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Speaker Product Design


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Speaker Product Design

  1. 1. CandidateNumber:CandidateName: Abhishek Shenoy SimonLangton BoysGrammarSchool
  2. 2. Brand Studies 0 2 4 6 8 10 Outreach Quality Audience Products ProfitabilityMarket Brand Image Environment Public Opinion 0 2 4 6 8 10 Outreach Quality Audience Products ProfitabilityMarket Brand Image Environment Public Opinion Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation which sells the Mac computers, iPod music players, the iPad tablets and the iPhone smartphones. Apple’s design process: 1. Believe in the simple 2. Design a full experience 3. Lock customers in 4. Sell at a premium 5. Cross-sell the product line Apple recently conglomerated Beats and it has started to change its audio products into the design of Apple. It uses complex manufacturing methods to make every part of its product. Their products use the most unusual screws for attaching parts, their own technology to develop something different and yet something to link users back to their other products. They have created so much brand loyalty with their products that their customers won’t switch brands even if another brand is more advanced or better looking. iPhone 6 costed about £130 to manufacture but was sold for more than £450 without a carrier. Apple, therefore makes thrice the profit of making a single iPhone. Bose is a multinational corporation which sells docks, radios, speaker systems, headphones, earphones, sound bars and other audio devices. Its docks are very simplistic with good sound quality and usually some these have a unique aesthetic feature, such as the grille or the touch buttons. They have created a brand image by selling their products at a premium and this has helped to create brand loyalty. Most of their products are either docks or sound systems for home cinemas. Their products are highly expensive when it comes to cinema systems however the sound quality is so realistic and immersive that most people wouldn’t think twice to buy them. Although most of their manufacturing is done in metal, the company does tend to use plastic for its docks as it is lighter and cheaper. Unlike Apple, the cost of the product is very close to the cost of manufacturing, although the cost of the product is rather higher than those of other companies. The company still makes a lot of profit from a single product due to the add-ons in its products, brand loyalty from its users and its reasonably lower manufacturing cost. Better Sound through Research I have chosen these two brands since these are very popular and the styles of both the companies are very unique, innovative and attractive. Personally, I quite like the products of the two companies and possibly, trying to merge them, could result in a product which could entice a wide range of users while selling at a premium. Both of these companies are very good at creating brand loyalty and therefore an addition to their collection, using my design, could help to increase their user base and knock out other competitors. These two companies have a high public opinion and a profit margin, and although their unique selling points are rather small, they still manage to entice many people into buying their products.
  3. 3. Apple Product Analysis Product Name: iPod 5 Price: £250 Dimensions: Height: 4.86 inches (123.4 mm) Width: 2.31 inches (58.6 mm) Depth: 0.24 inch (6.1 mm) Weight: 3.10 ounces (88 grams) 0 2 4 6 8 10 Cost Consumer Size Aesthetics Material Function Safety Environment Slim and sleek Easy to Use Touchscreen Retina Display 3.5mm Audio Jack Speakers 5MP Camera Smooth Edges Product Analysis (Primary): The iPod 5 is very unique because it is very light, sleek and slender and this does not compromise on the hardware within it. It is very fast and it is perfectly suitable for listening to high quality music. It is very safe as it has a long lasting rechargeable battery and it can perform many other functions apart from listening to music. The aesthetic and its ergonomic design gives it its own beauty which can be outmatched by no other device. It is inimitable as Apple has used the best technology possible to make the creation of the iPod 5 possible. The lightning adapter is also very small and unique and very user friendly because the wire can be inserted in both ways. Ergonomic Lightning Adapter Simple Home Button The iPod 5 is portable and can be recharged using a very small charging adapter. Its battery life is long lasting too and has additional functions such as the touchscreen and the camera. It has very good graphics and excellent speed while surfing on the internet or playing games. Smooth Anodized finish Smooth Chamfer This is my primary product analysis done at home and I have reviewed the product so I can try to include the characteristics of it into my design. I have looked into the new 5th generation iPod touch as inspiration for a speaker, a remote and as a brand. With its Bluetooth it would be an ideal user remote and an app would make it just as reliable. This would be a great idea because most people nowadays have a smartphone of some sort, iOS, Android or Windows Phone. An app supported by these operating systems would mean that the user would take more care of the remote and would be less likely to lose it. •4-inch (diagonal) widescreen display with Multi-Touch IPS technology •Retina display •1136x640-pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch •800:1 contrast ratio (typical) •500 cd/sq.m max brightness (typical) •Fingerprint-resistant coating
  4. 4. Panasonic Product Analysis Product Name: Panasonic SC-HC38DB Price: £200 Dimensions: Height: 204 mm Width: 500 mm Depth: 84 mm Weight: 2.6 kg Features:  CD Player  FM and DAB/DAB+ Ready  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity App  iPhone 5/5S Dock  Power Sliding Door with Auto Sliding Dock  Wall Mountable Product Analysis (Primary): This Panasonic Dock Speaker is able to wirelessly stream music using Bluetooth. It also includes DAB+ and FM radio with a motorised sliding door that conceals a CD player and an iPod/iPhone dock for 5th generation devices. Panasonic's audio expertise uses the latest technology to deliver outstanding sound clarity. The crystal edge design adds elegance and beautifully blends this system in with any decoration. This speaker system fits perfectly into any room especially the kitchen, bedroom or living room and is perfect for a homely environment although its large size makes it very bulky and not very portable. 0 2 4 6 8 10 Cost Consumer Size Aesthetics Material Function Safety Environment  “excellent sound bass and surround”  “stylish and modern”  “easy to use”  “portable”  “fantastic sound quality” Click to Open dock Click to Open CD Player Buttons on Top of Speaker Simple Functions Buttons on top of the dock may be inaccessible if wall mounted however a remote is provided for long ranges in rooms such as living rooms. The buttons are also very small and so I will make my buttons more user-friendly and more convenient to use. I will use a more attractive material like chrome finish on steel or aluminium to make it more visually attractive. Moreover the time is shown digitally on the dock behind the cover of the iPod dock. This is a very appealing function and very convenient too. It has a built in radio too and an alarm function so this adds many more positives to its functions. This is mainly why it is suitable in a bedroom. Digital Time This speaker has to be connected to the mains and therefore it may not be very portable however it is excellent for being used as a home gadget in a living room or bedroom on the side table. It is reasonably expensive and although it is attractive, it is very large. This is mostly suitable for a bedroom and possibly a kitchen when wall-mounted. It does not suit a lounge or a living room due its colour, size and shape. It has a soft clothe grille so it is more likely to get damaged especially during user operation. The buttons are very inconvenient as they are small and unreachable. The buttons are inaccessible when wall mounted. Watch this video to see how the dock works… Material & Manufacturing: This product uses injection moulding for both the front and the back panel. The plastic is made of ABS and has a rough matt black look. The size is too large for a homely environment and has a wall mount attached to it. The dock slides out when the open button is pressed and the side panel slides sideways. It has CD player on the right of the dock which is visible when the front panel slides the opposite direction. This is my primary product analysis done at home and I have reviewed the product so I can try to include the characteristics of it into my design.
