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Quadratic equations grade 10


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Quadratic equations grade 10

  1. 1. My presentation quadratic equations
  2. 2. quadrqtic equationThis is an example of a quadratic equation: where a and bare co efficiets and c is a constant variable.
  3. 3. Quadratic Formula this formula is more helpful  and may be usedto solve quadratic equations.
  4. 4. the discriminant formulaas i aready discuss about the positive and negativediscriminant, this example shows how to use discriminantand how the graph may look like the discriminant is +/-/=0.
  5. 5. Completing the square formulacompleting the squre methods is used when the factors ofthe constant value which is 32 satisfy the equation.To knowthat the factors satisfy the equation,a learner mayadd/subtract the factors to get the middle term,if not soyou may use other methods.
  6. 6. Quadratic Graphsthis graph represent the this graph represent apositive co efficient of a negative coefficient of aquadratic equation,that is quadratic equation,that iswhy it faced upward why is faced downwards.
  7. 7. example of solving a quadraticequation using a quadratic formula