Council of Ecopreneurs


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The Council of Ecopreneurs is an advisory think tank of industry leaders and investors who analyze and encourage enterprising behavior that will help pave the way for the future development of conceptual business models in environmental and alternative energy sectors

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Council of Ecopreneurs

  1. 1. Council of Ecopreneurs
  2. 2. Committee OverviewCouncil of EcopreneursThe Council of Ecopreneurs is anadvisory think tank of industryleaders and investors who analyzeand encourage enterprising behaviorthat will help pave the way for thefuture development of conceptualbusiness models in environmentaland alternative energy sectors.
  3. 3. Our Industry focus within the GreenEconomy Source: greenbydesignhawaii
  4. 4. Sustainable Business Strategy Source: IBM Sustainability
  5. 5. Don’t Get Confused About Green
  6. 6. The Father of Green
  7. 7. Investing in tangible things
  8. 8. Case Studies
  9. 9. Carver and Ford
  10. 10. Ethanol Process- Like MakingMoonshine
  11. 11. Biodiesel Process- Like Making Soap
  12. 12. Green Jobs and WorkplacesGiven strong and rapidly rising interest in energy alternatives, future years may well seeworldwide employment soar—possibly as high as 2.1 million in wind energy and 6.3 million insolar PVs by 2030, and on the order of 12 million jobs in biofuels related agriculture andindustry. This represents a possible total employment for renewables of over 20 million jobsby 2030.
  13. 13. Invest in Local Small Business According to the U.S. Census every1 Billion spent with a small business will create about 50,000 jobs.
  14. 14. The Green Value Chain
  15. 15. Green Value Chain Commodies Logistics Production Distrubution End User•Land •Harvest •Fuel types •Transportation •Transporation•Ag Corp •Collecting •Anaerobic (by truck, rail, fuels•Ag Residues •Storage Digestion ship, plane, •Power & •Biological pipeline Generators•Energy Crops •Pre-Processing •Storage in tanks •Chemical•Forest Residues •Transportation Chemical •Dispensing Feedstocks for•Wastes •Biochemical & •Retail Outlets Manufacturing Thermochemical Conversion
  16. 16. Biodiesel Processor
  17. 17. Green Job CreationThere is vigorous andcontentious debate over theireconomic and environmentalcost and merits, their energycontent and energy net balance,and whether they directlycompete with food production.Half of these jobs are inbiofuels—mostly in agriculture(growing and collecting offeedstock), but also in (betterpaying) processing industries.
  18. 18. Teens Build Soybean-Fueled CarFuturistic After-School Project Wows Crowd At Philly Auto ShowThe five kids, along with a handful ofschoolmates, built the soybean-fueledcar as an after-school project. It tookthem more than a year — rummagingfor parts, configuring wires andlearning as they went. As teacherSimon Hauger notes, these kidswerent exactly the cream of theacademic crop."We have a number of high schooldropouts," he says. "We have anumber that have been removed fordisciplinary reasons and they end upwith us. .
  19. 19. Teens Build Soybean-Fueled CarFuturistic After-School Project Wows Crowd At Philly Auto Show
  20. 20. Biofuel Racing Alliance
  21. 21. AMBCC Eco-Mobile
  22. 22. Glycerin and the Market
  23. 23. Household Recycling
  24. 24. Our Business Strategy
  25. 25. Household RecyclablesAluminum Cans Books Cooking Grease Electronics Plastic Bottles Paper Food Scraps Old Furniture Glass Bottles Old Toys Old Appliances Old Clothes
  26. 26. COE PROJECTS
  27. 27. AMBCC Certified Corporate Sustainable Managers (Training and Certification Courses)Top Left to Right: Joe Crooms, Rod Wallace, Markee Tate, Lisa Robinson, Wardell Branch, Quinton Watson, Paul Brown, Ralph Armstrong Bottom Left to Right: John Newsome, Instructor Chris Wall, Michael T. Hill
  28. 28. Council of Ecopreneurs- Activities Eco-Tours Industry Partnerships and Investment GroupsGreen Supply Chain Workshops Industry Conferences
  29. 29. Mapping Educational Pathways to Sustainable Careers (3-5 Years) Apprenticeship, Journey 2-3 Months Specialized Training Person, Master Craftsperson Owner/CEO & President 5 Yrs. 3 Yrs. 4 Yrs. High 2 Yrs. Community/Technical Project /Business ManagerElementary Middle School School 4 Yrs. College/University Professional Services, 2-3 Yrs. Grad/Post Doctoral Supervisory, Management
  30. 30. AMBCC & Boys and Girls ClubExposing kids to Green Education
  31. 31. New Era of Substainablity Michael T. Hill CEO & President Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce (770) 374-6226 Visit us on Facebook