  5. 5. BOSE Product Analysis Product Name: Bose SoundDock Series II Price: £170 Dimensions: Height: 17.15 cm Width: 30.48 cm Depth: 16.47 cm Weight: 2.1 kg Remote control: Height: 10.8 cm Width: 3.81 cm Depth: 0.64 cm Weight: 53.8 g • Power supply • Power cord 5 feet (1.52 m) • Remote control (batteries pre-installed) Product Analysis (Secondary): This is a simple but classic dock with advanced sound quality. Its size is suitable for any room and although it may not be portable (connected to mains) it has many functions and aesthetic features. It is reasonably safe to use however as it is connected to the mains it is not necessarily safe or convenient. For its price it is excellent and its use of material is fabulous. Bose uses a steel grille to increase bass and uses plastic (ABS) for the outer casing since it is quite cheap, aesthetic and durable. It has a simple design since it has simple buttons no complex features like touchscreen controls or any other such features. It is aesthetically pleasing even though it is very thick and it does not have a streamlined design. This speaker has to be connected to the mains and therefore it is only portable around the home in a living room or a bedroom. It is reasonably expensive and although it is attractive, it is bulky. This is mostly suitable for a bedroom and suits a lounge or a living room due its colour, size and shape. It has a hard steel grille so it is very durable. The buttons are very smooth, easy-to-use and simply attractive. I have analysed this product to evaluate its features for a dock, a sound system and as a portable speaker. This product is also a part of my chosen brand and therefore I chose this product being the most reasonable for price and very popular. It does not have many functions since you can only play through an audio cable or through the dock and offers no wireless connectivity. Overall, it is only suitable for listening to when you are tired, for relaxation. Features:  Auxiliary Input  Proprietary Acoustic Design  3.5 mm Audio Jack  iPhone 4 /4S dock 0 2 4 6 8 10 Cost Consumer Size Aesthetics Material Function Safety Environment Wide Surround Aesthetic Design Suitable for all home environments iPhone Dock Headphone Jack Appealing Mesh Volume buttons either side Summary: Since Bose products are mainly docks and sound systems, my product will be the same with the same design but with the style of Apple and few features which will be unique to the product. I have taken ideas from all the brands, products and designs that I have studied, to make my product the best product I can give to my customers. The Bose SoundDock has a uniquely aesthetic design with a simple dock. It has an amazing sound quality and may be portable around the house. The remote makes the dock accessible from a large distance.
  6. 6. Samsung Product Analysis Product Name: Samsung DA-E650 Price: £150 Dimensions: Height: 163mm Width: 631mm Depth: 192mm Weight: 3.2kg Features:  Auxiliary Input  Unique Design  3.5 mm Audio Jack  Dual dock Android and Apple 0 2 4 6 8 10 Cost Consumer Size Aesthetics Material Function Safety Environment Wide Surround Touch Buttons Stylish Click-to- Retract dock Smooth Shape HDMI, USB, 3.5mm Audio Jack Product Analysis (Secondary): This Samsung Speaker has a streamlined design with many features. It has a fantastic sound quality and you can charge and play music through both Apple or Android devices. It is great value for money. It has unique features such as a retractable dual dock and touch buttons on the panel. Its shape of a horn is most intriguing as it is very distinctive. It has a wide surround with a interesting ergonomic shape. The interface is user friendly as the control panel consists of touch buttons. It has a USB port for streaming directly through a USB memory stick, a SD card reader or through a tablet. The only problem is that it is very bulky for home use especially in a living room or a bedroom and it is not portable since it requires continuous main power supply. Material & Design: The material is made to look like metal however on close inspection, the material looks rather cheap since it is made of plastic. It does have the stylish look but the design could be improved and this is what separates Samsung from Apple. It has lots of connectivity including USB, HDMI and the 3.5mm audio jack. Ergonomics & Aesthetics: This product has a smooth finish on the metal and the burgundy colour makes it very unique. The speakers are also very unique since the shiny centre makes it very attractive and different. The design although unique may not suit some users since it is very large and bulky. Many would prefer a sleeker or a slimmer design with more functions and a more aesthetically pleasing design. The back could also
  7. 7. Market Research All of the people I asked used a smartphone and 3 of the adults used the TV for listening to music. All the teenagers used Wi-Fi or the newest technology such as Bluetooth or Airplay rather than DAB, FM or radio waves while 4 of the adults preferred using FM or DAB. The teenage boys preferred to play on their smartphones while listening to music but the teenage girls preferred to chat with their friends while listening to music, mainly when they are at home or when they are usually outside shopping or travelling. All the adults in my survey just listened to music for relaxation usually in the evenings when they were tired while all the children listened to music for entertainment. The boys wanted a bold and vivid design with a dock of which 4 of them also wanted excellent sound quality and many multiple ways to connect their phone to it. The girls wanted a slick and an appealing design with many different methods of connectivity including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and they used their speakers mainly in parties at home or sleepovers. My grandparents didn’t mind whatever connectivity it had since they hardly used all the features, whereas my parents and the teachers preferred having connectivity and a dock too(all of them had an Apple iPhone). Most of them preferred the dock and the speaker system to the portable pocket speaker; they also wanted high connectivity which could be potentially very difficult with a portable speaker. Using this market research, I was able to determine the types of product I could design, what technologies it would use, who it would be aimed at, the perfect cost for the product and the extra functions which it could have. Questions: About You?  Gender  Age What types of device do you use for listening to music? Which technology or radio broadcast do you use to listen to music? Where do you listen to music and when? What do you do while listening to music? What do you want a music device to be like or have which characteristics? How long do you spend listening to music per week? How much would you spend on a Speaker/Radio/Dock? Which type of product do you prefer to buy or use? I asked 20 people the questions above. 6 male teenagers (Age: 12-19), 6 female teenagers (Age: 12-19), 8 adults (4 Male and 4 Female) (Age: 24-70) For my market research, I mainly asked friends from my school, my sister, her friends, my parents, my grandparents and a couple of my teachers. This made sure that I had a varying age range and mixed gender groups. From this, I would be able to understand the perfect product for my specific target group.
  8. 8. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 NumberofPeople Time (hours) spent on listening to Music per Week (h)<1 1<= (h) < 2 2<= (h) < 3 3<= (h) < 4 4<= (h) < 5 (h)>5 From this market research, I get a clear idea for my radio design and my central target group is mainly for teenagers and young adults. My design will be sleek, slim and visually appealing for teenagers. It will be bold and have a dock to attract both sexes and it will definitely have high connectivity for use around the house in the bedroom, living room, lounge and perhaps the kitchen. It will connect to smartphones as these are very popular in the younger generation. Since most of my target users listen to music for more than 5 hours a week, my product needs to be visually appealing, enjoyable and customised for each individual user. To make it have high connectivity I will ensure that speakers can be added on into the speaker system to enhance the sound quality and immerse the user into the 3D surround sound. 25% 20% 35% 20% Ideal Price Range £50-£150 £150-250 £250-£400 £400+ 20% 35% 30% 15% What Do You Look For In a Speaker/Radio/Dock? Function/Connectivity Style/Design Sound Quality Brand 9 people 3 people 4 people 2 people 2 people 4 people Types of Connectivity Wi-Fi Bluetooth Airplay FM DAB 20% 10% 30% 10% 25% 5% Where Do You Use Your Speaker/Radio/Dock Most? Kitchen Car Bedroom Workplace Living Room/Lounge 0 2 4 6 8 10 NumberofPeople Which type of product do you prefer to buy or use? Easily Portable Mini Pocket Speaker In-Home Portable Speaker Dock With High Connectivity High-Tech Home Sound System Market Research
  9. 9. My name is Raj and I am 24 years old. I am currently going to university for further studies and work part time in my father’s business. I got my driving license a year ago and I have a just bought a BMW. I will be finishing my studies soon and joining the technology sector since I am very creative. I love the latest gadgets and I buy the newest ones every time. My favourite brands are Apple, Beats and Bose. When it comes to gaming I prefer Sony to Microsoft but I like both of them. I have a Samsung laptop and although I love Apple products, the products of Samsung are very fast and productive. I prefer Apple’s design since it is more attractive and they are very popular among the youth. I live in the UK, in London and my family is reasonably wealthy and we live in a large luxurious apartment. I like to think that I am very fashionable and I am a enthusiastic fan of gadgets. I am very sporty and I play for the basketball team in my university. I love listening to music while travelling or at home when I come back from university. It is very relaxing and pacifyingly pleasant. I have a social life and go to the gym frequently. I also have a girlfriend and I am relatively active over social networks including Facebook and Instagram.
