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Here is the paradox of education


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Here is the paradox of education

Published in: Education
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Here is the paradox of education

  1. 1. Here Is The Paradox Of Education {Read As Higher Education} Will Begin With A Saying “There Is Exception Everywhere” Now In General, 1.People Attains Higher Education And Sooner Or Later Most Of The Time Gets A Job. 2.Since Education Makes The Person More Analytical, Educated Person Starts Analyzing His Or Her Perks On Basis Of Very Basics Such As Return On The Investment/Time On Their Education. 3.They In Due Course Starts Associating The Success With Recompenses And Starts Adjudicating Any Person Only {Can Read As Most Of The Time} On Their Affluence Accumulated. 4.And The Transition From Analytical To Judgmental Gradually Drifts Them On The Way To Inhumanely Attributes And Traits. 5.Its Jog My Memory Of Famous Quote “As Soon As The Person Turn Out To Be Judgmental :- Liking And Love Ceases”. Regards Aneek Gupta