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AMD Fusion Fund Overview<br />Computex<br />June 2, 2010<br />
The Big Picture<br />Current Trends- HD 3D Video- Simplify Content Management  - Immersive 3D Gaming- Business Productivit...
Workloads are changing<br />Multiple content source and destination formats<br />Multiple new typesof applications<br />Ap...
A New Era of Processor Performance<br />Multi-CoreEra<br />Heterogeneous-CoreEra<br />Single-CoreEra<br />Enabled by:<br /...
Data parallelism
Power efficient GPUs</li></ul>Temporarily constrained by:<br />Programming models<br />Communication overheads<br />Enable...
Desire for Throughput
20 years of SMP arch</li></ul>Constrained by:<br />Power<br />Parallel SW availability<br />Scalability<br />Enabled by:<b...
Voltage Scaling
MicroArchitecture</li></ul>Constrained by:<br />Power<br />Complexity<br />?<br />we are<br />here<br />Single-thread  Per...
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Power efficient GPUs</li></ul>Temporarily constrained by:<br AMD Fusion Fund Media Presentation


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Power efficient GPUsTemporarily constrained by:Programming modelsCommunication overheadsEnabled by:Moore’s Law

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