  10. 10. Inspiration Customised Colours and Simple Design Customisation and Aesthetically pleasing Different Design and Excellent Sound Quality Stylish and Easy to Use Unique Design High Connectivity Novelty Design Advanced Sound EngineeringMulti-functional Easy-to-use and attractive Portable and High Functionality Excellent sound quality at home (cinema system) Sophisticated and trendy Commercially Professional Classy and smart Unique grille and dock
  11. 11. Initial Ideas User-Group: Teenagers and Young Adults • Dynamic and Futuristic design • Loud and clear sound quality • Could be Portable • Dock • Bluetooth Connectivity • Digital Clock Dial • Visible Coloured Screen • Durable • Rechargeable as well as Mains Powered • Wi-Fi • Remote Controlled as well as Simple User Interface • Easy to Use • Bold and Vivid • Portable Initial Design Brief: My final idea is to design a dock for the latest Apple devices with speakers. My speaker will be very slim and sleek than modern docks. It will have a touchscreen GUI or a gesture remote for easy usage. The dock will be very ergonomic, vibrant and bold for it to attract teenagers and adults (18- 40). It will be dynamic and have a futuristic design with loud, clear and sharp sound quality. This is my user mindmap which I used to come up with a target audience to help me design my product. The mindmap also helped me to understand when and where my users use their speakers. It also gave me an insight to what they use their gadgets for and how they use it to listen to music.
  12. 12. Design Brief What is the core idea? My idea is to design a premium music and cinema system in one product for people who like to listen to music to relax and connect to their TV when they want to watch a movie. They can interchange between the two while connecting to their smartphone for playing games, chatting to their friends and while relaxing. It will be portable around the house so it can be shifted between rooms with ease. What problem are you trying to solve? Many speakers currently in the market are aesthetically pleasing but lack on function or vice versa. Docks have low connectivity and cinema systems cannot multitask or easily be interconnected between different devices. However, my product will have a streamlined, aesthetic and an ergonomic design with high connectivity and many functions for different tastes in my target user group. The look of my product will be customised for each individual person appealing to more market users regardless of it price. This will create a premium brand with brand loyalty and will make my product similar to that of Apple or Bose. When and where will it be used? It will be portably used in a house around the rooms when suited to the user. Most frequent places would include the bedroom, the living room and the lounge. Who are you solving it for? My product will be aimed at teenagers and young adults who will be reasonably wealthy and live in a rather large house. They will be interested with the latest technological trends and they will have a handheld Apple device such as an iPod or iPhone. What functions does it aim to achieve? It will have a dock and the latest connectivity methods including AirPlay, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It will connect to a range of smart devices such as a smart TV or a smartphone. It will play songs, sound effects in a game or sound in general for use as a home cinema system. Problems:  Too many wires  Portability around the house  Low Connectivity  Poor Sound Quality  Bulky and large Customisation Style Innovation Risk-Taking Flair Premium Functions Sleek
  13. 13. Design Specification Many speakers have very poor sound quality and very thick and bulky but my aim is to design a product that has a good sound quality, slim and sleek, and portable around the house.  My main USP is that it will be a home cinema system as well as a dock and can interchange between the different options.  My speaker will enhance and improve every day experiences. My objective is to create a speaker which has an above average cost as it will be for the upper class but it will not be extremely expensive.  It will be compatible with iPods and iPhones and designed for both genders in their teens and for young adults up to the age of 40. Extra features can be Bluetooth, AirPlay or Wi-Fi connectivity.  It should be bold and have a slick design to allure people to buy the radio and use it in their leisure time. It should be aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic for it to be user friendly.  It should have a simple but unique user interface as this will appeal and entice people to my product. It will be easy to use and have good sound quality. It is aimed at the higher class, and it is to be used by consumers who are looking for the best of the best, and the best technology available. I investigated this in my research and found that a majority will be willing to spend a high amount of money for their ideal speak dock, and this is the intention of my design. Solutions:  Induction Charging  Compact, Streamlined  High Connectivity – Dock, Wi-Fi, etc.  Surround Sound  Good Quality Sound  Curved, Slim and Sleek Ergonomics and Aesthetics It should be appropriate to my user group and it should be aesthetically designed with a streamlined, easy-to-use features. It will need to be ergonomic for simplicity and style. Since my design will only be portable around, it does not need to have a huge battery life although this can be useful when required by the user. • In-home portable – wireless • Quality sound • Reasonable price • Simplicity with class • Ergonomics – easy to hold and place • User centred technology • Durable • Connect more speakers to the system wirelessly • Simple set up – ready to use • Style along with performance • High Connectivity My design is based on the brand of Bose and Apple and I intend to create a speaker dock which has the qualities of these brands with many functions to attract lots of users. User --- Teenagers and Young Adults Environment --- Portability around the House Manufacture --- Mass Production --- Injection Moulding and Metal Pressing Material --- Durable Material (Metal, Strong Plastic) Safety --- Portable, Rechargeable Battery and Mains Charging Function --- iPhone Dock, Touch Sensitive Controls, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay Style/Aesthetics --- Sleek, Streamlined, Modern Dynamic Design Maintenance --- Portable, Very low maintenance Size --- Size of a Home Dock Weight --- Relatively Low Cost --- Premium
  14. 14. Design Study Product Name: BOSE SoundDock XT Price: £150 Dimensions: Height: 13.18cm Width: 30cm Depth: 8.57cm Weight: 1.18kg I have done a design study to give me an insight into the products of my companies and I have only done a brand study on this Bose dock since it is different and unique. An Apple brand design study was not needed since I had already done a primary analysis of the Apple iPod and since mostly all products have the same design. The Bose SoundDock XT has a very aesthetically pleasing design. Its outburst of yellow brightens any environment and its front speaker design is made so that it provides the best sound quality. The front panel and the grille looks modern and futuristic and this could be its unique selling point as no other company styles their speakers in this manner. This speaker dock is directed to mostly young people as it has a bright colour with a simple but modern look. The volume buttons on either side of the dock are easy to operate and are touch controls. For long range the speaker has its own remote too. This is not portable as it requires a mains supply however it is very suitable for home use. My product will be similar since it will include the contrast between two colours which will be customised according to the use. My main materials are going to be similar to those used in the product analyses and the design study since this will make my product durable, strong and very attractive. My speaker will have a dock too as this will appeal to many teenagers, as smartphones are very popular amongst them. Features:  3.5 mm Auxiliary Input  iPhone 5/5S dock 0 2 4 6 8 10 Cost Consumer Size Aesthetics Material Function Safety Environment Stylish Design Modern and Dynamic Grille Easy to use Touch Buttons Bold and Vivid Outer Case Vibrant Colour Material & Manufacturing: This product uses injection moulding for both the front and the back panel. The plastic is made of ABS or acrylic. The size is reasonable for a homely environment and the colours are bright and lively. The design is unique. The rubber cushion for the dock is somehow out of place however amidst the holes it looks nice. Tough and Durable
