AMIS OOW Review 2012 - Deel 7 - Lucas Jellema


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  • AMIS OOW Review 2012 - Deel 7 - Lucas Jellema

    1. 1. WEBCENTER
    3. 3. KEY ELEMENTS OF WEBCENTER VISIONAND ROADMAP• Mobile – Customers and Employees – Mobile websites, Mobile Apps on Smartphone and Tablet• Social – Customers and Employees – Across Social Channels and Tools – Embed in Business Applications• Cloud
    6. 6. WEBCENTER CONTENT• Integration in Oracle [Fusion] (and Custom) Applications• User Experience – Desktop, Web and Mobile – Tablet and Smart Phone• Improved ECM Infrastructure• Cloud – Document Services – Integration with Social Network
    8. 8. ECM INFRASTRUCTURE AND CLOUD• Infrastructure Focus Areas: – Distributed Cache – Search & Metadata – FMW Integrations• Cloud – Retention of externally shared documents – Enable file sharing and collaboration with users outside and inside the organization • Access online, offline, on any device • Address content security and compliance • deliver collaborative, in-context value
    9. 9. Organizations are not about manipulating data – butabout executing business processesBUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT
    10. 10. BPM –BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT• Rapid evolution – 10g => 11gPS3 => FP4/PS 5 => PS6 => …• More business agility and participation• More business insight• Adaptive case management – more flexible process flow driven by professional participant• Headstart and Reference through accelerators• Ease of Administration• Second half 2013: – Business and Enterprise Architecture – Mobile – Social – Business friendly editors – Analytics
    11. 11. EVOLUTION OF BPM
    12. 12. PROCESS COMPOSERBROWSER BASED ANALYST TOOL• Modeling – Share, collaborate, publish• Simulate• Execute – Player for trial execution
    14. 14. WEB FORMS – SIMPLE TASK UI• Simple Task User Interfaces – Define Form in a straightforward browser based editor – Combine with ADF pages for complex tasks
    15. 15. ADAPTIVE CASE MANAGEMENT• Case activities, events, stakeholders and permissions• Run time management of process execution: – What, when, who• Content integration
    16. 16. OTHER (PS6) IMPROVEMENTS• Instance Revisioning – Deploy new process revision and selectively migrate in-flight instances• Specify migration plan for bulk migration – Run feasibility report to identify which instances can be automatically migrated to new version without user intervention• Workspace enhancements – Enhanced business friendly Audit Trail – Simplified delegation rules – Easier process instance search• End to end process analytics – Round trip simulation
    17. 17. PROCESS ACCELERATORS• Predefined process implementations – Useful in their own right – Reference processes – Building blocks for more complex processes
    18. 18. BPM PROCESS ACCELERATORS• Comes with roles, data model, Extensibility mechanisms, Documentation, UPK (learning) content – Note: Travel Request is used inside the FMW organization with 6k users• VM on OTN shortly
    19. 19. BPM – BEYOND PS 6: PS7? 12C!• BPM will take on High Level Enterprise Architecture and Process Analysis – Substitute for Oracle BPA Suite (== IDS Scheer’s ARIS) – L0-L3 decomposition, Strategy, Risks, Objectives,…
    20. 20. BPM AND MOBILE• REST APIs• Mobile apps leveraging touch, mobile context, and voice• ADF Mobile to build custom apps
    21. 21. (DYNAMIC) TASK MANAGEMENT• Focus on Task, Milestones, and Decisions – Not necessarily on Process• No separation between design and run• Offered on Cloud
    23. 23. PROCESS ANALYTICS• Operational metrics on process execution – Integrated in process workspace
    24. 24. PATTERN DETECTION AND KPI ANALYSIS –DEFINED BY BUSINESS• Complex Event Processing of Business Process Execution details – based on patterns defined in business friendly editor
    25. 25. BUSINESS RULES• Decision Model Notation (DMN) – Standard from OMG (Object Management Group)• Structured, standardized approach to describing and designing decision flows – Ready for automated execution by rule engines• Elements: – Objective – Information Items – Choices – Decision Context – Decision Rules• Aligned with BPMN
    27. 27. GOVERNANCE• In order to achieve standardization and reuse as well as to handle the impact of changes and achieve agility and long term quality – there is a need for governance – Of SOA artifacts (services, canonical data model, …) – Of IT assets (data, environments, infrastructure, …) – Of Enterprise ‘things’ (procedures, definitions, standards & guidelines, templates, …)
    28. 28. ORACLE ENTERPRISE REPOSITORY &FOUNDATION PACK• Infrastructure for Governance – Harvest, Record, Meta-data – Approval flow – Audit & QA – Publish – Search – Life cycle management• OER 11g – Formerly BEA – Formerly FlashLine• OER 12c!
