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Fest in Ona
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Fest in Ona


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hi frds, this is the fourth edition of our fst-In magazine . it is all about onam festival. we added a new section called idhu namma area. I hope you will be like it........
Pls give me your valuable comments........
Rtr.Premalatha, fest-In chairman
RC of Zenith

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Fest in Ona

  1. 1. ‘fest-In’ Onam Edition m 1                                                                                                                                    e At least onc in my life time want to                                  cele ebrate On nam in k kerala wit mallu th commmunity, I’m just wa aiting for th day. heI’m hap to edit 4th edition of fest-In. ppy . Hap Onam my dear R ppy Rotaractors s. In our l three editions you would last e Reggards,come ac cross about Krishna Jeyanthi, Rtr..Saravanan n, Madras Day, Vin s nayagar Ch hathurti ‘fes st-In’ Editor, RC Of Zenith.and Ra amzan. Ou fourth e ur edition is fullypacked with about Onam fes t stival.Genesis of Onam, when it’s celebrate, s ,for wha it’s celeb at brate, by w whom it’scelebrat Vamana Avatar, L te, a LegendryKing MMahabali, Three Steps T s,Custom Vamana ms, amurthy Se ettled,Onam R Ritual and more. I’m not m mallu ((Malayali) but, expeccting the Leggendry Kin Mahaba to visit ng alimy plac and mee me also. I’m ce et Ona is the l am largest fest tival celebr ratesimpress by the King Maha sed K abali the by t people who are a living in the the all n way he ruled his Kingdom, the way he e K e stat of Keral It is a h te la. harvest festivalmade go to jealo on him the way ods ous m, and is cele d ebrate w with joy andhe kept his promis the way he loved se, y enthhusiasm al over the states in I ll India ople. Kerala is the sta of India his peo a ate a by people o mallu communi of ities. will celebrate Onam like tribute Ona is cele am ebrates in the begin nningcontinuously for ‘Ten Days’ ’. of t month of the Chingam, the first theMallu ccommunity from othe states y er mon nth of Malayala am cale endar will cellebrate On nman only f four for (Koollavarsham m).days. Prreparing 34 dishes is one of 4 the customs followed by the emduring OOnam whic I like m ch most. On the day o Onam Festival (09/09/11) I ofcelebrat with my Parent Clu te y ubMembe (Madras North Ea along ers s ast)with som of Zeni Family members. me ith ‘To re each the unreach hable ’
  2. 2. ‘fest-In’ Onam Edition m 2   This co orresponds between the month s hof Augu and Se ust eptember. This year r thOnam f falls on 9 , Septemmber 2011. .It’s a b belief that every ye in the t ear emonth o Chingam the lege of m endry kingg The natural beauty state of Ke e eralaMahaba will visit every malayali ali v y i onc was rule by an A ce ed Asura (Dem mon)home a meet the people Visit of and t e. f king Mahaba The kin was gre g, ali. ng eatlyKing MMahabali ceelebrates as Onam. In s n resp pected in his kingd dom and wasKerala, continuou usly 10 da ays this s connsidered to be wise, judicious and ocarnival will cele l ebrate and in some d e extrremely ge enerous. It is said that tother st tates four days only. First day . y kera witnessed its gol ala lden era in the nis “At tham” an nd tenth day is s reig of king Mahaba Everyb gn g ali. body“Thiruvvonam”. was happy in his kingd s n dom; there was no ddiscriminaation on the basis of c e caste or cclass. Rich and Poor were equ h r ually trea ated. There was neith crime, nor e her ,Popularrity and presentatio of rich p on h corrruption. Peeople did not even lockculture of the state during th carnival he l thei doors, a there were no thi ir as ievesmade O Onam the National F Festival of f in that king gdom. Th here was noKerala in 1961. Elaborate f E feasts, folk k povverty, sorro or disea in the r ow ase reignsongs, elegant dance, energetic c of kking Maha