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Best practices of packaging through branding


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How to do branding in packaging with examples, novel techniques & branding concepts.
Basic guidelines for effective branding.

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Best practices of packaging through branding

  1. 1. Best Practices of Packaging Through Branding Made By – Anjali Mehta Marketing Executive (PGDM Marketing & B. Tech Food Tech)
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Packaging: Queen Of Truth Guide to Good Packaging Best Branding Practices Cost Effective Packaging
  3. 3. Who will speak to Consumers on Your Behalf????? O Depending on store size, the average shopper is exposed to between 30,000 and 100,000 distinct items in a shopping trip. O The average purchase may be something like 40 – 60 items, O Which means shoppers have to distill the available items down by a factor of 99.9% to make their product selections.
  4. 4. First Moment Of Truth O The moment when a customer/user interacts with a brand physically for the first time, product or service to form or change an impression about that particular brand, product or service.
  5. 5. Packaging : Queen Of the Truth O During FMOT a brand packaging plays a decisive role in building a impression in consumer’s mind. O You form a personal relationship with and an attachment to the brand through the packaging. O Packaging is the one medium that really can result in a physical relationship with the consumer.
  6. 6. Guide to Good Packaging
  7. 7. Keep it CLEAR O Clarity O Line O Extensibility O Authenticity O Resonance
  8. 8. Clarity O Products that look great on the outside yet fail to explain what’s in the box O Be clear about the product, be clear about the brand This pic is of a toilet cleaner & not juice
  9. 9. Line O Keep the pack design in line with the product O Depicting a product ten times better than it actually is, you’re misleading and ultimately disappointing the consumer O Which only leads to poor sales performance and very bad brand image
  10. 10. Extensibility O A product packaging design concept should allow for an easy introduction of a new line extension (product variation) or a sub-brand O Always design product packaging with the future in mind
  11. 11. Authenticity O Originality, character and memorability are at the heart of great packaging designs O Attracts consumers attention O Be bold, be different and look into other product categories for unexpected sources of inspiration
  12. 12. Resonance O A product is never seen alone because of the viewing distance from shelves O Thus, the packaging distinctiveness and appeal of the product when placed on an actual shelf is something retailers call “shelf impact,” and it makes a huge difference in product sales.
  13. 13. Best Branding Practices To Increase Brand Marketability
  14. 14. Minimalism Packaging Experiential Packaging O Art of speaking more in less O Providing an experience beyond its utilitarian function
  15. 15. Minimalism For Millennial O For millennial consumers, the minimalist aesthetic may represent a brief moment of respite from a world of choice. O For shoppers who have grown accustomed to excessive choices in a retail environment, minimal packaging design can offer a visual relief from busy packaging.
  16. 16. Do Not State The Obvious O Humans have an innate love of “filling in the blanks,” and finding patterns. O It’s known as the Gestalt Principle, and it’s a guiding concept behind much of modern design theory.
  17. 17. Break Rules O Minimalism is edgy. It isn’t likely to be the loudest packaging in a grocery store, which is precisely why it stands out
  18. 18. Use White Space O Whitespace, also known as “blank” or “negative” space, is the act of creating space around primary packaging elements to draw the viewer’s eye towards the most important pieces O By using a busy, heavily visual element, you will eliminate the concept of white space.
  19. 19. Use Restraint O Keeping text short O Restraining color choices to four at most O Using three or fewer typefaces
  20. 20. Select One Standout Element O Combining multiple bold elements in a single package will only confuse and distract consumers who are observing your product for the first time O Balancing your product’s image and logo O Be Direct
  21. 21. Experiential Packaging It’s a different way to look at packaging – a way to create value above and beyond the product itself. It revolves around: O Sitting Pretty O Ultimate Convenience O Secondary Use Packaging
  22. 22. Sitting Pretty O Products able to ‘sit pretty’ encourage purchase by considering the role the package plays throughout the life of the product O Package lasts far longer than a brief ‘unboxing’ experience before being discarded
  23. 23. Ultimate Experience O Another way packaging can create value is by serving more than a functional purpose O Eliminating the need to purchase or carry additional items often required to consume the product
  24. 24. Secondary Use Packaging O Secondary-use packaging gives life to product packaging long after the product itself is gone O This can reinforce a company’s sustainability efforts, a specific attribute of the product, or simply create a novelty item
  25. 25. Cost effective Packaging Easier on Pocket
  26. 26. Identify Necessary vs. Unnecessary Costs O Itemize costs to determine if the packaging you are using is the best solution for your product. O Are some design features actually more costly than their true added value? O Consider all factors and rank each by cost and value added.
  27. 27. Think Big / Pack Small O Less packaging = lower material costs! O Be cautious without being excessive O Primary focus should be to protect the product inside O Pack should be convenient to carry & keep
  28. 28. Always Be Testing O Think about how your product will be shipped and handled O Properly testing and making continuous improvements to enhance performance will save you money in the long run
  29. 29. Rethink the Way You Buy O Order packaging in smaller batches if you are trying to keep inventory lean. O This will reduce excess or obsolete inventory, especially if your company plans to rebrand or change artwork designs in the near future.
  30. 30. Thank You !!!! PACKAGING is the silent AMBASSADOR of your Brand