“Godsend” – Review<br />10096533655“Godsend”, directed by Nick Hamm in 2004, is a drama/thriller/horror movie that reports...
“Godsend” – Review
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“Godsend” – Review


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“Godsend” – Review

  1. 1. “Godsend” – Review<br />10096533655“Godsend”, directed by Nick Hamm in 2004, is a drama/thriller/horror movie that reports a couple who receives an offer to clone their young son, who had just died. Although human cloning was illegal and raise several ethical and moral issues, they decide to accept the offer and change their lives to have his son back, even without knowing if there will be some consequences and what kind. Everything will be fine until a certain day. Paul (Greg Kinnear), a biology teacher, and Jessie Duncan (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) are a couple who have a young son, Adam (Cameron Bright). In the day after Adam’s eight birthday, he died in a fatal accident. And, on the day of funeral, a man, who claims to be an old teacher of Jessie’s, named Richard Wells (Robert De Niro) approaches to the couple and tells them that he is a scientist who can clone Adam using a DNA sample. First, they don’t agree but, the love for his son is bigger and, they decide change their lives and accept the offer. From the eight birthday of Adam’s clone (at this point he has lived longer than dead Adam), he starts having nightmares and hallucinations. The parents stay concerned, but Richard says that are just normal kid’s night terrors, however, he continues having visions, specially, with a boy and, sometimes, he acts like he was another person. Later, the parents discover that the Adam’s boy visions are named Zachary. Meanwhile, an Adam’s schoolmate appears dead and Paul suspects that Adam is involved (and indeed it was Adam who killed him). Adam’s father begins trying to understand better who Zachary is, and after talking to his son, he finds more information about the boy. Next, Paul talks with a Zachary’s babysitter and discovers that the Zachary’s father is Richard Wells. He realizes that Adam’s clone is a junction of Adam and Zachary’s DNA. Paul confronts Richard, and this one tells that have used Adam to see his son again. Richard runs away. In another place, Adam, with Zachary’s personality, tries to kill Jessie but, Paul arrives in time to save her. In the ending, the family decides to move to another place, Adam seems well but, Zachary backs to show that continues present.As for me, “Godsend” is a confuse movie with an inconclusive ending. First, the movie was being interesting (in spite of the shape as Richard appears in scene is too much forced…) but, at certain point (when Paul starts discover who Zachary is) the movie begins staying too much confuse. I think that don’t make sense, in visions, we see Adam but after all, wasn’t him; the fact that Adam have Zachary’s memories programmed to a certain time (how someone could take memories of one and put just some memories of another??) or despite having killed someone, nothing happened… I think, too, that human cloning is a good subject to talk, all its benefits or the ethical and moral issues that could rise, but, in this case, wasn’t broach at the best mode. I understand that director wanted innovate when decide make a human clone with two person’s DNA but, the ending could be different of “and what will happen in the future?” or “someday everything will change?”, is a much usual and predictable ending. <br />Made by:<br />Ana Margarida Pinto, Nº2 <br />11ºA<br />