  15. 15. Initial Sketches Speakers Lightning Dock Volume Buttons Power Button - Touch Soundbar Twisted Design Curved Surround Sound 6 x Speakers Curved Shape - Surround Sound Acrylic / AluminiumSpeaker Mesh Hollow Dock Clothe Mesh on Wood Case Aluminium Stand
  16. 16. Initial Designs Control Panel Speaker with mesh Phone Dock For home use, in the living room or bedroom. Touch Sensitive Buttons Inner Wood Finish 0 2 4 6 8 10 Cost Consumer Size Aesthetics Material Function Safety Environment The wood will be made of oak or beech although this might make it heavy but durable. The wood will be suitable for the older adults and probably wouldn’t be bought by teenagers. I could customise into different materials and colours such as chrome or aluminium. This speaker design is very unique since it is round and stands up straight. The main speakers will be on the top covered with a cloth mesh since any other mesh would be unsuitable. Considering durability, I would not usually recommend the cloth mesh however since nothing else is suitable, this would be the best option. User Feedback: ‘I like the wood finish, but don’t like the outer mesh’ ‘Prefer having the dock in front of the speaker because it would be easier to use’ Wood Panel Front Aesthetic Design Light-up Touch buttons with haptic feedback Ergonomic Feel and Easy to Hold Black Anodized Aluminium Portable, suitable for travel, workplace, homes and schools Smooth Aluminium Chamfer Hexagonal holes in a hexagonal fill User Feedback: ‘Looks simple and portable but it might be too simple’ ‘Looks nice but does not have that many functions apart from USB connection’ ‘Love the shape and very ergonomic’ 0 2 4 6 8 10 Cost Consumer Size Aesthetics Material Function Safety Environment Blue Anodized Aluminium Body Black Shiny Aluminium Body Light Up Control Panel with Haptic Feedback Concentric Circle Mesh User Feedback ‘An aesthetically pleasing design’ ‘Smooth curve, looks nice but the grilles might be too small’ ‘It has very less connectivity since it can only be connected by Bluetooth and USB’ 0 2 4 6 8 10 Cost Consumer Size Aesthetics Material Function Safety Environment Silver Chrome Side Grille The main body will be made of aluminium anodized or shiny depending on customisation. The colour can be varied too and the sides will either be made of plastic ABS or Aluminium or Chrome. This design is unique since it is a different shape to traditional classic speakers and the mesh s more aesthetically pleasing due to the concentric circle grill. The holes are reasonably medium-sized to ensure that the style is visible although not obtrusive.
  17. 17. Initial Designs Blue Anodized Aluminium Edges Smooth ABS Plastic Holes for the Grille Spiral of Holes in Front View 0 2 4 6 8 10 Cost Consumer Size Aesthetics Material Function Safety Environment Final design will be improved to cater for the perfect size and aesthetics for users The size of this initial CAD is bulkier and shorter compared to my final design. Taking feedback from my users helped me to improve my product during development as well as after. I received a lot of positive comments as well as suggestions for improvements on this product and therefore I decided to make it one of my final products. One of my final product is a slimmer longer version of this since few of my market users stated that it was too short and stubby to look aesthetically pleasing. I will extend this idea by choosing the type of technologies used in this product, the manufacturing processes and the final specifications. I will change this product according to my user feedback and make it better by customising it for my user group. User Feedback ‘Too small and stubby… Maybe a longer stretched version might look nicer!’ ‘Really like the grille, since it is different to common speakers sold in the market. This could be very profitable for the company selling it…’ ‘Wireless connectivity means less wires and more functions, amazing for home.’ 3 speakers direct sound in 3 different direction. One on the top and then 2 on either side within each spiral. This speaker will be one my main final products since I have received many comments and many say that this design is very unique and innovative.
  18. 18. Initial Designs This product fulfils my product design specifications because it solves all the stated user problems. It has a streamlined design and it is slim and sleek. It is very simplistic because it does not have that many controls and yet has very good sound quality. It will be controlled by a separate remote. Touch Sensitive Controls iPhone dock Spiral Grille Electrostatic Speakers Thin Aluminium Back Frame User Feedback ‘Like the curved design, aesthetically pleasing’ ‘Easy to use touch buttons are simple and clever’ ‘Like the shape and size, looks simple but stylish like Apple’ 0 2 4 6 8 10 Cost Consumer Size Aesthetics Material Function Safety Environment Card & Polystyrene Model 3D Printed Model Curved design helps to immerse my user into the song being played or the sounds from a film or a game like a curved TV. It projects the sound in all directions to make it sound 3 dimensional. My original idea was to have a touchscreen in place of the dock however this would reduce connectivity and would not be very ergonomic or aesthetic for my users.
  19. 19. Remote Control Designs Curved face like a watch Curved Face (No screen, only recognises gestures)
  20. 20. Materials Type Properties and Price Advantages and Disadvantages Ash Open-grained (large visible pores), tough and flexible. £1.89 /square ft. Toughness is an obvious necessity, however large pores and flexibility are surplus. Beech Close-grained, hard, tough, strong and warps easily. £1.79/square ft. Close-grained and strength are good qualities however it has very dense and difficult to work. Oak Strong, hard, tough however it is very heavy, expensive and splits easily. £2.51/square ft. Good properties but unsuitable for its weight. However it was the most popular choice of wood from my target audience and my audience wanted to have a quality premium product. Birch Plywood Strong, stiff and resistant. It has a high planar shear strength and impact resistance however it can be brittle. £1.62/square ft. Good features, yet my target users see plywood as cheap and not very stylish. Steel (stainless) Hard and tough, resistant to wear and corrosion. £4,450/tonne. Has all the characteristics however it is rather heavy and has a very rough and low class texture. Aluminium Good strength-to-weight ratio, light, soft, ductile and durable. £1,700/tonne Outstanding price-to-practicality ratio. Electronic gadgets industries use this in their products including Apple, Bose and B&O. It also has an aesthetic look when anodized. Titanium Light weight yet extremely strong, extraordinary corrosion resistance, ability to withstand extreme temperatures. £15,700/tonne Perfect characteristics, however too expensive to produce on an industrial scale. ABS-Plus Strong, durable and reasonably light. Easy to manufacture and safe for use in electronics. £1,500/tonne Very practical yet very aesthetically pleasing. A gloss finish would be very suitable for the finished product. It is very cheap too. Sapphire Glass Hard, tough and very strong. 3rd strongest material after diamond and moissanite but more expensive than necessary. However it looks stylish for the upper class. £18/square metre It is 9 on Mohs hardness scale and more scratch-resistant than gorilla glass. It is more expensive and 1.5 times heavier than Gorilla glass. Gorilla Glass Very tough and durable. Fairly cheap for mass production. £8/square metre It is 6.8 on Mohs hardness scale and has a 49% market share of the display glass market. The choice of material will mostly be based upon style and attractive aesthetics. However, there are important factors to each material that must be considered. For each material I had to consider the effects on the cost, durability, colour schemes, weight and other manufacturing details. The main criteria to choose from are wood, plastic, and metal. I will be evaluating and comparing the most common materials within these criteria to find a perfect material. I have also compared two main types of glass since I will be planning to use this in my remote.