abali and eeverybody wasgames, elephants, boats an flowers nd s hap and con ppy ntent.all are a part of the dynam festival t mic lcalled Onam. Go overnment of India t ahas tak due no ken otice of th vibrant his tand co olourful feestival. It promotes sOnam in nternationa in a bi way and ally ig dcelebrat ‘Touris Week’ for Kerala tes st aduring OOnam cele ebrations. TThousands sof domestic and foreign tou urists visit tKerala t be a part of Onam. to Mahhabali was the son o Veeroch s of hana and grandson of Prahla the de d n ad, evout on of demon king Hi n iranyakash huap. Mahhabali had a son called Bana, who d ‘To re each the unreach hable ’
  3. 3. ‘fest-In’ Onam Edition m 3  became a legenda king in his own ary n morrning pray and wa preparin to yers as ngright an became popular as Banraj in nd s n gran boons to Brahmins nt o s.central Assam. Mahabali be M elonged toothe Asu (Demo dynasty but was ura on) san arde worship of Lor Vishnu. ent per rd .His braavery and strength of character s f rearned him the title of “Mahabali iChakrav varthy” or Mahabali – the king gof kingss.Looking at the growing popularity g yand fam of ki me ing Maha abali godssbeame extremel ly concer rned and djealous. They fe threaten elt ned aboutttheir ow suprem wn macy and began to othink o strategy to get r of the of y rid e Disguised Visshnu said he was a p poordilemm To curb the grow ma. b wing reignn Braahmin and asked fo a piece of d or eof Mahhabali and maintain their own n land The g d. generous k king said, he ,suprema acy, Aditi, the mothe of Gods , er s cou uld have as much land as he h sseek th help of Lord Vi he f ishnu (the e wannted. The B Brahmin sa that he just aid epreserve in the Hindu trini whom er H ity) m wannted as mmuch land as could be d dMahaba worship ali ped. cov vered by h three st his teps. The king was surprised to hear bu agreed. s d ut A learned adviser o the k of king, Shuukracharay sensed that Vam ya manaThe K King Ma ahabali w was very y was not an ordinary person and s ygenerou and ch us haritable. Whateverr warrned the k king again making the nst ganybody approac him fo help or y ch or r prommise. Bu the g ut, generous kingrequeste for an ed nything h always he s repllied that i would b a sin f a it be forgranted. To test th king, Lo Vishnu he ord u king to back on his wo g ords and askeddisguise himself as a dw ed f warf and a the Brahmin to take t the land. Thepoor Brrahmin ca alled ‘Vam mana’. He e king could no imagine that the dw g ot warfcame to the kin o ngdom of Mahabali, , Braahmin was Lord Vish himself hnu f.just aft Mahab ter bali perfor rmed him m ‘To re each the unreach hable ’
  4. 4. ‘fest-In’ Onam Edition m 4   plac his fo on the head of the ced oot e f king which p g, pushed him to Patala the m a, nethher worl ld. There the king eAs king Mahabali agreed to grant the g i o e requuested the Brahmin to reveal his e n lland, VVamana be egan to exxpand andd true identity Lord Vishnu then e y.eventuaally increa ased himse to the elf e apppeared before the king in hissize of comic pr roportions. With his s persson. The LLord told th king tha he he atfirst ste the Br ep rahmin coovered the e cam to test h and the king won the me him e nwhole o earth and with t second of a the d test King M t. Mahabali w pleased to wasstep he covered the who of the e ole e see his lord. L Lord Vishn also gra nu antedskies. H then asked king Mahabali He i a bo to the king. oon“Where is the sp e pace for m to keep me p The king was so much attached with e s hmy third step?” d his kingdom and with h people that his he requested that he b allowed to be visi kerala once in a year. L it Lord Vishnu was moved b the k by kings nobbility and w please to grant the was ed t wish. He also blessed the king and said even afte losing a his wor d er all rldly possessions, t king wo the ould alway be ys love by Lord Vishnu an his peop ed d nd ple. It is the day of the visit of K y King Mah habali to k kerala that is celebr t rated as OOnam eve year. T festiva is ery The alThe kin realize that he was not ng ed e t celeebrated as a tribute t the sacr to rificeordinary Brahmin and his third step y n p of KKing Maha abali. Ever year pe ry eoplewill desstroy the earth. Mah e habali with h mak ke elabo orate pre eparations tofolded hands bowed in front of f wel lcome the eir king whom theyVamana and aske him to place his a ed s affe ectionately call Onath y happan.last step on his head so tha he could p at dkeep t the prom mise. The Brahmin n ‘To re each the unreach hable ’
