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Developer Productivity of BPM 12c. Presentation by Lucas Jellema during the BPM track of the AMIS SOA and BPM Suite 12c launch event on July 17, 2014

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  1. 1. Developer Productivity Lucas Jellema, 17-07-2014 BPM Suite 12c Deep-Dive
  2. 2. BPM 12c Themes
  3. 3. BPM 12.1.3 Developer Features • Quick Start • Process Instance Expiration • Business Parameters • Skip and Back Error Handling • Suspend and Resume Process Flow Object • Business Catalog Enhancements • Scripting • Debugging • Visual Diff/Merge – for process imported into JDeveloper (BPM Studio) from Process Composer • Migration Tools • Process Asset Manager (MDS Based) for collaboration between BPM Studio and BPM Process Composer • Benefits from JDeveloper and SOA Suite enhancements – BPM application == SOA [SCA] Composite
  4. 4. BPM Quick Start Install • Integrated JDeveloper – Installs both design-time & run-time • Eliminates Complexity – One screen Install – 30 minutes to install and run BPM Samples • Reduced Memory footprint
  5. 5. Force Commit on Activity Completion • Commits state of BPM instance – Can be used to avoid re-invoke of activity in case of rollback
  6. 6. Process Instance Expiration • Process Instance Expiration – Pre-defined variable – Get/Set supported – BPM run-time throws timeout event – Timeout can be caught and handled using Event Subprocess
  7. 7. Business Parameters • Used for setting business specific constants and can be overridden for an Organization Unit • If there is no override value for Org Unit, the returned value will be the default value Default value for Business Parameter Business Parameter overridden for Organization Unit
  8. 8. Catch Exception Based on Business Object • New Options for Business Exception Handling – Business Exception “errorInfo” attribute can be set to Business Object – Boundary Events can catch Business Exception based on Business Object
  9. 9. Suspend and Resume Process instance • You can suspend a running flow object, a process or a subprocess – By a Boundary Event (can be a message event, a timer event or a signal event) – By an Event SubProcess • When process instance reaches the flow object with the boundary event, the main process flow is suspended and the BPM runtime runs the event handler sequence flow: the alternative sequence flow • Then optionally the process instance can be returned to main flow – Set action to resume to resume the suspended flow object | process | subprocess – Set action to send to move the process instance to the next flow object | .. | ..
  10. 10. Skip and Back Error Handling • Upon exception in process flow, we can try to re-run the failed flow object, move to the next flow object or continue with exception handling • Set action variable to – OK – SKIP – BACK
  11. 11. Copyright © 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. | Business Catalog Enhancements and Groovy Script … Business Objects … •Inheritance •Enumerations •Methods implemented in Groovy Script
  12. 12. Groovy Script Can Be Used In Script Activity • Can perform operations that would otherwise be done with XSLT
  13. 13. Debugger • Scope – Process – Subprocess – Event Subprocess – Child process • Debug actions – Step-into – Step-over – Step-out – Resume
  14. 14. Debugger • Inspect and modify data – Data Objects (both Simple and Complex) – Instance Attributes (Process and Activity) – Conversation and Correlation properties – Create “Watches”
  15. 15. Migration Tool  Applicable to 10gR3 BPM customers  Easy-to-run Ant based tool  Output : 12c exp file and a Migration Report  Constructs Migrated  With Equivalent : 100% migrated (Ex: Interactive task)  Comparable : migrated on best-effort basis  No direct equivalent : functional equivalent in stack
  16. 16. 16