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1Call onTeam Hospital Personnel Shift Scheduling


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Personnel scheduling software for hospitals and healthcare organizations. onTeam helps schedule shifts for all departments.

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1Call onTeam Hospital Personnel Shift Scheduling

  1. 1. OnTeam Scheduling Now you can automatically schedule your workforce! 1Call’s OnTeam Scheduling uses sophisticated, built-in tools to create complex schedules in just seconds! C reating the elaborate schedules you need for your various departments has never been easier with 1Call’s OnTeam Scheduling Simplified Setup Easily create your schedules using OnTeam Scheduling’s custom Shifts and custom Rules module! OnTeam Scheduling helps you easily features, which makes it easy to design the meet the diverse needs of each department, Shifts and Rules to meet each department’s and integrates with your existing data to auto- exact needs. For example, if a Technician is mate the process of compiling schedules. scheduled for an on-call shift, add a Rule that One-click access to functions, including On-call coverage can also Auto Assign, speeds the scheduling process be included in schedules The schedule shows each person Off time is automatically added, Easily track workloads by checking with their assigned shifts based on the Shifts and Rules the Totals for the selected month (800)225-6035 •
  2. 2. automatically schedules that member Off on member, including monthly totals, which helps the following day. You can also enter other you ensure each member is working the correct days off, such as vacation days, in advance, number of hours. and OnTeam Scheduling will not schedule that member for those days. Web Accessibility The 1Call OnTeam Scheduling module is Web- Once the Shifts and Rules are entered, simply based, making it even easier for personnel click the Auto Assign button, and your sched- throughout your organization to access the ule is automatically created – in just seconds! schedules. You see the complete schedule for each Quickly create, edit, and delete Shifts, and add Rules The power and flexibility of OnTeam Customize your Scheduling Shift names, makes it easy such as this to create ETO (earned schedules time off) shift for all your departments About 1Call The 1Call Division of AMTELCO specializes in offering enterprise-wide communication solutions for healthcare and higher education organizations. AMTELCO, 1Call’s parent company, has been a leading provider of communication applications since 1976. 1Call and AMTELCO are well known in various industries for continually developing innovative call center solutions, backed by superior 5-star service and support. 1Call features a complete line of modular solutions specifically designed to streamline communications throughout your entire organization. You’ll find that all of the specialized 1Call solutions save your limited resources, making your organization tremendously efficient, and helping you bring wellness to your members and your bottom line. (800)225-6035 • • • (608)838-4194 • 4800 Curtin Drive • McFarland, WI Some of the features and modules listed here are available for an additional charge, and may also require additional hardware. 2.10