  5. 5. ‘fest-In’ Onam Edition m 5   king Mahabal A templ with a d g li. le deity of ‘Trikka akara Appan’ or ‘Vaamanamurt thy’ who is Lord Visshnu him mself in dissguise is a also locate at ed this place. sThey w to plea the spi of their wish ase irit rking by depicting that his p y g people are ehappy a and wish him well. The last tday, Th hiruvonam is the bi m iggest anddthe mo ost impor rtant day of this y s Nowwhere else in kerala can one fi a e indfestival. It is believed that king . b g deit ty of Vamanam murthy. ThisMahaba visits hi people o the day ali is on y fasc cinating legend i is artistic callyof Thiruuvonam. dep picted at th Suchindr he ram Temple in kan nyakumari district of Tamil Naddu. Fammily mem mbers will wake up asp earl as 4’o c ly clock in th morning go he g, for shower a and offer pprayers in the n loca temple o the day of Onam By al on y m. clea aning the house wi begin t ill their day in order to keep th place c y he clean and tidy. I earlier days, f d In front couurtyards we smeare with co ere ed ow’sTrikkakkara, a plac 10 km f ce from kochi i dun This cu ng. ustom is sti followed by illon the edapally pookattupa road is p adi s village people whose h e houses are not esaid to be the ca apital of th mighty he y buil by cemen lt nt. ‘To re each the unreach hable ’
  6. 6. ‘fest-In’ Onam Edition m 6   wellcome the spirit of KKing Maha abali in w whose hon nour Onam is celebra m ated. Boy play a s ys supporting role and help gAdd-On to bliss members of family n y in g gathering fflowers. In the follow n wingwill deecorate theemselves with new w day more flowers a ys, are added to dspecial dress & je ewels. Ther is also a re Poookalam. As a result P s Pookalam t turnscustom of distribuuting new clothes onn out to be of mmassive siz on the final zeOnam. I Tharawads (traditi In ional large e day Preparation for the Thiru O y. e Onamfamily consistin ng of m more than n star in a big way and e rts everybody getshundred people) Karana d ), avar, the e enggaged to mmark the fe estival in ttheireldest m member of the fam o mily, givess own style. Ho n ouse cleanning starts on anew clothes as gifts s, called d mas ssive scale and every e ything is m madeOnapud dava, to all family members a s to l look neat a tidy. T and There is al a lsoand serv vants if any Other m y. members of f set breakfast consistin of stea ng amedthe fammily excha ange gifts amongst s t bannanas an nd fired d pappaadameach oth her. (papppad). Thi remains the same till is s e the day of T Thiru Onam A swin is m. ng also slung on high branc of tree. It is o ch decorate wi ith flowe ers and the youungsters t take grea delight in at tMaking of Pookk g kallam or the flower r swinging an singing that goes nd g,carpet starts from th his day. . multaneousl sim ly. A d prior to Onam is the ninth day day o s h of the festiv vities and is known as n Utradam. On this day tenants and n y pends of Ta dep arawads gi presen to ive nts Karranavar. This custom is know as m wn ‘Onnakazhcha’ Village artisans also ’. offe a specim of their handic er men crafts repared in the front Attha poo is pr t to Karanavar of Nay r yar Taraw wads.courtyar by gir of the house to rd rls o ‘To re each the unreach hable ’
