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Basic Training Centre lalgarh Bikaner PPT by AMIT RAJ


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Basic Training Centre lalgarh Bikaner PPT by AMIT RAJ

  2. 2. About The “Lalgarh Railway Workshop” • Foundation : Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji Bahadur on 18th March,1925 • Location: Outskirt of Bikaner town known as Lalgarh • Plant started: 1st March,1927 • Total area: 141226 meter sq. • Machinery in plant:232 • Track inside plant:2.6 km
  3. 3. PERIODIC-OVERHAULING Periodic-overhauling(POH): It is a process of 8 days during which checking & repairing/replacement of train’s parts take place. Time Period Of POH: Mail/Express train: POH after 12 months Passenger Train : POH after 18 months
  4. 4. Procedures of POH DAY 1st : Disassembly of electrical components DAY 2nd : Lift/Lowering DAY 3rd : Body repair DAY 4th : Carpenter work DAY 5th : Painting DAY 6th : Electrical component fitting DAY 7th : Adjustment of all parts DAY 8th : Vacuum testing
  5. 5. LIST OF SHOPS • Carriage shop • Carpenter shop • Corrosion shop • Painting & Trimming shop • Wagon shop • Wheel shop • Tool shop • Mill right shop • Bogie IOH shop
  6. 6. CARRIAGE SHOP • Purpose: To repair coaches
  7. 7. Parts of coaches which get repaired in carriage shop • Dash port Spring: It act as shock absorber. • Bdl’ster: Mounted between lower and upper shock absorber & also called secondary shock absorber. • Brake block: Hold the brake frame & coach beam together. • Equalizing stray: This also hold coach beam & brake frame together.
  8. 8. • Brake shoe key : Stop the brake shoe from running out. • Bearing pieces: Component on which coaches turn. • Pivot seat: Control running of train. • Anchor link: Control movement of coaches.
  9. 9. CARPENTRY SHOP In this shop wooden fitting of pipes on walls, floors etc are done.
  10. 10. Machines available/used in the carpentry shop of this plant: • Circular saw machine -2 • Body band saw machine -1 • Vertical band saw machine-2 • Planer machine-1
  11. 11. CORROSION SHOP • Purpose: To repair corroded parts mainly head stock, coaching stock, sole bar and cross bar.
  12. 12. C-schedule in corrosion shop DAY 1st : Cleaning with soap sol. & touch up damage part with primer. DAY 2nd : Spot putty. DAY 3rd : Flat with silicon carbide & finish coat with enamel. DAY 4th : Apply second coat of enamel. DAY 5th : Lettering with golden yellow color & miscellaneous work.
  13. 13. PAINTING SHOP • Painting & External maintenance is done in this shop. • These are done in two schedule: • A-schedule(9 days): for maintenance • C-schedule(5 days): for final painting
  14. 14. Painting done in this shop: • Side painting : Smoke grey paint • Under frame : Bituminous Paint • Internal painting : White enamel paint • End panel : Black enamel paint • Trolley : Bituminous paint • Roof : Aluminium paint
  15. 15. TRIMMING SHOP • Final stages of basic rebuilding as assembly of seats, painting & stiching are completed. • Seats are repaired and reassembled.
  16. 16. WAGON SHOP
  17. 17. Works done in wagon shop: • Super structure attached to the under frame of a wagon is called ‘WAGON BODY’. • In this shop,the body,underframe of a Wagon are repaired. • Proper numbers of doors, pillers etc. are attached. • Wagon Air Brake Testing are done in this shop.
  18. 18. WHEEL SHOP • New wheel undergo various operations for testing so wheel shop has various section • Axle passing section : Axle and tyre received from companies and reassembled. • Tyre section : Diameter of tyre reduced
  19. 19. MILL WRIGHT SHOP • Millwright shop has three sections: • Machine maintenance section • Transport section • Compressor section
  20. 20. • Maintenance section: All the machine parts are repaired.
  21. 21. • Transportation Section: Transportation of goods are taken by some machine to reduce place and component transported from one place to another. • Compressor section: The screw type air compressor is a positive displacement machine of reciprocative type. .
  22. 22. BOGIE IOH SHOP In this shop all the component of a bogie is fitted or welded and finally railway coaches is formed.
  23. 23. COMPONENTS OF RAILWAY BOGIE: • Bogie Transom • Bogie Cylinder • Primary Suspension Coil • Motor Suspension Tube • Gear Box • Lifting Box
  24. 24. • Neutral section switch detector • Secondary suspension air bag • Shock absorber • Axle box cover • Bogie bolster • Center pivot pin Shock absorber