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Hot-dip galvanizing


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Presentation of the hot-dip galvanising process and of the different parameters that are important when choosing one product over another.

There are two suggestions for different types of treatment lines: a fully acid line with enhanced protection for rough environments needing passivation and another line with alkaline degreasing for extremely greasy parts.

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Hot-dip galvanizing

  1. 1. SOCOVRAI® Ptg. de la Masìa, 13 bxos LD6 08349 Cabrera de Mar – Barcelona (España) Tel: +34 93 754 17 47– Fax: +34 93 754 16 52
  2. 2. Protect steel & iron against corrosion Hot-dip galvanizing • A Zn layer is chemically attached to the steel surface. • Zn corrodes slower than iron and, thus, protects iron from corroding. • Very strong protection against corrosion. Electroplating • Different metals (Ni, Cr…) are attached to the base metal surface. • Used for high-gloss applications.
  3. 3. HDG is used in heavy-duty industries Building & Construction Street Furniture & Road Safety Wire frame Utilities & Piping Agricultural-used steel Transportation & Automotive Fasteners
  4. 4. Hot-dip galvanising stages Degreasing Etching Flux Galvanising • Acid (cold, pre-etching) • Alkaly (warmed, needs rinsing off) Rinsing • Mechanic • Water-based dilution: acid or alkaly • ZnCl2 and NH4Cl double and triple salts • ZnCl2 Rinsing • Protection against corrosion Drying Passivation • Protection against white corrosion
  5. 5. Our products
  6. 6. ANGEM proposes the full range of products DEGREASING ETCHING FLUX GALVANISING PS series PASSIVATION IC series Additives Salts Additives Additives Passivants
  8. 8. How to choose a degreaser Shape and quanity of parts Dirt type Process cost Alloy type Degre aser Form of application
  9. 9. Advantages of acid degreaser Acie Alkaly
  10. 10. Etching Corrosion inhibitor Additives SOCOVRAI® IC111 SOCOVRAI® AF132 SOCOVRAI® IC115 SOCOVRAI® AH131N SOCOVRAI® IC33 SOCOVRAI® IC120
  11. 11. A corrosion inhibitor improves etching Reduce Fe concentration Avoid overetching
  12. 12. Optimum etching requires a balance between HCl y Fe Difficult to control the acid attack on the metal • Higher temperature • Higher HCl concentration Etching speed • Higher Fe concentration Reduce bath activity
  13. 13. A CI enlarges the margin of etching Decapado óptimo en HCl a 20ºC Conc. de Hierro / (g/L) 300 250 Exhausted bath 200 Renovate bath 150 HCl attacks base A corrosion inhibitor enlarges margins metal 100 50 0 0 50 100 150 200 Conc. HCl / (g/L) Tiempos mayores Óptima Saturación 250
  14. 14. SOCOVRAI ® IC120: environmentally friendly No VOCs Low toxicity No APEs No ADR SOCOVRAI® IC 120 Environmentallyfriendly Has alcoxylated alcohol and phosphonated derivatives
  15. 15. SOCOVRAI® AH131N reduces process vapor Socovrai AH131N Etching with HCl + AH131N
  16. 16. Flux Salts Additives ZnCl2 SOCOVRAI® AF132 Double salt SOCOVRAI® ATH3 Triple salt
  17. 17. Galvanizing Additives SOCOVRAI® AR32
  18. 18. Passivation Without Chrome(VI) With Chrome(VI) Passivation Tri ADL 3P Passivation 22A
  19. 19. Our suggestions
  20. 20. High-protection acid line DEGREASING ETCHING FLUX GALVANIZING PASSIVATION SOCOVRAI® PSAG 80 – 130 g/l 25ºC Yearly cleaning SOCOVRAI® IC120 (0,3%) + AH131N (2 l/m3) HCl] >100 g/L, [Fe3+]<140 g/L T: 25 ºC DE-ZINC SOCOVRAI® IC 33 Sel double + SOCOVRAI® AF132 (5 g/l) + ATH3 (0,5%) D: 1,2 – 1,26 g/l 65 -70ºC SOCOVRAI® AR32 ADL 3P 450ºC 50-70ºC
  21. 21. Line with alkaly degreaser DEGREASING RINSING ETCHING FLUX GALVANIZING SOCOVRAI® PSB 7 -20 % 55 - 60ºC Cleaning every 6 moths SOCOVRAI® IC120 (0,3%) + AH131N (2 l/m3) HCl] >100 g/L, [Fe3+]<140 g/L T: 25 ºC DE-ZINC SOCOVRAI® IC 33 Sel double + SOCOVRAI® AF132 (5 g/l) + ATH3 (0,5%) D: 1,2 – 1,26 g/l 65 -70ºC SOCOVRAI® AR32 450ºC
  22. 22. ANGEM Specialities is: Technology Product Proximity Technical support Specialized in metal Speed Bath analysis R+D Customized products Competitive prices Agility ISO 9001 Ley de envases –R.D.782/1998