  21. 21. Developed Product I have decided to design a radio system, consisting of 3 parts to fit my specifications perfectly, and therefore 3 unique selling points.  The SoundCurve A completely unique dock design with excellent speaker quality. This is taken from my brand studies and from my market research.  It has a touch sensitive control screen which will send a haptic feedback when touched.  iPhone lightning dock  It has to have a power cable but it will have a built-in long-life rechargeable battery for portability.  This dock can be connected to the mains for charging the rechargeable battery or for continuous general use.  It is controlled using the wrist remote and can play songs via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Air-Play.  It uses an electrostatic speaker for excellent sound quality and for sleekness. At the bottom of the page, I listed my specifications to check that all my original problems had been solved. The price should be as reasonable as possible, however the technology included will cost a lot. The SoundCurve uses thin electrostatic speakers for good sound quality. These are meant for studios and not for commercial use however by including it in my product, I have taken a risk since it provides the best sound quality possible but makes it a premium product at the same time. My speaker also has many ways of connectivity including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Air-Play. This will increase its compatibility while ensuring that it is a premium product in the design of Apple and Bose. • In-home portable – wireless • Quality sound • Reasonable Manufacturing price • Simplicity with class • Ergonomics – easy to hold and place • User centred technology • Durable • Able to connect more speakers to the system wirelessly • Simple set up – Easy to use • Style along with performance • High Connectivity
  22. 22. I have decided to design a radio system, consisting of 3 parts to fit my specifications perfectly, and therefore 3 unique selling points. The AirTwist This is a speaker that will be a part of the speaker system with a modern and unique design, creating a better sound quality.  It is controlled using the wrist remote.  It will have a rechargeable battery like the Sound Curve and it can be charged via the mains when required (portability around the house).  The dock will connect to this speaker using Bluetooth when required. This can be determined by the user, using the remote.  If this speaker is not needed for playing music via the SoundCurve then the Bluetooth can be disconnected using the remote.  The AirTwist can connect to apple devices via AirPlay separately from the SoundCurve.  This speaker uses a normal electromagnetic speaker as this speaker does not need to be thin or flexible.  This could be classified as a separate product but my aim is to create a speaker system which can connect to a phone like a dock or a TV via HDMI, RCA or some wireless connectivity method to create a home cinema system as well as having a home music system. • In-home portable – wireless • Quality sound • Reasonable Manufacturing price • Simplicity with class • Ergonomics – easy to hold and place • User centred technology • Durable • Able to connect more speakers to the system wirelessly • Simple set up – Easy to use • Style along with performance • High Connectivity At the bottom of the page, I listed my specifications to check that all my original problems had been solved. The AirTwist achieves all my specifications since it has many ways of connectivity including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Air-Play, good sound quality, ergonomics and aesthetics and it has a reasonable manufacturing cost. Therefore, I could make a bigger profit if I were to sell it at a premium like the products of Apple and Bose. Due to its simplicity, it can be mass produced along with customisation for each individual user. This is very advantageous for my design since more people are likely to be attracted to it due to the variety, aesthetics and ergonomics. I believe that the twisted shape is very ergonomic since it is very easy to hold. The ridges created by the twist are very smooth and easy to handle, therefore making my product very ergonomic. Although it is not essential for my product to be ergonomic, I have decided to use this shape, not just for aesthetics, but also for its uniqueness and for comfortable portability around the house. Developed Product
  23. 23. I have decided to design a radio system, consisting of 3 parts to fit my specifications perfectly, and therefore 3 unique selling points.  The Remote The wristband remote is used to control operations from further distance with ease.  It has a touch screen too for communicating with the dock and the separate speakers.  Uses gesture recognition for changing the song or increasing the volume.  Uses Bluetooth for low consumption of battery.  The remote is docked on a its own induction dock.  The remote itself has a rechargeable battery which does not need to be replaced.  The induction remote dock is connected to the SoundCurve speaker using USB connection so that it can charge the remote. This will be called ‘The Crescent Dock’. The style of the remote dock is the same as the remote, the SoundCurve dock and the AirTwist speaker to suit the speaker system. Conclusion This product will be equivalent to portable soundbars or speakers which will all play the same music to create an effect of 3D surround sound. The music or audio will be chosen by the SoundCurve however when necessary, the AirTwist can connect to any Smart TV to create a cinema system for watching films. The SoundCurve and the AirTwist can run independently however the AirTwist can only connect to a Smart Device with Bluetooth or AirPlay. The SoundCurve is capable of doing both of these things as well as being able to use it as a dock to charge your Apple device. The SoundCurve Remote will be like a smartwatch and will control the dock’s and the AirTwist’s capability to interact with other devices such as the TV or smartphones. The remote will charge on the crescent-shaped induction dock using a USB connection. USB Induction Dock for charging the Remote (The Crescent) Touch Screen Remote Developed Product
  24. 24. Final Decision Bluetooth to connect remote to both of the speakers. Air-Play to connect phone to AirTwist and to SoundCurve separately without attaching it to the dock to play music. Wi-Fi to simultaneously play music or sound through both the SoundCurve and the AirTwist. This can be used as a home cinema system for the TV. USB Supply from Sound Curve or another device for powering the induction charging dock for the remote.
  25. 25. Ergonomics & Anthropometrics I have decided on using the wrist remote idea from the inspiration of the Apple watch. My users will have a large variety of wrist sizes, and comfort is a necessity. All of the information is secondary research, however I did some research of my own to confirm these sizes, giving me an idea of the average sizes to look out for any anomalies. They are all based on the individuals from my market research between the ages of 12 – 70. Height and average wrist size (measured all the way around): 5’ Tall - 5.51 inches 5’2” Tall - 5.84 inches 5’4” Tall - 6.07 inches 5’6” Tall - 6.63 inches 5'8" Tall - 7 inches 5'10" Tall - 7.1 inches 6' Tall - 7.27 inches 6'2" Tall - 7.45 inches 6'4" Tall - 7.62 inches My remote will be extendable like the headbands of headphones which will retract to the required size. Using the data below, I will need a retractable strap which can extend up to 1.5 inches starting from 4.5 inches. I will then have small, medium and large sizes customised according to each user. S(4.5-6 inches), M(6-7.5 inches), L(7.5-9 inches) Male Teenagers to Adults average watch/bracelet size (Max Range): 5-1/2” – 8” Female Teenagers to Adults average watch/bracelet size (Max Range): 5” – 7-1/2” The size of my SoundCurve is based upon the size of a cubit which is the length from the tip of the middle finger to the end of the elbow. This is usually between 40 to 55 cm for a teenager to an adult. I have used this measurement so that the dock can be held from the two edges in a single arm around the curved shape for comfort. This will make it portable around the house and since it will be relatively light-weight, the speaker would be very easy to hold. The size of my AirTwist is based on the size of a fist or the width of a palm. I had decided the size according to these measurements since when the AirTwist is held, it will need to be at a medium size. I decided to make my speaker at a height of 32 cm for this reason. This will make sure it fits the hand comfortably. The width will be 8 cm since the ‘L’ shape formed on a hand is about 8cm by 8cm. 8cm x 8cm 15cm This data is from my market users, most of them are a part of my target user group, who will give me feedback on the product and help me evaluate it. I have made separate gender types just to analyse the differences, however my final remote will be the same for both genders. The size will have to be categorised for each user and the colours can be customised.