  7. 7. ‘fest-In’ Onam Edition m 7  They re eceive grac cious rewar for this rds s The tradition of makin clay cones n ngcourtesy y. for Trikkakara Appan has its roo in an ots myt thology; tthich says that festival s orig ginated at Trikkak t kara, a p place 10k from C km Cochin. Trrikkara is also said to be the capital i the reig of d e in gnKerala appears in its gran n ndiose bestt lege endary kin Mahabal ng li.on this day. Cu s ultural extrravaganza,,music and feas sts add c colour of f Elab borate pr rayers cer remonies andmerrime and jo to the G ent oy God’s own n poo are als performed on this day. ojas socountry There are celebr y. a rations all l A ssenior mem mber of th house p he playsaround the state and everyb a body takess the role of the priest and conducts the e sactive p participate’ Onam ha assumed ’ as d uals. He wakes u early and ritu upa secula charact and is celebrates ar ter s preppares ata; A is prep Ata pared from rice mby peo ople of all relig gious and d flou and m ur molasses f for nivedy yam.commun nities. Thiruvonam conical m l Lam are lit up in front of the i mps t idolsfigures in various forms are prepared s e d and all memb d bers of the house joi in e infrom stiicky clay and are pa ainted red. . for the cerem monies. Pri iest offers ata,These are decor rated with a paste h e flow and w wers water in the names of the e fmade of rice-flou and wat and are ur ter e God As On d. nam is al lso a har rvestplace in the front courtyard and other n d r festtival, peop thank God for the pleimporta places in the hou ant use. Some e bouuntiful har rvest and pray for theof these clay figu e ures are in the shapee blesssing in the com ming year. Aof cone and others represent figures of s t f peculiar custo is follo om owed after this,Gods. T Those in the shape of a cone t e whe erein male member make loud e rsare ca alled ‘Trikkakara Appan’. . and rhythmic shouts of joys. The d c trad dition is i calle ed ‘Aarrppu Viliikkukal’. Aft poojas it’s time for the fam fter mily to g ready f the gran meal ca get for nd alled Ona asadya. T The biggeest and m most ‘To re each the unreach hable ’
  8. 8. ‘fest-In’ Onam Edition m 8  promine ent place in the house is s After heavy meal now it’s tim to w meselected to lay the meal which is d s hav fun. Men of streng and vigour ve gthtradition nally serve in a row on a mat ed w t go i for rigou in urous spor while se rts eniorlaid on the floor. . and sober m d members p pass time by e playying indoo games l or like chess and card There is a set of traditi ds. ional gam to be played on Onam w mes n which are collective called, Onakalika It ely al. inclludes ball games, com mbats, archery and kutukutu Women go in for d u. danncing activiities as the are spe ere ecific dan like k nce kaikottikali and Thu i umbi Thuullal for the festiv of On val nam. Wo omen perfo orming the graceful clap e The central pla ace in th row is he s dannce called Kaikotti d ikali in t theiroccupie by the eldest mem ed e mber of the e trad ditional go bordere mundu and old edfamily. In front of them is placed a o s neriiyathu preesents a s splendid sight.lighted brass la amp at a distance. .Toward the we of the lamp is ds est e splaced a small plaantain leaf on which f hthe food is served This is a offering d d. an gmade in the name of Lord G n Ganapathy.Thereaf fter the meal is served to m oeveryon The ela ne. aborate me consists eal sof 34 ddishes and is served on banana aleaves. There is a fixed order of s fserving the meal and a se place to et oserve th various dishes on t leaf. A he the Celebrations a cultura program and al mmeslot of preparation and hard work goes s are conduct all across the state to esin ma aking of the sc crumptious s mar the festi rk ival of On nam in whi a ichOnasady ya. larg number of peop particip ge r ple pate. Prominent amongst them are Valllamkali th Snake B he Boat Race and ente ertaining events li ike Kumm matti ‘To re each the unreach hable ’