    30. 30. ORACLE APPLICATIONS UNLIMITED• Continue Applications Unlimited – Easy upgrade new functional release; for example PeopleSoft 9.2, EBS 12.2 (2013), Siebel 8.3 (2014)• Themes: – Mobile (using ADF Mobile) – Social (with Oracle Social Network) – Modern UI – Integration (using SOA Suite) – Upgrade ease (availability) – WebCenter Portal
    31. 31. ORACLE [AND] FUSION APPLICATIONS• Fusion Applications are now very real, it can be adopted in a modular fashion alongside Applications Unlimited• Continue to differentiate our Applications by exploiting Oracle Technology capabilities – Engineered Systems/In-Memory; Mobile; Social; Real time and Predictive Analytics; (preserved) Customization• October 2012: Fusion Applications R5• Extend Fusion Applications in the (Java) cloud – Using REST APIs on FAPPs• Extended with integration with Oracle Social Network• 250-400 customers – of at least one module, including customers of recent acquisitions such as Taleo and RightNow – Close to 70% in the Cloud• Built using Fusion Middleware 11gR1 running on WLS 10.3.6 – Not going to change any time soon – Running on Database 11gR2 – leveraging EBR in EBS
    33. 33. JAVAONE 2012NEWS FLASH• Java goes out of the browser – No new investment in Applets is recommended – Drivers: Security risks and the HTML 5 alternative• Java is not targeted at smart phones (any longer) – FX will not be an important technology for iPhone, Android Phone or Windows Mobile Phone – Reason: Apple, Google and perhaps Microsoft own that market – Note: Java ME is (still) very important for feature phones• Java EE 7 is trimmed down – EE7 will not do Cloud and PaaS;it focuses on simplicity, productivity, HTML 5 and quite a few new APIs – Reason: to meet Spring 2013 release target while taking necessary time to deal with Cloud requirements• Project JigSaw (modularization) has been deferred to SE 9 – Modularization is extremely complex; in order to meet the Summer 2013 release target for SE 8 it was moved out
    34. 34. JAVAONE 2012 - TRENDS• Rich(er) HTML 5 clients that generate/manipulate HTML – Server side does not render HTML – Server side provides data through REST/JSON – JSF components for initial rendering, leveraging JavaScript peers and connecting to JSON ‘channels’• WebSockets are rapidly embraced – Bi directional channel that supports Server Push – Low overhead channel that allows for frequent, small (JSON) messages for instant synchronization• REST-style Services with JSON payloads are frequently used to build bridges between client (browser, mobile) and server – XML is to expensive to transfer, create and parse/unmarshall
    35. 35. JAVAONE 2012JAVA STANDARD EDITION• Java SE 8 planned for late Summer 2013 – Convergence of JVMs Hotspot and Jrockit – JavaFX 8 replaces Swing as default UI engine – New JSRs and language features
    36. 36. JAVA SE 8 – NEW FEATURES• Project Lambda - closures in the Java language, – improved productivity, better leveraging of multi-core CPUs and bulk data-processing enhancements to the Java Collections Framework – alignment with several other ‘modern’ languages• JavaScript on the server – fully integrated on the JVM with Java – through Nashorn (20 times faster than Rhino) – new server side JavaScript engine optimized for the JVM – on-the-JVM implementation of ‘node.js’ – a popular JavaScript library• New date, time and calendar APIs (JSR 310).• Annotations on Java types (JSR 308), which support the development of useful pluggable type checkers• The removal of “permanent generation” from the (HotSpot JVM) – which will make its garbage collectors easier to tune.
    37. 37. PLANS FOR JAVA SE 9• The themes for Java SE 9: – Summer 2015?
