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Value Focused Brainstorming


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This session will provide innovating brainstorming techniques and include an interactive breakout session to take ideas and convert them to action within 15 minutes.

Published in: Marketing
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Value Focused Brainstorming

  1. 1. Value Focused Brainstorming (aka meetings really suck) Max Farrell Chief Hustler at WorkHound Founder at Create Reason
  2. 2. Max Farrell Co-Founder of WorkHound Startups Intrapreneurship Trucking
  3. 3. @CreateReason Take Action Generate Ideas Filter Them
  4. 4. @CreateReason My goal today: Save hours of your life.
  5. 5. @CreateReason The value of ideas = $0 The cost to kill ideas = $0
  6. 6. @CreateReason Ideas need: •oxygen •an open mind •to be picked / poked •to be held in different minds
  7. 7. @CreateReason You all need: Post-its Sharpie / Pens Large poster board Open minds
  8. 8. @CreateReason Form into small teams
  9. 9. @CreateReason Find the champion of the group
  10. 10. @CreateReason Know our “north star”
  11. 11. @CreateReason Know our “north star” “Where are we going to eat as a group in Des Moines?”
  12. 12. @CreateReason Ready?
  13. 13. @CreateReason Step 1 2 minutes •9 ideas written down •1 idea per Post-It “Where are we going to eat as a group in Des Moines?”
  14. 14. @CreateReason Step 2 4 minutes •Each person pick their top 3 ideas •Share the 3 ideas with the group •Champion gathers them for all to see
  15. 15. @CreateReason Step 3 3 minutes •Group identifies top 5 ideas together “Where are we going to eat as a group in Des Moines?”
  16. 16. @CreateReason Easy Hard Impact 3 2 1 Step 4 3 minutes Prioritize
  17. 17. @CreateReason Step 5 4 minutes Pick the top idea •Who will push it forward? •Do they have the resources to win? •What is the 1 action item for them?
  18. 18. Success!
  19. 19. @CreateReason Why do we do this? •Give everyone a voice •Time box our efforts •Get to the core of next steps •Take action!
  20. 20. How can you use this? -Crisis Ex. Someone famous said something negative about our company on Twitter, we need to determine how to respond -Create a marketing campaign Ex. We should try one new initiative this week -Strategies to delight customers Ex. Find one new way to quickly delight existing customers
  21. 21. It’s fast. It’s all about execution. You can do it.
  22. 22. @CreateReason Take Action Generate Ideas Filter Them
  23. 23. Thank you!
  24. 24. @CreateReason Contact: @MaxOnTheTrack
  25. 25.