  9. 9. ‘fest-In’ Onam Edition m 9  Kali an nd Pulikali. . eeyal, To The omato Rasam, Dudhi (Ch horekka) Pradhama an these are som special d me dishes of O Onam.The oth highpo her oint of Onnam is theedazzling display of firew g works. The estate of kerala can be seen e f n engulfed in nlight an spirit of merrim nd ment when npeople bburst crack kers. Ing gredients:No festiivals end without food. Kerala w a Dud (bottle go dhi ourd) - 1 an 1/2 Kg ndpeople mmake man special f ny food items s Milk - 1lt (or M powder 3 ladles) k Milkin this h holy day, onam. Par o rippucurry, ,Injithair Sambar, Avial, Ka r, alan, Olan, , Ghe -1/4 cup eeThoran, Puliinji, Pineapple Pachhady, , P , Sugar - 2-3 cups sErissery Koottu y, ucurry, K Kootukari, ,Sarkaraapuratty, Kaya V Varuthathu,, Elaichi powder - 1tspPappada am, Pay yasam, P Prathaman,, Gree food colo en or - few dropsTomato Thokku, Kheer, Lad Finger o K dys r Mix Dry Fruit xed ts Cashe ew, Badam and mKichadi Masala Pesarattu, Coconut i, t Kish hmishChutney y,Medu Vada, Mas V sala Vada,,Idli, DDosas, Mo Kuzham or mbu, Dry y Method:Fruit Kesari, Banana Halwa, , • Wash an peel the D nd Dudhi, grate, afterPulisserry, Moothagam, Palada a discardin the seeds. Keep aside ng e.Pradham man, Pesa arattu, Ri ice Puttu, , ‘To re each the unreach hable ’
  10. 10. ‘fest-In’ Onam Edition m 10   • In a pan fry lightly the m n l mixed nuts in n Onio (chopped finely) - 1 n on d no 2 tsps ghee. Keep aside. K • Heat the milk and when hot add the H k e Method: gr rated dudhi to it, allow the dudhi to o • Soak Mooong Dal for 3-4 hrs. r become tende and keep stirring the er p e • Grind th soaked m he moong Dal with milk. m cumin seeds, ginger salt and g r, green • Now add the sugar, ghe and keep N e ee p peppers like dosa ba atter. st tirring until the milk bo and the oils e • Make doosas like paancake sprin nkling su ugar melts. It should resemble a few chop pped onions on top with little h se emi-solid mixture, fina m ally add thee oil. el laichi powder, and the mix of nuts s • Serve ho with cocon chutney. ot nut which was fri in a little ghee. w ied e • Dudhi pradha D aman is read to eat or dy r sl lurp like a syrup. Se erve hot or r ch hilled after cooling u r under room m te emperature. Ing gredients: Nice chopped ginger - 4 sp ely poonsIngredi ients: Curd - 6 spoons d sWhole G Green Gram - 2 cups Salt - to tasteCumin se eeds - 1 tsp Method:Ginger - 1/4" • Mix all t ingredien and stir w the nts well.Thai gree pepper - 2-4 en 2 • The injit thair is ready y.Salt – to taste ‘To re each the unreach hable ’
  11. 11. ‘fest-In’ Onam Edition 11  Happy Onam!!!Dark monsoon cloud;Left the sky canvas;Appeared blue sky andAgain Onam days!!The greatest MAHABALI andOur Ancient kingdom broughtOur minds Peace and Harmony.No theft and lie, no poor andCharity the pleasant rotation ofBeauty life cycle.Let us remember again on those gooddays with Flower and Songs !Happy Onam again…….Wishes By,Rtr. Monisha Anjali,Secretary 11-12, RC of Soka Ikeda. Paintings By, Rtr. Aparna, Member Of RC of Zenith. ‘To reach the unreachable ’
  12. 12. ‘fest-In’ Onam Edition m 12  p  u  l  c  n  q  w  e  r  k  y  ia  m  r  j  v  t  y  k  i  o  o  uh  a  a  k  o  a  l  e  k  l  p  mt  h  u  h  n  j  m  r  p  l  j  ar  z  a  j  a  i  o  a  j  a  m li  u  t  h  k  b  k  l  n  v  f  lc  p  i  j  a  h  a  a  m  a  x  oh  a  o  o l  l  m  h  l  a  r  v  ku  l  a  k  i  a  l  y  i  s  b  o HA AVE A H HAPPY & JOYFU ULLr  a  y  b  k  j  t  o  z  h  s  oa  b  r  y  a  u  l  w  i  a  z  p ON NAM…..v  s  c    l  a  e  m  a  m  c  qg  s  r  t  h  j  i  o  h  g  h  a  Question ns: 1) H Hero of the Onam. O 2) T is one of the 10 para This f adises of the world. w 3) N Name of the Malayalam c M calendar. 4) C Cultural capit of Kerala tal a. Rtr. Sarav vanan 5) T is a colle This ective name for all the games played on the occa d asion of Rtr. Prema alatha  Onam. O 6) T place is famous for B race. This Boat 7) N Name of the Lord Vishnu L u’s in ncarnation in the story of Onam. n f 8) M Making art with flowers i the day of w in f Onam OBy,Rtr. Prem malatha,Joint - se ecretary of RC of Zenith. R ‘To re each the unreach hable ’
  13. 13. ‘fest-In’ Onam Edition 13   ‘To reach the unreachable ’