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  1. 1. I. TENSES •Present Tense Sentences · Simple · Continuous · Perfect · Perfect Continuous
  2. 2. 1. Simple Present Tense Sentences [3rd Person + Present tense + Singular → Verb + s] 1. I go to college. 2. I read a lesson. 3. I eat an apple. 4. Raja sings a song. 5. Sun rises in the east. 6. Sun sets in the west. 7. They jump. 8. He opens the door. 9. You run away. 10. He runs away. 11. He walks to the garden.
  3. 3. Present Continuous Tense Sentences is → singular am → I are → plural 1.I am speaking. 2.Raju is eating. 3.You are sleeping. 4.They are watching T.V. 5.We are playing food ball.
  4. 4. Present Perfect Tense Sentences. 1.I have cut my nose. 2.I have given money. 3.I have a house 4.We have brought. 5.He has sent it. 6.She has sunk. 7.It has broken. 8.They have taken.
  5. 5. Present Perfect continuous Tense 1.I have been listening music. 2.She has been reading. 3.He has been running. 4.They have been watching movie. 5. I have been giving money.
  6. 6. Past Tense Sentences · Simple · Continuous · Perfect · Perfect Continuous
  7. 7. Simple Past Tense Sentences 1.I went to college. 2.I read a lesson. 3.I ate an apple. 4.Raja sang a song. 5.I studied the lesson. 6.He opened the door. 7.You run away. 8.Dog barked. 9.I saw a book. 10.He came from school. 11.He said to Raja. 12.I received a message. 13.Raja danced beautifully. 14.They worked hard. 15.You caught.
  8. 8. Past Continuous Tense 1.I was speaking 2.Raju was sending. 3.You were teaching. 4.They were coming. 5.We were dancing. 6.He was thinking
  9. 9. Past Perfect Tense 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The sun had set. The show had begun. I had cut my hair. They had started. She had laughed.
  10. 10. 4. Past Perfect Continuous tense. 1.I had been eating. 2.I had been listening. 3.She had been running. 4.They had been reading. 5.You had been jumping.
  11. 11. Future Tense Sentences · · · · Simple Continuous Perfect Perfect Continuous
  12. 12. Simple Future Tense Sentences. 1.I shall go to college. 2.I shall study tomorrow. 3.We shall come. 4.You will run. 5.He will open. 6.She will sing. 7.We shall eat. 8.It will come. 9.Raju will sing. 10.Raja sill come.
  13. 13. Future Continuous Tense 1.He will be eating. 2.I shall be going. 3.They will be dancing. 4.They will be going. 5.Raja will be acting. 6.We shall be singing. 7.Rose will be winning the race.
  14. 14. Future Perfect Tense Sentences. 1.I shall have eaten tomorrow. 2.I shall have written my exercise. 3.They will have broken the car. 4.We will have known. 5.We shall have gone tomorrow.
  15. 15. Future Perfect Continuous Tense 1.I shall have been eating. 2.Raju will have been reading. 3.Raja will have been studying. 4.They will have been writing. 5.Raja will have been doing.