Eye on AMC 07.05.13


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Eye on AMC 07.05.13

  1. 1.                                                         Friday,  July  5,  2013     Click  to  Enlarge   Click  to  Enlarge   Click  to  Enlarge   Click  to  Enlarge     Excess  armored  personnel  carriers  benefit  U.S.,  foreign  partners   REDSTONE  ARSENAL,  Ala.  -­‐-­‐  Using  1,026  M113A2  armored  personnel  carriers  from  the  U.S.   Army's  Excess  Defense  Articles  obtained  through  the  U.S.  Army  Security  Assistance  Command's   Foreign  Military  Sales  program,  and  the  refurbishment  expertise  provided  by  an  Army  Materiel   Command  public-­‐private  partnership,  provided  the  means  for  the  Iraqi  Army  to  begin  standing-­‐ up  its  planned  six-­‐division  armored  capability.             Combat  Feeding  Directorate  looks  for  innovation  through   'hackathon'  NATICK,  Mass.-­‐-­‐  The  U.S.  Army  Natick  Soldier  Research,  Development  and   Engineering  Center's  Combat  Feeding  Directorate  has  signed  a  partnership  intermediary   agreement  with  Boston's  hack/reduce,  which  will  hold  the  first-­‐ever  mobile  data  "hackathon"   with  Department  of  Defense  data.   Click  to  Enlarge   As  first  female  commander  of  JMC,  French  takes  command  ROCK   ISLAND  ARSENAL,  Ill.  -­‐-­‐  Brig.  Gen.  Kevin  G.  O'Connell  addressed  the  Joint  Munitions  Command   one  last  time  as  he  turned  the  ammunition  command  over  to  Brig.  Gen.  Kristin  K.  French.  "I   think  what  I  am  most  proud  of  is  the  culture  of  the  workforce,  where  we  routinely  work  to  see   and  assess  ourselves  and  continuously  strive  for  improvement  -­‐-­‐  every  day  better.  You  can't  ask   for  any  more  than  that,"  he  said.     Via  addresses  workforce  in  global  town  hall  REDSTONE  ARSENAL,  Ala.  -­‐-­‐   Gen.  Dennis  L.  Via,  commanding  general  of  Army  Materiel  Command,  hosted  a  global  town  hall,   which  was  broadcast  live  to  all  of  AMC's  major  subordinate  commands  worldwide  from  the  Bob   Jones  Auditorium  here  June  28.  Via  used  this  platform  to  thank  the  AMC  workforce,  discuss   milestones  of  the  past  10  months,  the  future  and  present  the  refined  mission  and  vision   statements.  He  also  discussed  special  topics  such  as  SHARP  training  and  furloughs.           Defense  general  visits  C4ISR  Center  of  Excellence,  explores   opportunities  for  cross-­‐service  collaboration  ABERDEEN  PROVING   GROUND,  Md.  -­‐-­‐  In  times  of  less  financial  resources  and  operating  in  a  joint  service   environment,  it's  imperative  to  identify  opportunities  for  collaboration  and  teaming,  according   to  one  general  at  the  Office  of  the  Secretary  of  Defense,  Chief  Information  Office.  
  2. 2.                                               Friday,  July  5,  2013      General:  critical  cyber   needs  include  people,   partners      DOD  at  work  on  New   Cyber  strategy,  senior   advisor  says      Forest  service   repositions  firefighting   aircraft  to  Arizona      Army  spells  out  long-­‐ term  plan  for  equipping   force  after  drawdowns    195  'Dog  Face'  Soldiers   receive  combat  badges    USACE  Galveston   District  urges  safety   over  July  Fourth  holiday,   flexes  lock  schedule           Picatinny  ammo  goes  from  regular  to  unleaded  PICATINNY  ARSENAL,  N.J.   -­‐-­‐  If  you  use  the  expression  "get  the  lead  out"  around  members  of  a  special  technical  team  here   working  on  the  Army's  5.56mm  and  7.62mm  enhanced  performance  ammunition  programs,   don't  expect  them  to  move  more  quickly.            ASC  holds  ceremony  honoring  12  members  set  to  retire  ROCK   ISLAND  ARSENAL,  Ill.  -­‐-­‐  The  Army  Sustainment  Command  bid  farewell  to  12  of  its  members  in  a   ceremony  here  June  27  at  Heritage  Hall.  D.  Scott  Welker,  deputy  to  the  commander,  bestowed   four  Department  of  the  Army  civilians  and  eight  Soldiers  with  awards,  certificates,  flags  and  pins   recognizing  their  accomplishments  at  ASC's  quarterly  Award,  Retirement  &  Retreat  ceremony.             Students  experience  military  training,  lessons  in  leadership   SCHOFIELD  BARRACKS,  Hawaii  -­‐-­‐  Soldiers  with  the  413th  Contracting  Support  Brigade  here   teamed  with  the  U.S.  Army  Recruiting  Command  to  lead  and  mentor  50  high  school  student   recruits  through  the  installation  Leadership  Reaction  Course  May  29.         ARL  engineers  win  RDA  award  for  development  of  super-­‐ resolution  image  reconstruction  ADELPHI,  Md.  -­‐-­‐  Dr.  Susan  Young  and  Dr.  Sean   Hu,  electronics  engineers  in  the  U.S.  Army  Research  Laboratory's  Sensors  and  Electron  Devices   Directorate,  were  recently  recognized  with  a  2012  Department  of  the  Army  Research  and   Development  Achievement  award  for  having  proactively  undertaken  a  team  effort  to  develop  a   software  technology  solution  called  super-­‐resolution  image  reconstruction.                 ARL  participates  in  2013  eCYBERMISSION  national  event  LEESBURG,   Va.  -­‐-­‐  The  2013  eCYBERMISSION  National  Judging  and  Educational  Event  was  recently  held  at   the  National  Conference  Center  in  Leesburg,  Va.,  and  was  kicked  off  by  Dale  A.  Ormond,   director  of  the  Army's  Research,  Development  and  Engineering  Command.                                                                                         Weirick  to  lead  Army  Contracting  Command-­‐Redstone  REDSTONE   ARSENAL,  Ala.  -­‐-­‐  Rebecca  "Becky"  Weirick  has  been  named  executive  director  of  the  Army   Contracting  Command-­‐Redstone  Arsenal,  Ala.,  contracting  center.  Weirick  comes  to  ACC  after   having  served  as  chief  of  contracting  for  the  Air  Force  Rapid  Capabilities  Office,  National  Capital   Region  in  Washington,  DC.