  26. 26. Technologies AirPlay This is a protocol suite developed by Apple which allows wireless streaming of audio, video, and photos using similar metadata between devices.  Stream multimedia content between devices in HD  Communication between compatible devices  Use a device to control other devices for uses such as gaming x Low compatibility with non-Apple devices x High Power Consumption x Only one app can be used at any time x Requires Wi-Fi x High price of compatible products Bluetooth This is a method which uses a standard protocol to transfer data or commands to and from electronic devices wirelessly.  Simple and Easy to Use  High compatibility  Cheap  Wireless x High Power Consumption Wi-Fi This is a facility allowing computers, smartphones, or other devices to communicate with one another wirelessly within a particular area via the internet.  High Compatibility  Wireless  Simple to use  Available in most areas  Data transmission is fast x High Power Consumption Flexible Piezoelectric Speaker This is made using a thin membrane of piezoelectric material on top of an insulator such as silicon and then a thin membrane of strong magnet such as Neodymium.  Extremely thin 4mm – 15mm  Uses very little energy  Flexible  Cheap £5 – 20 x Not Excellent Sound Quality Thin Electrostatic Speaker The speakers use a thin flat diaphragm usually consisting of a plastic sheet coated with a conductive material such as graphite sandwiched between two electrically conductive grids, with a small air gap between the diaphragm and grids.  Thin 10mm – 50mm  Uses less energy than electromagnetic speakers  Excellent Sound Quality x Very expensive £100s - £1000s x Not Flexible Infrared Communication (IR) This is a method of transferring data wirelessly using infrared waves over compatible electronic devices.  Cheap  Wireless  Low Power Consumption x Low connectivity (requires close communication) x Low compatibility with many smart devices Features Hardware Connectivity Manufacture Summary: My SoundCurve will use the electrostatic speaker since it is very thin and needs to have excellent sound quality. Electrostatic speaker are used mostly in studios for their excellent quality however my premium product will tempt my target users to buy the entire system not just the SoundCurve. This will be done by increasing connectivity and compatibility between all smart devices. This speaker system will use Wi-Fi and AirPlay for streaming and Bluetooth for communicating with the speakers and sending commands.
  27. 27. Technologies Gesture Recognition Gesture recognition is the mathematical interpretation of a human motion by a computing device. Gesture recognition, along with facial recognition, voice recognition, eye tracking and lip movement recognition are components of what developers refer to as a perceptual user interface (PUI).  Natural Interaction  Direct Interaction  Terse and Powerful Interaction x Expensive x Uses a lot of energy x Fatigue x Unexpected/Unwanted commands x Gestures can be misread Induction Charging Inductive charging (also known as "wireless charging") uses an electromagnetic field to transfer electricity between two objects. This is usually done with a charging station. Energy is sent through an inductive coupling (copper coil) to an electrical device, which can then use that energy to charge batteries or run the device.  Wireless Charging  Simple and easy-to-use  Does not require any setup x Extra heating x Low performance of battery x Expensive x Short distances x Still needs a wire for the charging pad or dock* Advanced Aluminium Processing Anodization and Metal Pressing Anodization is a process for making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many successive thin layers of a material  Durability  Finishing  Corrosion Resistant  Lasting Colour  Strength  Easy to Maintain  Colour Flexibility  Cheap  Mass Production x Uses a lot of energy Features Hardware Connectivity Manufacture Injection Moulding Injection moulding is the shaping of rubber or plastic pellets or grains by heating it and then injecting it into a mould.  Fast Production  Colour and Material Flexibility  Low waste  Design Flexibility  Low Cost of Labour (Little labour required)  Full automation  Very little post production work required  More than one material may be used at the same time when utilizing co-Injection moulding x High Initial Tooling Cost x Design Restrictions 3D Printing 3D printing is a process for making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many successive thin layers of a material.  Cheap to manufacture  Colour Flexibility  Low waste  Full automation  Very little post production work required x Design Restrictions x Limited Materials x Size restrictions x Not for mass production x Expensive for buying 3D printer
  28. 28. Technologies LCD Screen and Retina Display LCD means Liquid Crystal Display. LCD is made up of an array of liquid crystals that get illuminated by a back light. Because LCDs don't require much energy to power a screen, the technology is very popular in portable devices. Likewise, because LCDs are back lit, they tend to perform quite well in direct sunlight, as the entire display is being illuminated, so they are ideal for smartphones. However, this back lighting means that blacks tend to appear grey and they therefore have less contrast than some other display technologies. There are two main types of LCD: TFT and IPS. TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor and they are an advanced version of LCD that uses an active matrix (like the AM in AMOLED). Active matrix means that each pixel is attached to a transistor and capacitor individually. Their main advantage is their relatively low production cost and increased contrast when compared to traditional LCDs. Their disadvantage is more excessive energy consumption than some other LCDs, and less impressive viewing angles and colour reproduction. IPS stands for In-Plane Switching and it is an improvement of TFT LCDs. To summarize very roughly, the way the crystals are electrically excited is different and the orientation of the crystals array is rotated. This change improves viewing angles, contrast ratio and colour reproduction. Energy consumption is also reduced compared to TFT LCDs. Because IPS LCDs tend to be better than TFT LCDs, they are also more expensive when put on a smartphone. Retina Display is basically an IPS LCD given a brand name by Apple and they are not defined by any particular characteristic, other than that they are supposedly of sufficient resolution that the human eye can't discern pixels at a normal viewing distance. Super AMOLED, AMOLED and OLED Screen AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode. We already encountered the active matrix in TFT LCD technology, and OLED is simply a term for another thin-film display technology: OLED is an organic material that emits light when a current is passed through them. As opposed to LCD panels which are back lit, OLED displays are ''always off'' unless the individual pixels are electrified. This means that OLED displays have much purer blacks and consume less energy when black or darker colours are displayed on screen. Because the black pixels are off, the contrast ratios are also higher than LCD screens. AMOLED displays have a very fast refresh rate too, but on the down side are not as visible in direct sunlight as back lit LCDs. Screen burn-in and diode degradation (because they are organic) are other factors to consider. Super AMOLED is the brand name given by Samsung to its range of displays that, like IPS LCDs, improve upon the basic AMOLED recipe. In other words, Super AMOLED = Samsung OLED. Super AMOLED, Super AMOLED Plus, and HD Super AMOLED only really have one major difference: sub pixels. Super AMOLED displays reduce the thickness of the screen by integrating the touch response layer with the display itself. It also handles sunlight better than AMOLED displays and are also better on power consumption. Super AMOLED is simply a better version of AMOLED. Features Hardware Connectivity Manufacture From this studies on different screens, I have decide to use Super AMOLED screen as it has a better screen quality and although it is not by Apple, it will be suitable for my product. OLEDs last longer and have a higher contrast ratios and therefore look nicer.
