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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Ankit upadhyay Son of- Mr. Harish chandra upadhyay, (HC, BSF, AMBASSHA) ADDRESS:- FLAT NO.91, POCKET- 11, SECTOR-21,ROHINI NEW DELHI 110081 E-mail Id: - Contact No. : -+918871874602 Date of birth:-25/12/1994 OBJECTIVE:-  Intend to build a career as a key player in challenging & creative environment with leading corporate which will help me to explore and realize my potential fully.  To perform my duty in an effective manner through Smart work, honesty &determination. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:- Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engg. Department) Rustamji Institute of Technology(RJIT), B.S.F Academy, Tekanpur, Gwalior, M.P (RGPV University,Bhopal) ACADEMIC DETAILS:- Exam Year of Passing andSchool/Board/University Percentage/Semester SGPA (Percentile) 12 th (Intermediate) 2011/ BSF PUBLIC SCHOOL/Tekanpur/MPBSE. 79.6% Engineering Marks Details:- BE 1 ST Sem. 2012/RJIT/RGPV University /Gwalior 6.40 BE 2 ND Sem. 2013/ RJIT/RGPV University /Gwalior 7.00 BE 3 RD Sem. 2013/ RJIT/RGPV University /Gwalior 7.25 BE 4 TH Sem. 2014/ RJIT/RGPV University /Gwalior 7.06 BE 5 TH Sem. 2015/ RJIT/RGPV University /Gwalior 7.88 BE 6 TH Sem. BE 7 TH Sem. 2015/ RJIT/RGPV University /Gwalior 2016/ RJIT/RGPV University /Gwalior 8.00 8.32 PERSONAL STRENGTH:  Gregariousness quality with healthy habits,  Can do team work as a good leader not an Orto leader type,  Honest & sincere with self-discipline, And a Smart worker,  Positive and Nurture attitude makes me good with regular studies,  Proven strength in problem solving,  coordination and analysis,  Strong Communication and Organizing skills matched with ability to manage stress , time , and people effectively , I know that where I can indulge my self,  Know my limitations & Stability and always try to ameliorate my work.
  2. 2. HOBBIES & INTERESTS:  Cooking and eating ,  Watching history channel ; shows mostly I prefer to watch the pawn stars,101 inventions, and other etc.,  Playing game and reading magazines ,  Net surfing, Downloading useful application, reading magazines, Travelling and Interacting with friend’s friend, and other else. LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: English, Hindi. TRAININGS:  45 days amazing and educational training in “INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED (IOCL),Panipat Refinery, (Haryana)”  7 Days superb training in “MADHYA PRADESH POWER TRANSMISSION CORPORATE LIMITED, Morena (M.P)” PROJECT:  Submitted Minor Project Work entitled “D.C MOTOR SPEED CONTROLLER BY VARIABLE RESISTANCE” to “Mr. Ashish Gupta sir”. Member of Professional Body:-  Member of ‘NSS’ and Going To Be a Part of “MAD”.  Member Of Alumni Meet Organized by collage in 2012. EXTRA CURICULAR ACTIVITIES:-  Participated in Robotic Activity (Race, War, Water Race) with a Assiduous Team.  I Attend ‘International Conference of Electrical and Mechanical Gathering’ inRJIT.  And Atlast, I attend the ‘International conference on the innovation technology and management with the sustainable materials’ in ITM University Campus. ADDRESS:- ADDRESS FORCORRESPONDENCE: PERMANENT ADDRESS: SFA Quarters, Quarter No.76, STC,TEKANPUR Under, Mr. HARISH CHANDRA UPADHYAY, DISTT-GWALIOR(M.P.).PIN-475005 FLAT NO.91, POCKET-11, MOBILE NO. : 91-8871874602 SECTOR-21,ROHINI NEW DELHI (110081) MOBILE NO. +91-9402150966 DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. Date:- (ANKIT UPADHYAY,EE,RJIT)