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Embedding UX In Any project, AMIS UX Event


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Sander Haaksma / Marcel Maas
This lecture discusses various methods to improve the user experience of the application (or any other product). Proper UX design is specific for each project. The same goes for the project setup. There is no “One size fits all” here. However for each project size and duration there are some steps that need to be taken.
In this lecture we will discuss these steps. Which are absolutely necessary for which type and size of project and which can you skip? How does a UX designer fit into an agile project and how can you involve the end-user in the project for input. These are all topics that will be discussed. At the end of the lecture you should have a better understanding as to how UX fits in your next project. Whether you are the Manager, developer or the designer.

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Embedding UX In Any project, AMIS UX Event

  1. 1. Embedding UX in any Project A hint or two...
  2. 2. Introduction Marcel Maas AMIS Services @mhjmaas Sander Haaksma UX Company @uxcompany
  3. 3. About this session • 30 mins • Questions allowed :) Agenda: • History • “Project Size” vs “Approach” • Future
  4. 4. Once upon a time….
  5. 5. Then came...
  6. 6. www.andthen...
  7. 7. Web applications
  8. 8. Focus on UX in apps Why can’t we get the same experience in our corporate applications?
  9. 9. So what happen(s)(ed) in many software teams? Software development
  10. 10. What we actually need...
  11. 11. Often there is a missing ingredient
  12. 12. User Experience Design
  13. 13. The road to a successful UX Project • Business value is key! • It is not free • Quickly visualize and validate • Agile / Iterations • There is no I in team
  14. 14. Fitting UX into Agile projects
  15. 15. Envision your product Do just what is needed to communicate and validate your idea’s before development
  16. 16. Mid size project lessons learned • Clickable wireframes • UI Workshops every week to validate ideas • Developer feedback during UX design • Just in time UX design for the details • Whole team must share knowledge • Open up the design process
  17. 17. Then what about small projects? • Visualize! (Especially now) • Maintain the user feedback loop • Get expert review • Keep it small and informal
  18. 18. Big projects • Some form of design authority is needed • Regular UX meetings are needed • Team should work close to each other • Work with interaction pattern library • High fidelity simulations
  19. 19. Recap • Visualise and validate your idea’s asap • Iterate (build, measure, learn) • Involve end user as much as possible • Teams create a great UX • Accept “UX debt” in your project • Create an environment where you can share UX knowledge
  20. 20. In the future • A whole team is fully aware of UX • There will be no more UX design role… • More specific type of front-end developers in your team. One more question...
  21. 21. Would you like a corporate application to have the WOW effect or would you like a highly productive system? Productive Happy
  22. 22. How about you? • How do you try to optimize the UX in your application / project? • Have you worked with UX designers before? • What was your experience?
  23. 23. Any questions?