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HFM made to dance, and efficiency options

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AMOSCA tools

  1. 1. Value-add tools for your Oracle applications Make your EPM investment more efficient Contact details: Email:
  2. 2. Agenda • Value add options to consider • AMOSCA offer • EPM Maestro Suite – HFM simplified • MerlinXL Report Wizard – a fresh approach to reporting • Accelatis Ascension Suite – understanding your EPM environment • Discussion
  3. 3. Value-add definition It is our opinion, that corporations consider Value-add solutions as complementary, and not a replacement for the core Oracle EPM software. The criteria is: • developed using standard technologies • are either exclusive to Oracle, or at least have a primary focus aligned with Oracle EPM applications • are supported by the vendor • is acknowledged / endorsed by Oracle Consulting solutions have a place, but consider the risks – upgrade issues; solution knowledge; impact on infrastructure
  4. 4. Value-Add options • EPM Maestro Suite • MerlinXL Report Wizard • Accelatis Ascension Suite • Triometric • CXO Cockpit • Dodeca • Others • XBRL related; Tax; Treasury; GRC; greenEPM • OLAP Underground; HFM Utilities • Tell us about others you use…
  5. 5. EPM Maestro Suite - HFM simplified
  6. 6. Value-Add Tools options • EPM Maestro Suite AMOSCA encourage the • MerlinXL development of supported value-add tools. Ad-hoc, • Accelatis point consulting solutions •Triometric can create issues in version and upgrade management. • CXO Cockpit We do not have all the • Others answers, but, at best, will • XBRL; Tax; GRC; Sustainability consider and advise your best approach. • Dodeca; OLAP Underground • Tell us about others you use…
  7. 7. Value-Add – EPM Maestro • EPM Maestro Suite Once purchased and in place the • EPM Maestro administrator’s productivity will immediately improve and they • Win32 client will wonder what they did prior • Simple install and usability to its implementation. I highly recommend to all HFM • EPM Web Symphony customers. • Integrated into each application - The Stanley Works • Inherits user provisioned rights We use EPM Maestro all the time and find the tool invaluable. I • See demos and sign up for a free evaluation don’t think we could live without it at: - Emerson Over 100 clients worldwide
  8. 8. EPM Maestro Clients "The EPM Maestro Suite does more than we imagined. Cadbury processes and users have benefited from significant time and cost savings. A must have addition for us, and any other HFM customer." - Rikesh Raichura, HFM Controller, Cadbury PLC
  9. 9. Enodis / Manitowoc EPM Maestro Case Study Industry: Manufacturing Application: Oracle Hyperion HFM 9.2.1 and 9.3.1 Challenges: Synchronisation between development and production environments; and between Enodis and Manitowoc applications Benefits: - Process control and assured all steps repeatedly in the right sequence - Simplified administration tasks - Routine reconsolidation across all Scenarios fully automated “Do not consider using HFM without EPM Maestro Suite. The investment is minimal to the benefits it delivers’’ - Enodis
  10. 10. Metso EPM Maestro Case Study Industry: Manufacturing Application: Oracle Hyperion HFM Challenges: Needed automation and administration simplicity Benefits: Scheduled data and application backups Significant time saving with administrative tasks “The EPM Maestro Suite allows us the peace of mind that complex routines are completed consistently. Without these tools, we would have many resource and time constraints’’ - Metso
  11. 11. Xstrata EPM Maestro Case Study Industry: Mining Application: Oracle Hyperion HFM 9.3.1 Challenges: Needed automation and administration simplicity Benefits: Security audit visibility Visibility of OBP status and attributes “Xstrata rely on the EPM Maestro Suite as a critical element of the many reporting cycles. The simplicity and robustness are great time savers’’ - Xstrata
  12. 12. MerlinXL Report Wizard - HFM reporting and analysis simplified
  13. 13. Value-Add options • MerlinXL • Excel based reporting tool for HFM • Deliver high quality reports direct to Excel • Drill-down and drill-across • Ad-hoc reporting • Intercompany matching reports • Journal reports • Data collection packs • See demo and sign up for a free evaluation at the
  14. 14. MerlinXL Clients
  15. 15. Wolesley plc MerlinXL Case Study Industry: Manufacturing Application: Oracle Hyperion HFM 9.3.1 Challenge: To produce a single monthly reporting pack for all businesses and all periods. Benefit: The Report Wizard can produce report books for a single entity or for a list of entities. When a report is built the Report Wizard strips out the unwanted sheets depending on the reporting entity and period. “The Report Wizard has revolutionised the way I report on HFM and I can’t imagine how I would manage without it. There is no doubt the level of reporting and analysis we do is far superior and much easier than it would be without the Report Wizard.” - Wolesley
  16. 16. Mondi Group MerlinXL Case Study Industry: Paper and packaging Application: Oracle Hyperion HFM 9.3.1 Challenge: To improve the method of monthly intercompany reporting. Reduce the time it takes to produce reports, and improve the presentation of the mismatch reports Benefit: The Report Wizard intercompany matching process was redesigned to match local currency intercompany balances. The Intercompany reports were designed to filter and sort mismatches so that the report was reduced to a single page if printed. “The MerlinXL Report Wizard has become a integral tool to all reporting processes out of HFM, offering standardised reports across the group, drill-down functionality enabling rapid ad-hoc analysis, plus the user-friendly inter-company reports. The overall result is that controllers are able to spend more time driving action in response to reports, than reporting itself.” - Mondi
  17. 17. Accelatis Ascension Suite – understand your environment
  18. 18. Value-Add options • Accelatis Ascension Suite • Deployment Management and Optimization • integrated collection of products • spans the range from: • IT/Infrastructure solutions • Application Administrator solutions • solving problems that face the CFO • improve performance while decreasing TCO • Sign up for a free evaluation at the
  19. 19. Value-Add options Ascension Suite Value Pyramid Automatic Audit Report Generation SOX Audit Tune Product Performance Optimization Value and Cost Savings Eliminate Bottlenecks Performance Analysis Automate business processes Task Automation Proactively protect environment Real Time Alerting Quickly recover from issues Activity Analysis Real-time tracking of KPMs Server Monitoring Environment Management and Reporting
  20. 20. Value-Add options
  21. 21. DEMO time…..
  22. 22. Thank you Discussion time Contact details: Noel Gorvett (