  29. 29. SoundCurve Design Overview Lightning 8-Pin Schematic Main Shape for Front and Back Casing Back Casing Panel Front Grille Panel 2cm 5mm Chamfer 7cm (length) Inverse Extrusions of the following sketches (in green) to create cut-outs Positive Extrusions of the following sketches (in green) to form basic body (This applies to both the front and the back panel) Chamfers on Edges20 mm Extrusion of semi-circle with diameter 7cm Width of Curve is 2cm but on the back it is 5.5cm 4 CAD parts to the SoundCurve: Lightning Pin, Dock, Back Casing, Front Grille Panel Front Panel: I added the spiral patterned holes on one side and mirrored it through the middle plane. Then I inversely extruded a larger curve on the middle plane leaving 5mm on the top and the bottom where the two panels would join. On the sides, I had left an uncut gap of 2cm on either side which would later be used to fix the 4 main screws during manufacturing. Main Panels: First I created a solid curve with a large curved box at the back .This was the basic shape for both of the panels. Back Panel: I inversely extruded a semi- circle to create the back casing which would slot perfectly into the front panel. I then extruded inwards the solid back block to make an empty shell which would hold most of the circuitry and the battery. This is one of my final rendered products in Keyshot 5. Wood was one of my market users’ favourite material and therefore I decided to use it in my product however my main material was anodized aluminium. This was because aluminium, when anodized, is corrosion resistant and yet aesthetically pleasing. It is also one of Bose’s and Apple’s main materials.
  30. 30. AirTwist Design Overview 8cm (w) x 8cm(l) x 30cm (h) I created a cuboid then negatively extruded it inwards to create a hole leaving a rim of 5mm. Using the twist warp tool, I twisted the cuboid 90 degrees clockwise and then added the spiral patterned holes. Next I added the holes in the shape of a rectangle on the side of the top and the bottom edges to project the sound. After that I added the chamfers on the two sides of the speaker to make the main body aesthetically pleasing. Adding 3mm chamfers on the edges Inversely Extruding Twisting Extruded Cuboid 8cm (w) x 8cm(l) 0.5cm(h) Extrude 5mm Chamfer on edges Sketch on Back of Chamfered Cuboid 40mm Extrude of sketch I created a cuboid of 5mm thickness and added 5mm chamfers to the edges. I created a new sketch which I extruded (40mm) so that it could fit into the hollowed twist body. I also chamfered the edges corresponding to the hollowed twist’s chamfers. Next I added the spiral holes on top using patterning and then rendered it. I then rendered the chamfered edges into a different colour to the main body making it look stylish. Many of Apple’s or Bose’s products are customised according to the user and don’t use more than two or three main colours on a single product. After rendering both of those parts, I assembled both of them in PTC Creo to form the AirTwist speaker. To form my final product, I imported it into Keyshot 5 to render it into a final finished design, which would equal the quality of a product designed by Apple or Bose as shown in my brand study.
  31. 31. Remote Design Overview Inducer and circuitryUSB Wire for Charging Rounds and Chamfers Coil inside for inducing current (charging) Sketch for remote screen and controls Sketch of retractable wrist strap (extruded into 3D) Below is my induction dock and it is also made up of two sketches extruded to form the final design. I then, chamfered and curved the edges to make it more aesthetically pleasing and the shape gave it the name of the Crescent. Overall, my designs were really easy to make showing the simplicity and beauty all combined in a single sound system. My product will be very easy to manufacture and from my user feedback, many people really like the idea. I created two sketches: one for the screen, the other for the strap. I then extruded them equally to make my final remote. I simply rendered it in different materials and colours to suit my design. Sketchofmainshape This is probably the most ergonomic product in my entire design due to the shape. It will be easy to use and attractive and yet very simple to design and manufacture.
  32. 32. SoundCurve Manufacture SoundCurve The back case will be made of anodized aluminium using advanced aluminium processing. 1. The aluminium sheets will be coloured into the required colours and anodized. 2. Then the aluminium will be pressed using metal processing to make the back case and the 4 holes will be pressed into the sides. 3. The remaining 4 holes on the top and bottom of the case will be drilled into screw holes. The front case will be made of ABS plastic and it will be injection moulded since this process is quick, cheap and easy. The plastic ABS case will slot in to the holes on the side of the aluminium back case. The two holes on the top and the bottom of the back case will be used for small screws which will hold the dock together firmly. The screw will be a pentalobe screw since it looks unique like in the design of Apple and it is also harder to open. This will reduce the likelihood of copyright infringement of the technology used in this product. Pentalobe Screw Metal Pressing
  33. 33. AirTwist Manufacture AirTwist The main casing will made of ABS plastic and it will be injection moulded in two parts each identical to the other. The top and bottom will also be injection moulded using ABS and then using anodized aluminium, the edges will be pressed out and clipped on top of the plastic using small protrusions on the edge of the clipped metal. Blow moulding Melted plastic polymer Injection of plastic ABS Mould for creating plastic parts The top and bottom parts fit perfectly into the inversely extruded twisted box and they slot into the small ledge overhanging the inside of the main part by 5mm. This will allow the plastic to slot into it perfectly.The metal chamfers on the edges of the speaker will be made using metal stamping or metal pressing. Injection moulding Metal Stamping Easy to manufacture and assemble Quick and easy process My product can be quickly mass produced due to the quick manufacturing processes involved in making this product.
  34. 34. Remote Manufacture Remote The remote will use a super AMOLED screen to create a sharp high resolution display and it will be layered with sapphire glass for high resistance to shattering and scratches. It will be made of anodized aluminium, ABS plastic or wood according to the design of the two speakers and according to the customisation of the user. Each side of the strap retracts into the other like the adjustable straps of headphones. Hinges for opening clasp while wearing it The hinges do not retract all the way although for demonstration purposes, this diagram shows a fully open hinge. Hinges open up only just so that retractable band can open up to loosen the strap. Push clasps (like those on a watch) on the edge of the strap lock the strap in place according to the users wrist size. This prevents it from loosening during use. This induction dock will be made of anodized aluminium, wood or plastic ABS, in the same style as the speakers to create a uniform design with an aesthetic look. It will use induction charging so that it will be easy to use, less fussy with the wires and still very stylish. Induction charging is a relatively old technology which hasn’t been put into use however my product will encourage more to come in the market for commercial use. Since my main brand study is Apple, using an unused technology is usually what the company does to grow their market base. My product will be a great addition to the collection and will help the company to acquire new users. The Crescent (Induction Dock)
  35. 35. User Interface There will be a preinstalled app with a music player on the remote to control both the SoundCurve and the AirTwist. Users can configure and set custom gestures to control the speakers. Commands from the touch screen controls will be sent by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or AirPlay depending on convenience, compatibility and availability. Users can also download other music apps such as Spotify, iTunes, Shazam, SoundCloud, YouTube, VEVO, Saavn, Deezer and BlinkBox (WE7) from the Apple app store. This app can also be installed separately on an iDevice such as an iPhone, an iPod or an iPad to control the speakers however this may not be needed by many of the users since it is a secondary feature of the product package and a remote will be provided with the SoundCurve and the AirTwist even if they are purchased separately. The app will be provided on the App Store free of charge so that users can have a backup remote if they lose their original remote or if they need a remote while travelling somewhere. Duration of the song in a circular pattern Cover of the Song Time left of song Volume of music Controls (Play/Pause) Change Song (tap) Rewind/Fast Forward (press & hold) Initial Mock-up Change Colour Theme/Wallpaper Final Remote Player Volume of music Loop, Shuffle, Like Buttons Controls (Play/Pause) Change Song (tap) Rewind/Fast Forward (press & hold) Change Colour Theme/Wallpaper Cover of the Song Duration of the song in a linear pattern This final music player can be customised according to the user and custom themes can be set. The volume bar and the buttons can be rearranged according to the users’ comfort.