    38. 38. HTML 5• JSON support: JSON-P and JSON-B• WebSocket API and Servlet 3.1• Project Avatar• JavaFX WebView• Easel plugin – Edit – Debug – Preview
    39. 39. JAVAONE 2012JAVA ENTERPRISE EDITION (JEE 7)• JEE 7 is almost done – release expected in April 2013 – Focus on HTML 5 – and much more – 10 updated specifications: Servlet 3.1, JMS 2.0, JPA 2.1, EJB 3.2; Bean Validation 1.1, CDI 1.1, EL 3.0 and JAX-RS 2.0, JSF 2.2 – 4 new specifications: Batch, (J)Cache, JSON-P and WebSockets API – Preliminary builds of GlassFish 4.0 available for download
    40. 40. JAVAONE 2012MOBILE AND EMBEDDED• Java may have lost the Smart Phone but can continue to conquer the embedded world – Which has billions of devices: feature phones and ‘smart devices’ such as cars, copiers, multi-media players, smart meters, sensors, micro controllers• Latest release: Java ME Embedded 3.2 run time• Java Embedded Suite 7.0 is a small size bundle including GlassFish (3.11) and JavaDB. – footprint around 60Mb and Oracle staff believe they can trim it further to just over 20Mb• In SE 9 timeframe (2015) – ME and SE should merge – And ME is a selected subset of SE APIs
    41. 41. JAVAONE 2012COMMUNITY• Well, at least the stuff is on the move again• IBM and Oracle are actually collaborating – As are SAP, Software AG, Apple, Twitter, RedHat, …• Great sessions – even from Oracle staff• I want Moscone back• Hey, that concert is nice!• Where is Google?• Maybe those three hotels are not so bad after all• Who is that man with the beard?
    42. 42. WRAPPING IT UP• Cloud – Everything (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and Social) – Any deployment (Cloud, On Premise, Private, mixed) – Standard (publicly available) software – App Store• Mobile (RESTful APIs and ADF Mobile)• Social – Oracle Social Network – Monitor and influence social media
    43. 43. WRAPPING IT UP• Exadata and Exalogic X3-2/X3-8 – New CPUs & Network/IO – More memory – Trusted Partitions for capped licenses – 1/8th rack configuration ($200k and $325k for hardware)• Rising star: Virtual Assembly Builder – Core provisioning engine for the Oracle Cloud – Runs with OVM and OEL
    44. 44. “AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT”BIG DATA AND FAST DATA• Fast Data – near real time information & decision – Near real time replication, interpretation and reaction => OEP – Live Monitoring Social Media => Collective Intellect – Real time recommendations => RTD (Real Time Decisions)• BigData – huge volume, continuous feed – Unstructured – Tweets, Emails, Blog articles – Structured – Physical (sensors), Medical, IT systems, Business Process, Logistics (tracking)
    45. 45. WRAPPING IT UP: 12C• Database 12c – Release early 2013? – Main feature: Pluggable Database - shared resources; very quick create, clone, upgrade, move – Also: improved SQL & PL/SQL integration, ILM and support for SQL 2011 Temporal (Valid Time) Modeling, …• Fusion Middleware 12c – Second half 2013 (after 11gR1 PS6 and PS7) – Substantial integration SOA Suite and OSB – New Oracle Enterprise Repository – Continuous & rapid improvement BPM – Much improved WebCenter Content – Major Release for Coherence – And there is also Forms 12c.• FMW 11gR1 – Tablet Support, HTML 5 and Mobile Support – Foundation for Fusion Applications
    46. 46. IN & OUT Unstructured JavaFX Big Data 12ceeHive Fusion Applications BI Publisher Swing Social JEE 7Reports Tablet Flash JSON Forms HTML 5 Real Time SE 8 Exa… OVM Java Applets SOA RESTful OEL JavaScript Subversion BPM Cloud BlackBerryacle Portal Mobile GoldenGate OWB journaling tables WebSockets Git OVAB Streams Hudson Maven Embedded ODI WebCenter Portal Oracle App Stor
    47. 47. BY THE WAY…
    48. 48. RESOURCES• Content Catalog for Oracle Open World and JavaOne• AMIS Blog: –• AMIS White Paper on Oracle Open World 2012 – Send email to• Hundreds of blog-articles everywhere on the internet• YouTube Channel –• Recorded (keynote) Sessions: OOW On Demand –• Tonight’s presentations – URL will be sent out tomorrow
    49. 49. FINAL Q&A