Spectrum system


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Spectrum system

  1. 1. Progress and Future Directions*
  2. 2. **R2-12 – October*R2-12 SP1 – January*R1-13 – March*R1-13 SP1 – in field testing
  3. 3. **Secure Delivery Server and App*New Operator Report Formats*Break-Time*Averages per Hour*Auto-Create feature for Information Tables
  4. 4. **Agent Enhancements*Enhanced Message Display Format
  5. 5. **Agent Enhancements*Color-coded Answer Phrases*Call Status Enhancements*On-Call Contacts ‘Search’ Button*Hypertext Commands as Mnemonic Keys*Command Menu Enhancements*Information Table Viewer Enhancements*Scripting Enhancements for On-Call*New Speed Dial Command (‘T’)*24 other smaller enhancements and changes
  6. 6. **SIP Softphone in Agent*Pop-up Dialer for Manual Dialing*20 smaller enhancements and changes
  7. 7. **Secure Delivery – ‘Downfile when Notified’*Enhancements to Call History Analysis*Expanded Billing and Holiday Schedules*Enhancements to the ‘Break’ Feature*Menu Enhancements*Caller Name from the PSTN*Enhanced Call Routing*16 other smaller enhancements and changes
  8. 8. **Design Goals*Better utilize your highest expense item*Improve quality of service and reduce errors*Keep Clients*Gain new revenue streams
  9. 9. **Reasons People Leave a Service*Too Many Rings (21%)*Inaccurate, Unclear or Poor Messages (20%)*Calls Placed on Hold for Too Long (18%)*Cost of Service (17%)*Rude or Abrupt Agents (8%)*4 of 5 Relate to Call Routing
  10. 10. **Skill Level and Client Class Assignments ...*Control Initial Distribution of Call*Control Overflow to Other Operators*Allow Overflow based on Task-Interruption Impact
  11. 11. *0 – Basic Messages with Automated Dispatch (if any)1 – Short Messages with Simple Dispatch Instructions2 – Short Messages with Multi-step Dispatch Instructions3 – Commercial and Medical accounts requring moreaccount knowledge and ability to make judgement calls4 – Complex Commercial and Medical accounts withDecision Trees, Tables and need to make judgement calls5 - CSR Agents that have high level skills in turningcomplaints into sales
  12. 12. *6 – High Level Ops doing On-Call, Account Changes, etc.,but backing up other Agents7 – Supervisor available for backup8 – Bookkeeping and Accounting9 – Front Office HR, Payroll, etc. with complex tasks andlong recovery time after interruption.
  13. 13. **Low cost Agents used for simple accounts*Agents only get calls they are trained for – less mistakes*Overflows handle peaks with minimal disruptions*You can pick which accounts overflow and how far*In short:*Better utilization of the highest expense item of your service,*while improving quality and reducing errors
  14. 14. *
  15. 15. **Changes Initial Priority during Emergency Mode*Allows ability to charge more for Higher Priority
  16. 16. **Enhanced ‘After-Dial’ command*Supports Digital Paging with less operator time*Remote Receptionist Applications*Enhanced ‘X’ Hypertext command*Designate Message List and Retry options*Secure Delivery Enhancements*Customized Notification Text*Auto-Purge of Messages*New Account Totals Fields*‘Inbound’ Standby Time*‘Outbound’ Standby Time*Beep in the Ear When a Call is Available
  17. 17. **Secure Delivery App in Online Stores*Expand Technology into New Applications*Mobile Team Collaboration*Eg. Hospice Nurses or Occupational Therapists*Eg. Emergency Response*Remote Receptionist*Intra-Call Communications
  18. 18. **Integration of miSecureMessages into SDM/SDS*Hosted Solution by Amtelco*Strong HIPAA/HITECH Compliance*Native Apps in App Stores*No changes to Dispatch Procedures*Same Hypertext Commands access both*Clients can use MSM, SDS or both
  19. 19. **HL7*Real-Time Hospital Interface*IS Web Scripting*Advanced Scripting Capability
  20. 20. *
  21. 21. *
  22. 22. *
  23. 23. *
  24. 24. **TechHelper*Web access to Manuals*Web access to Knowledge Base*Software Source Control*Offsite Backup of Production Software
  25. 25. Progress Report*
  26. 26. **In-progress at Telescan since 3rd Quarter 2011*Now a TEAM Effort*Amtelco brings several years of R&D into the project*We have three Developers full-time on the projectwith a 4th to be added soon*Focus is on completing Prism II and ClientTell
  27. 27. **Prism II*Next Generation Prism*ClientTell*Outbound Application System
  28. 28. *
  29. 29. *
  30. 30. **Outbound Application using Soft Switch Technology*Appointment Reminders*Confirmation/Cancellation/Rescheduling*Daily Reporting*Tight Integration with Spectrum Appointment Scheduler*Allows Import of ‘Call Lists’ via Excel*Custom Import Modules can be added
  31. 31. **Highly Configurable*Redial attempts, time between attempts*Caller ID options*Choice of any installed SAPI 5.0 TTS Voices*Configurable Billing Reports