AMBCC Organizational Structure


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The presentation provides an over of the Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce organizational structure for the 2010-12 annual periods.

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AMBCC Organizational Structure

  1. 1. Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce (AMBCC) Founded January 2, 2005 Michael T. Hill CEO & President
  2. 2. AMBCC Organizational Profile 2008 Summary Report 2010 Minority Chamber of the Year CEO Award Business Man of Year CBC Over 300 Members Mean Age 35 Mean Income estimated at $60,000+ Representation-Leaders of Business, Community and Government – 80% Small Business Owners – 15% Part Time Entrepreneurs – 5% Business Professional. The AMBCC conducts over 100 events and programs annually. We provide industry specific programs to ensure our members’ success. Financial Support: – 25%Membership – 25% Corporate Membership – 45% Sponsorship and Revenue from Programming and Actives – 5%Grants Sources
  3. 3. 2010-12 Organizational Structure
  4. 4. Summary of Organizational Structure (Board- 5) President Vice President Vice President Vice President Officers (3) Business & Economic Community Governmental Affairs Affairs Development Director Special Director Director Training & Director Special Directors (4) Membership & Outreach Professional Programs & Special Events Events Development Committees & Project LeadersCouncils Projects Programs & Activities) (Over 40)
  5. 5. AMBCC Officers Hierarchy President Vice President Membership/ Corporate Relations Vice President Vice President Vice PresidentBusiness & Economic Community Affairs Governmental Affairs Development
  6. 6. Committee & ProjectGeneral Organizational Structure Member Co-Chair MemberChairs Co-Chair Member
  7. 7. Primary Responsibly as an AMBCC LeaderEach council, committee, sub-committee andspecial project leader is responsible for theconducting following activities; Research and Survey Membership Recruitment and Outreach Education and Training/Speakers Bureau Produce Reports, Articles, Publications Fundraising Programming Meeting and Networking Promoting and Rewarding Excellence
  8. 8. Business and Economic Development Quarterly Summits/Forums
  9. 9. Business & Economic Development Council Structure Financial Services Workforce Development Council of Co-Chair EcopreneursVice President Business & EconomicDevelopment Sports, Co-Chair Entertainment and Tourism Global Trade and Development
  10. 10. Community Affairs Council Quarterly Townhalls
  11. 11. Community Affairs Council Structure Education Health and Wellness Co-Chair Public Safety Vice PresidentCommunity Affairs Health & Co-Chair Human Services Community Readiness & Development
  12. 12. Governmental Affairs Council Quarterly Roundtable
  13. 13. Governmental Affairs Council Structure Local Government State Government Federal Co-Chair Government Vice President Governmental Affairs Legal Advisory Co-Chair Board Political Action Committee
  14. 14. Marketing Communication Technology Committee Monthly Meeting
  15. 15. Executive Directors Hierarchy Director Director Membership Training & Professional Marketing Special Events (Open) Development•Co-Chair (2) •Co-Chair (2) •Co-Chair (2) •Co-Chair (2) • Regional •Speakers Bureau •Publications & Sales •General Meetings Ambassadors •Industry Seminars •Public Relations & •Power •Industry and Workshops Media Breakfast/Luncheons Ambassadors •Entrepreneur Success •Advertisement & •Conferences Institute Development •Social Events & •C.H.A.M.B.E.R. •Multi-Media Group Mixers Leadership Academy (Radio, TV, •Mentorship and Commercials, Film, Apprentice Program’ Online
  16. 16. We create opportunties for you to connect AMBCC Core events and programs Quarterly General Body Meetings Monthly Doing Business with the Industry (Breakfast/Luncheon) AMBCC Forums RoundtablesIndustry Network Events & B2B Mixers Workshops and Conferences Regional Networking Opportunties
  17. 17. Special Initiatives & Think Tank Structure Chair Co- Member Chair Member Member
  18. 18. Project Implementation Process (Short Ver.) IdentifyContact Meet Present Submit for Approval
  19. 19. Power In Number$Changing How African American Management Business and Economic Resources