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Probability Basic Concept Chances


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Probability Basic Concept Chances

  1. 1. JSTSE (Probability) JSTSE PREVIOUS YEARS (Mathematics : Probability) 1. In a cricket match, a batsman hits a boundary 6 times out of 30 balls he plays, then probability that he does not hit a boundary (2011) (a) 4/5 (b) 3/6 (c) 2/5 (d) None of the above Ans. (a) 2. From the data (1, 4, 7, 16, 27, 29) if 29 removed the probability of getting a prime number is (2013) (a) 1/2 (b) 1/5 (c) 2/5 (d) 1/3 Ans. (c)