miOnCall-Oncall Scheduling for Clinics, Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations


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miOnCall is a subscription based on call scheduling solution for clinics, hospitals and large healthcare organizations. For additional information visit https://mioncall.com/

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  • For additional information on miOnCall visit https://mioncall.com/
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miOnCall-Oncall Scheduling for Clinics, Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

  1. 1. On Call Scheduling Made Easy!miOnCall is a powerful, flexible and Web site, sync the schedules with yourcompletely secure cloud-based OnCall Outlook® calendar, and view and editscheduling application that eliminates them using the miOnCall smartphonepaper schedules, and reduces costly apps, available for iPhone®, iPad™, iPoderrors. miOnCall makes it easy to: touch®, BlackBerry®, and Android™ • assign schedule coverage mobile devices. • view schedule coverage • dispatch messages You can also set up additional Adminis- • schedule contacts trators with permission to create and edit • manage and extend OnCall sched- schedules, as well as additional Users ule information to physicians and who can view the schedules. staff via Web and mobile devices Departmental and MultiplemiOnCall OnCall Scheduling allows you OnCall Schedulesto create and miOnCallmanage both instantly pres-individual and ents the cur-d e p a r t m e nt- rent O n C allwide schedule information tocoverage. your operators and staff mem-Simplified bers for eachSet Up OnCall sched-A set-up wizard ule, making itand online easy for themhelp guide you to contact thethrough each correct physi-step of the secure and effortless process cian or department member. Operatorsof setting up your miOnCall schedules. and staff can quickly get in touch with OnCall staff directly from miOnCall, withYou can then manage and view your a variety of contact methods, includingmiOnCall schedules from anywhere. alphanumeric paging, text messaging,Access your schedules using our secure and e-mail. continued… www. .com
  2. 2. On Call Scheduling Made Easy!Designed to Meet Your Needs the week, dates, and recurrence pat-Set up your miOnCall schedules exactly terns. Shifts can be set to recur on anas you need them. miOnCall includes hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basisseveral categories to help you deter-mine the best way to set up your OnCall • Contact Roles – Each miOnCallschedules. miOnCall Staff Contact can beincludes: assigned to a specific Role, such as a nurse, • Shifts – The a pediatric resident, OnCall schedules a trauma physician, are organize d a cardiologist, or any into Shifts, such custom-designed as First, Second, Role. When setting and Third. Shifts up your schedule, define the cover- you can determine age requirements the number of con- for the schedule tacts required to fill for specific time each Role. frames, days of A miOnCall Schedule viewed on an iPad About Us AMTELCO has been a leading provider of enhanced communications innovations for over 30 years. AMTELCO’s primary focus is to design appli- cations that offer cutting-edge technology, which reduces labor costs, eliminates errors and increases efficiency. AMTELCO’s 1Call Division is a leader in developing healthcare-specific applications that are being used by hundreds of hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide. www.miOnCall.com • info@miOnCall.com (800)356-9148 (608)838-4194 • FAX (608)838-8367 4800 Curtin Drive • McFarland, WI 53558 1.2011