which begins with the onset of monsoon. • It can withstand high rainfall or drought and is tolerant to many soil conditions except alkalinity.
  4. 4. Propagation and Rootstick • Propagation is generally done through seeds. • Seeds are sown directly into the fields in well prepared pits in beginning of monsoon and at appropriate height and girth. •Propagation by budding and whip grafting has been successful for improving the yield and quality.
  5. 5. Planting • Pits of (60*60*60) cm size are made in summer refilled with soil and FYM (1:1). • Planting distance is kept at (4.5*4.5) m to (5.0*5.0) m. • Planting is done at the beginning of monsoon to avail the advantage of available rain water.
  6. 6. Manuring and Fertilization Age of FYM tree (Years) Fertilizer (gram/tree) Urea Diammonium Phosphate Muriate of potash 1-2 25 120 109 84 3-5 35 240 217 167 Above 5 50 252 271 209
  7. 7. Irrigation • It doesn't require irrigation to produce fairly good crop provided effective water harvesting is affected by developing microcatchments in rainy season. • However, in absence of water harvesting in post monsoon period 2-3 irrigations help in better quality of fruits and higher production.
  8. 8. Flowering • Takes about 3 years for plants to come into bearing and 5 or more years to develop full canopy. • An average plant bears about 2000 flowers and the fruit set is about 2-3%. • Fruit set is better where humidity is high.
  9. 9. Harvesting and yield • Custard apple produces single crop in a year during SeptemberNovember in India. • It comes into bearing from the age of 4-5 years. •It is a climacteric fruit and should be and should be harvested when fully matured and firm. • Yield per year:50-100
  10. 10. Diseases and their Management Symptoms: Fruit rot Dry, blackish-brown spots the blossom end of the fruit which spread slowly in all directions and usually cover whole fruit. Management: The disease can be effectively controlled by foliar sprays with copper oxychloride (300g/100L) water, carbendazim (100g/100L) water or thiophanate methyl (100g/100L) water, giving 2-3 sprays at 15 days interval.
  11. 11. THANKYOU