White Spaces Spectrum around the Globe - Microsoft


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White Spaces Spectrum around the Globe - Microsoft

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White Spaces Spectrum around the Globe - Microsoft

  1. 1. Why Spectrum Sharing is important Page 5 • Increase in wireless broadband use driving demand for spectrum • Legacy spectrum allocations are underutilized and slow to evolve • Need to balance licensed and unlicensed spectrum availability • Get more use out of a limited resource by sharing it • Broad support from regulators and industry leaders • TV white space is the first and most immediate opportunity Google Confidential and Proprietary
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  4. 4. Spectrum Observatory Storage, Analysis, Presentation Users Measurement Stations
  5. 5. • The Spectrum Observatory aims to provide a common location for spectrum usage data to be collected, analyzed, and presented to those interested in understanding wireless spectrum utilization http://spectrumobservatory.cloudapp.net /?activeTab=home
  6. 6. Finland WA Scotland Ireland England Germany Belgium Switzerland Portugal Ottawa NV TX NC VA China South Korea Mexico Nigeria Ecuador Kenya Peru Completed or Ongoing Planned Expressions of Interest Bhutan Cambodia HK India Thailand Philippines Malaysia Taiwan Singapore Indonesia Brazil Uruguay Japan South Africa NZ
  7. 7. 2016 2012 2002 Wi-Fi Alliance Founded 439 million homes using Wi-Fi router 800 million homes projected to deploy Wi-Fi Source: Strategy Analytics
  8. 8. sites needed (8 x rise in peak traffic) sites needed (4 x rise in peak traffic) Oceania Africa S. America N. America Europe Asia Source: Thanki (2012) 13
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  12. 12. TVWS – an opportunity to bring a wide range of benefits to the public and to UK plc through increased bandwidth and range - 13 fold increase from 2012 level - 66% will be video - 45% will be off-loaded to fixed networks Cisco projections for global mobile data traffic by 2017 Service providers and the public need more unlicensed spectrum to enable growth. UHF is best for coverage and building penetration “Rural broadband speeds less than half those in cities and towns” 1
  13. 13. Academically-led, Industry-focused A multi-disciplinary international centre engaging with industry, government and academic partners to undertake R&D on Dynamic Spectrum Access and related areas • Led by the University of Strathclyde • Builds on over 30 years of experience in mobile communications and signal processing • Investigating technological and socio-economic aspects of Dynamic Spectrum Access using White Spaces Slide 20 Slide 20
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  16. 16. Trial Reports : 1) Recommendations and 2) Technical Findings 23
  17. 17. 24
  18. 18. Mawingu White Spaces Project in Kenya • Led by Indigo, a Kenyan Internet Service Provider (ISP) • Branded as “Mawingu” or “cloud” in Swahili • Under a test license from the Communications Commission of Kenya • Leveraging TV white spaces spectrum, database access, and solar powered base stations to deliver BB access • Focused on “off-the-grid” and “off-the-net” regions • Will enable e-government, distance learning, agricultural extension, and financial transactions
  19. 19. Field trial in Cape Town with local partners Page 33 • • ICASA issued a TV White Space license to CSIR Meraka to conduct technology field trial • Google Confidential and Proprietary The South African regulator, ICASA is exploring regulatory opportunity for TV White Spaces March 25th 2013 launched trial in Cape Town in partnership with the Tertiary Education Network, the Wireless Access Provider Association, eSchool Network, and Google
  20. 20. Goal is to demonstrate that TVWS can co-exist with licensed spectrum and create economic opportunity • • 10 channels available in Cape Town • 2 Mbps per school over 10km • Use Google’s spectrum database to provide available channels for wireless broadband • Offer wireless broadband over TVWS to 10 schools in the western cape • Google Confidential and Proprietary Trial license has been issued and network deployed IP backhaul from local medical school Page 34
  21. 21. Founded, June 2013
  22. 22. Closing the Digital Divide● Enabling the Internet of Things ● Alleviating the Spectrum Crunch
  23. 23. Smarter Radio|Smarter World “THE DAWN OF SPECTRUM ABUNDANCE” DSA Global Summit 2013 | 18th November | IMPACT Arena, Bangkok, Thailand
  24. 24. Isle of Bute, in Scotland Centre for White Space Communications 42
  25. 25. What is the opportunity? According to GE = $70 Trillion The Industrial Internet could boost annual productivity growth by 1-1.5% Over the next 20 years it could raise avg. incomes by an impressive 25-40% The Industrial Internet could add $10-15 trillion to global GDP over the same horizon. 43
  26. 26. But we are lacking the wireless system that can deliver the vision M2M need sensors Sensors need wireless networks Low cost <1GHz Globally harmonised Plentiful And wireless networks need spectrum 44