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Targeting consumers ncc media


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As the ability to geo-target certain types of television buys increases, our ability to more effectively market across television, and digital channels increas

Targeting consumers ncc media

  1. 1. Targeting Consumers More Effectively in The Digital Age
  2. 2. Geo-targeting: Reaching more of the rightconsumers where they live Region State DMA Neighborhood In television, the DMA model treats everyone that lives in a market equally. Client ROI would be greatly increased if television had direct mail targeting capability.
  3. 3. Today’s retail marketers increasingly focuson geo-targeting by retail location Atlanta Target Store Locations Target reports that 85% of sales come from within a 15 minute drive of a store location
  4. 4. Today’s marketers increasingly focus onsales and lifestyle targeting “Our business is inherently local Geo-targeting with deep dish pizza popular in the by consumer mid-west, thin crust in the north east, and pineapple as a lead behavior topping on the west coast.” —CEO, Pizza Hut CA: Pineapple Chicago: Deep Dish New York City: Thin Crust
  5. 5. The data challenge: I.P. geo-targeting is unreliable•  The ads you see depend upon your IP address VPN Ad Intended for IP Address Quincy, MA•  At the zip code level of 18 miles away targeting, only 16% of your IP targeting impressions end up Work where you want them. 84% of zip code IP Address targeted ads miss their 35 miles away target P Targeting: Accuracy: By State 90% Within 25 Miles 60% Yahoo message to advertisers: By City 50-80% “Please note that geo-targeting accuracy By Zip Code 16% is not guaranteed and may vary depending on various factors, including WiFi the level of targeting selected.” IP Address 212 miles awayA  Look  At  IP  Geoloca.on  Accuracy”  12/10;  h:p://­‐lookup;    
  6. 6. Targeting matters October 2012 Cable ad campaigns Cleveland, Ohio•  Romney selected traditional news and high reach cable networks–75% on 5 networks–40% on CNN and Fox News Channel alone•  Obama selected networks that specifically appealed to swing voters locally–75% on a dozen entertainment and sports networks and in fixed programmingSource: NCC Cubes data Oct. 2012
  7. 7. Consumer targeting: Putting your ad inconsumer–dense programming environments Target consumer lifestyles, media behaviors and purchasing–in addition to age and gender Income Lifestyle Ethnicity Product Sales
  8. 8. What tools are available to maximizeconsumer reach? Every brand has a unique consumer profile. There are thousands of programs on cable and broadcast. How do you select the right programming to reach your well defined consumer? Families On The Go Affluent Men Outdoor EnthusiastFortunately companies like Nielsen, Scarborough and MRI provide research products thatenable advertisers to develop ad campaigns using the programming that uniquely appeals to target consumers.
  9. 9. Example: Reach adults 25–54 100K+Household Income The right networks daypart and programs for your brand in every market on cable, on broadcast in syndication.Source: NCC Cubes data Oct. 2012
  10. 10. Targeting within a DMA—Cable system level targeting as an example There are 28 cable systems in DC–each with Washington DC it’s own consumer profile. DMA In this example only 7 cable systems had significant consumer concentrations to support being recommended to this European import dealer association. These systems reach 46% of all homes, but their delivery of core targets is considerable. Recommended Systems •  200k+ Homes: 62% •  This European import’s car registrations: 70%Source: Includes coverage area; 2010 AMS CableTrack; All data and geographic representations are subject to qualifications available upon request. All Rights Reserved. National Cable Communications L.L.C.
  11. 11. Multiscreen targeting: The samegeographic focus applies to every screenMulti-screen world 76% of consumers in digital homes have another device in their hand while they’re watching television.
  12. 12. 5 questions for your television or online mediarep to ensure more effective targeting in thedigital age.•  What are the opportunities to target specific geographies within your universe?•  What research is available to support consumer targeting recommendations?•  Can you target by retail location, lifestyle or product sales?•  Will you assemble consumer-dense networks, dayparts and content for my brand’s? Television campaign? Online Too?•  Can you align my proprietary sales data with targeted geographies– and adjust programming or content to hyper-local tastes?