Canada Solar Photovoltaic Market Outlook to 2015


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Canada Solar Photovoltaic Market Outlook to 2015

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Canada Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Market Introduction2. Canada Solar Feed-in Tariffs Present Status and Impact3. Canada Solar PV Market Size, 2006-2010 3.1. Canada Solar PV On-Grid and Off-Grid Cumulative Installed Capacity, 2006-2010 3.2. Canada Solar PV On-Grid and Off-Grid Annual Installed Capacity, 2006-20104. Canada Solar PV Power per Capita, 2006-20105. Weighted Average Standard Solar Module Price in Canada6. Canada Solar PV Market Competitive Landscape7. Canada Solar PV SWOT Analysis Strengths Weakenesses Opportunities Threats8. Canada Solar PV Market Future Outlook 8.1. Canada Solar PV Cumulative Installed Capacity, 2011-2015 8.2. Canada Solar PV Annual Installed Capacity, 2011-2015 8.3. Canada Solar PV Power Per Capita, 2011-20159. Canada Macro Economic Indicators: Current and Projections 9.1. Population, 2006-2015 9.2. GDP, 2006-201510. Appendix 10.1. Market Definition 10.2. Abbreviations 10.3. Research Methodology Data Collection Methods 2
  2. 2. Approach10.4. Disclaimer 3
  3. 3. LIST OF FIGURESFigure 1: Canada Solar PV Market Size in terms of Grid Connected and Off-Grid CumulativeInstalled Capacity in Percentage, 2006-2010Figure 2: Canada Solar PV Market Size in terms of On-Grid and Off-Grid Annual InstalledCapacity in Percentage, 2006-2010Figure 3: Canada Solar PV Power Installed Capacity per Capita in Watt/Inhabitant, 2006-2010Figure 4: Weighted Average Price of a Standard Solar Module in Canada in CAD/Watt,2006-2009Figure 5: Canada Solar PV Market Size in terms of Cumulative Installed Capacity inMegawatt, 2011-2015Figure 6: Canada Solar PV Market Size in terms of Annual Installed Capacity in Megawatt,2011-2015Figure 7: Canada Solar PV Power Installed Capacity per Capita in Watt/Inhabitant, 2011-2015 4
  4. 4. LIST OF TABLESTable 1: Ontario Feed-in Tariff Rates for Solar Photovoltaic Industry, in CAD/kWh in 2010Table 2: Canada Solar PV Market Size in terms of On-Grid and Off-Grid and TotalCumulative Installed Capacity in Megawatt (MW), 2006-2010Table 3: Canada Solar PV Market Size in terms of On-Grid and Off-Grid and Total AnnualInstalled Capacity in Megawatt (MW), 2006-2010Table 4: Competitive Landscape of Major Solar Photovoltaic Cell/Module Producers inCanada (Canadian Solar, Allesun and Solar Can GreenEnergy)Table 5: Canada Solar PV Market Size in terms of Cumulative Installed Capacity inMegawatt, 2011-2015Table 6: Canada Solar PV Market Size in terms of Annual Installed Capacity in Megawatt,2011-2015Table 7: Canada Population Trend in Million, 2006-2015Table 8: Canada Gross Domestic Product in USD Billion, 2006-2015 5
  5. 5. Executive SummaryThe report titled “Canada Solar Photovoltaic Market Outlook to 2015” provides acomprehensive analysis on various aspects such as On-Grid and Off-Grid Cumulative andAnnual Installed Capacity, PV power per capita, market segmentation and competitivelandscape of the major players operating in the country. The report also entails the SWOTanalysis of solar PV market in Canada.The future outlook presented the base case, conservative case and aggressive casescenario factor analysis providing an insight on the prospects in the solar PV cumulativeand annual installed capacity for the country.The Canadian market has registered consistent growth in the last decade or so. With theintroduction of Ontario FIT and RESOP program, the growth in the PV market is expectedto boom in the coming years especially for grid installations. The demand for PVtechnology is rising in Canada despite the fact that the price of the electricity producedfrom non renewable sources is low. The PV module market in Canada increased from 6.94MW in 2008 to 67.3 MW in 2009. In 2009, domestic and export module sale was reported 42MW. In comparison to the previous year, the sales increased by 48%. Out of the abovementioned sale, 34.02 MW was for on grid applications and 7.98 MW was for off-gridapplications.Canada’s cumulative installed capacity increased from 95 MW in 2009 to 199 MW in 2010.The grid connected segment increased its market share from 15% in 2008 to 62% in 2009.This increase in grid connected installations was largely because of the feed-in-tarifflaunched in Ontario in 2006 which were later developed in 2009.In 2009, the budget for PV has increased drastically over 2008. In 2009 the total budgetregistered was CAD 31.2 million. This tremendous increase in budget is largely due to thefeed-in-tariffs introduced in the state of Ontario.In the last 5 years, the photovoltaic power per inhabitant has increased, symbolizing theincreased use of solar energy by individuals. The consumption of solar PV has increasedfrom 0.6 watt/inhabitant in 2006 to 5.8 watt/inhabitant in 2010. The increasing use ofsolar PV is expected to continue in the future which will have a positive effect on thephotovoltaic power per inhabitant in the country.Solar PV aggressive case scenario assumes that existing legislative support will bemaintained and the solar PV industry will meet and beat government targets, encouragingthe legislation to opens up new markets and design a sustainable nationwide solar PVsupport mechanism. Grid development is also expected to accelerate, driven by a growingneed to rehabilitate the network and to crystallize the benefits of a smart, distributedgeneration-based electricity grid. Beyond 2015, solar PV is a strategically importantindustry in Canada, driving innovation at a global level. The aggressive case scenarioexpects a cumulative installed capacity to increase to ~ MW in 2011 and is projected togrow to ~ MW by 2015. 6
  6. 6. Key Topics Covered in the Report: • The feed-in-tariffs introduced in the country and their effect on the solar PV market • The annual and cumulative PV installations along with PV power per capita in the country from 2006-2010 • Future Outlook on the basis of assumed scenarios i.e. base case, worst case and aggressive case on cumulative installed capacity, annual installed capacity and PV power per capita, from 2011-2015 • SWOT analysis of the solar PV industry and Macro Economic Environment in the country • Competitive Landscape of the various players operating in the country 7