  36. 36. Evaluation The main thing that I changed from my user feedback, final decision and specifications was the size of my products. The AirTwist was really short and although portable, it did not look as aesthetic as the slightly longer revised version. The SoundCurve was also slightly too thick and therefore I decided to make it thinner to make it easier to hold and more aesthetic. To make the SoundCurve more practical, I also had to make an extended case where the circuitry and the battery would go. I also changed the control panel from a touchscreen to a simple 3 button operations (+, On/Off, -). My SoundCurve and my AirTwist will both use the lithium-ion battery since these are very energy dense and have a good battery life. It will be very easy to charge and it will make it portable around the house as I had stated in my design specification. My user group decided that changing the song could be done more easily from a remote and therefore, I came up with a wrist remote which would stay with my user all the time rather than a handheld remote which could be lost very easily. Now the remote had to have some sort of power source which would make it last for a long enough time. I did not want button cells, AA or AAA batteries since these are very annoying to replace. Using a lithium-polymer battery with an induction charger was a great idea since these are efficient, long-lasting and reasonably thin although they do not have a high energy density. I received a lot of compliments as well as suggestion for improvements however overall, my target user group appreciated the idea. The idea of the SoundCurve came from an existing product, the curved TV. I derived my idea from this type of product since there are many types of displays with many features available but not many for audio. There is a huge variety of shapes for screens and it has developed rapidly however audio hasn’t changed much in the last two decades. I therefore came up with the SoundCurve which would immerse my users in the sound and make it more lively. My idea would become unique and since my brand study were Apple and Bose, my product of sound innovation would fit into the market perfectly.
  37. 37. Final Specifications SoundCurve User --- Teenagers and Young Adults Environment --- Living Room, Bedroom, Home Cinema System Manufacture --- Mass Production --- Injection Moulding and Metal Pressing Material --- Anodized Aluminium(Varied Colour) Back Case, White ABS or Wood front Safety --- Portable, Rechargeable Battery and Mains Charging Function --- iPhone Dock, Touch Sensitive Controls, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay Style/Aesthetics --- Sleek, Streamlined, Modern Dynamic Design Speakers --- Thin Electrostatic Speakers X 2 Maintenance --- Portable, Very low maintenance Size --- 18cm(h) x 45cm(l) x 2cm(w) *(Width on battery is 5.5cm) Weight --- 1.3kg Battery Size --- 10,000 mah Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Battery Life --- 18 Hours Cost to Manufacture --- £500 AirTwist User --- Teenagers and Young Adults Environment --- Living Room, Bedroom, Home Cinema System Manufacture --- Mass Production --- Injection Moulding and Metal Pressing Material --- Anodized Aluminium(Varied Colour) edges, White ABS or Wood casing Safety --- Portable, Rechargeable Battery and Mains Charging Function --- Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay Style/Aesthetics --- Modern Dynamic Design, Suits the SoundCurve Speakers --- Electromagnetics Speakers (Normal Type) X 3 Maintenance --- Portable, Very low maintenance Size --- 30cm(h) x 8cm(l) x 8cm(w) Weight --- 0.6kg Battery Size --- 6,000 mah Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Battery Life --- 12 Hours Cost to Manufacture --- £90
  38. 38. Final SpecificationsRemote User --- Teenagers and Young Adults Environment --- Living Room, Bedroom, Home Cinema System Manufacture --- Mass Production --- Injection Moulding and Metal Pressing Material --- Anodized Aluminium(Varied Colour) Outer Casing, White/Black/Brown ABS or Wood Inner Case Safety --- Portable, Rechargeable Battery and Induction Charging Function --- Touch Controls, Bluetooth (mainly), Wi-Fi, Air-Play, Gesture Recognition Style/Aesthetics --- Sleek, Modern Dynamic Design, Simple, Easy to Use, Matching Speaker Design Controls --- Preinstalled app with music player, Hand Gesture Recognition Maintenance --- Portable, Very low maintenance Size --- Retractable wrist strap with S(4.5-6 inches), M(6-7.5 inches), L(7.5-9 inches) Weight --- 100 grams + Induction Dock (100 grams) = 200 grams Battery Size --- 500 mah Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery Battery Life --- 18 Hours Cost --- £40 + Induction Dock £20 = £60 Sound System Product Package The entire sound system can be purchased with the following contents:  SoundCurve with mains charging wire £500  2 x AirTwist with mains charging wire £180  Remote and Induction Dock with USB connection £60  Total Cost for production: £740  Retail Price: £1199.99 SoundCurve Product Package The SoundCurve can be purchased with the following contents:  SoundCurve with mains charging wire £500  Remote and Induction Dock with USB connection £60  Total Cost for production: £560  Retail Price: £999.99 AirTwist Product Package The AirTwist can be purchased with the following contents:  AirTwist with mains charging wire £90  Remote and Induction Dock with USB connection £60  Total Cost for production: £150  Retail Price: £599.99 Justification for manufacture cost and retail price: Although my product uses many methods of connectivity, this is not what increases its price; it is the SoundCurve which costs £500 to make because it uses electrostatic speakers. These are extremely expensive to make and sell. A single search on the internet would provide results with most of them above £2000 and this is why the manufacturing price is very high. The 2 speakers in my SoundCurve would be 5x5 cm square and therefore small and relatively low cost. Since Apple sells at a premium cost and my aim was to follow in its footsteps, I increased the retail price as much as it would be sensible to sell an Apple product like a MacBook or an iPhone. (iPhone 6 costs about £130 to manufacture but is sold above £400.)
  39. 39. Patenting, Copyright, Legislation I would patent the curved shape and copyright the name ‘SoundCurve’ so that people do not imitate the looks or the description of this product to earn revenue from my idea. I would patent the idea of a touchscreen remote as the only similar product is the smartwatch. However as my remote is specially designed for the SoundCurve it would be fine to patent it. I would patent the twisted shape as it is unique and the upright portable design could be reinvented by other companies in the industry to create new products. I would patent the spiral grill as it matches the entire product package and a replication would make my product less unique and make it look common. Safety All my product designs have a thick outer shell of 5mm of wood, aluminium or plastic. This means that it could easily stand a lot of damage, although Apple and Bose products have a thickness of usually less than 3mm of any material on the docks (Bose) and phones (Apple). There are not many hazards associated with my designs since the only possible hazard could be while charging the speakers however this is a very low risk. Since my product does not involve many wires and since the only wire between the speakers required is the USB between the induction dock and the SoundCurve, my product will be safe to use for any user even for regular use. I would patent the crescent-shaped dock so that it can’t be used for other devices such as smartphones without paying the company owning this product. I would copyright the names:  SoundCurve  AirTwist  Crescent Induction Dock Since the AirTwist uses the substring ‘Air’ and the SoundCurve uses the substring ‘Sound’, I would have to consider any copyright laws created by Apple or Bose respectively (Bose Sounddock and Apple AirPlay). However, since my product is created in the eyes of Bose and Apple, this would not be an issue. Other brands could imitate this product and sell it in the name of the two brands and therefore it is profitable for the company to copyright the names.
  40. 40. Final Show
  41. 41. Final Show
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