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How to do Content Marketing


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Our July 10, 2013 Speaker Mary Kate Gulick presents the Whys and Hows of Content Marketing.

Who, What, When, Where, and Why. It's all here.

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How to do Content Marketing

  1. 1. Content Marketing Why you need it and how to do it without losing what’s left of your mind.
  2. 2. What is CONTENT MARKETING?
  3. 3. Creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. - Content Marketing Institute
  4. 4. MY definition of content marketing • Taking the content you have • Optimizing it for search • Breaking it down into every conceivable channel • Doing that breaking-it-down thing again • And then doing it one more time • Tracking the increased web traffic, search rankings and PEOPLE RAISING THEIR HANDS TO BE PART OF YOUR ORGANIZATION
  5. 5. And that’s the WHY . . . • Content marketing brings people to you • They say they’re interested in your message • They’re interested in your organization • And they’re signing up to hear more • Because they begin to see you as a thought leader IN SHORT, CONTENT MARKETING WILL BUILD YOU A GOOD LIST OF QUALIFIED LEADS.
  7. 7. More (and better) site traffic Source: Kapost
  8. 8. Cost per lead goes down Source: Kapost
  9. 9. You own the audience Source: Kapost
  10. 10. That’s all great… But HOW do I do content marketing?
  11. 11. Creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. - Content Marketing Institute
  12. 12. How do we create content? • Annual report • Cause book • Newsletter/enews • Events • Press releases • Powerpoint • Speaking engagements • Direct mailers • Website • Blog • eBooks • White papers • Original research • TV spots/PSAs • Documentaries • Webinars • Curated content
  13. 13. What does all of this content need to be? • Optimized for search • Relevant to the brand and the audience • Worth the effort to read • Mineable enough to serve as the engine for your social media presence
  14. 14. Optimize – Find your keywords
  15. 15. Relevant – Find your audience Donors Conversion Process Qualified Interested Final push Maintenance At Risk Mass Affluent DM Annual report Blog posts, Case study Invitations, eNews, social media, blog DM, event Wealthy Presentation Cause book, annual report Future plan brochure Quarterly publication, case studies Elite event, custom proposal Foundation Presentation, Cause book White paper Site visit, custom proposal Monthly reporting, case studies Custom face-to- face
  16. 16. Editorial Calendar MONTH THEME CONTENT DELIVERABLES/OPPS April Child Abuse Awareness Month Prevention event, DM, press release, governor proclamation, eNews, 4 blog posts May Foster Care Awareness Month Youth event, quarterly publication, legislative hearing, eNews, 4 blog posts June Summer Learning eBook, 4 blog posts, eNews July Early Childhood Annual report, eNews, 4 blog posts, press release August School Readiness White paper, DM, PSA eNews, 4 blog posts
  17. 17. Editorial Schedule - April ITEM SUMMARY KEYWORDS AUTHOR POST SOCIAL Prevention event promo blog post A blog post promoting the event and linking to the registration page Prevention event Nebraska, child abuse Marcus Belby 4/4/13 2 posts each on FB, TW/G+ Event page Landing page with full event info and registration form Prevention event Nebraska, child abuse Blaise Zabini 4/2/13 2 posts each on FB, TW/G+ Press release About the governor’s proclamation Child abuse awareness month Cormac Mclaggen 4/5/13 Announcement and Infographic on FB, TW/G+
  18. 18. Do I REALLY have to blog? • 55% more website visitors • 97% more inbound links • 434% more indexed pages - Hubspot SO, YEAH, YOU REALLY DO HAVE TO BLOG.
  19. 19. MK’s content spectrum Bite-sized nugget Meal Buffet
  20. 20. Distribute as Bite-Size Nuggets • Facebook • Twitter • Google+ • SlideShare • Pinterest • Email
  21. 21. What is a bite-size nugget? • Announcement of availability of content piece • Intriguing quote or statistic from content piece • Infographic based on content piece • Promotion of an event • Photos from event • Teaser video clip/still from video • Retweet or shared post from someone served
  22. 22. Content Breakdown Model Annual Report InfoGraph FB/TW/G+ Hot stat FB/TW/G+ Quote FB/TW/G+ Release offer SM/EM/DM Slideshare pres + SM YouTube video + SM DM/EM/SM Appeal
  23. 23. LeadGen/Download Model Lead collection landing page Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+
  24. 24. Resources • Content Marketing Institute •HubSpot •Inbound Marketing University •Marketo •Eloqua •Kapost
  25. 25. Contact And if you ever have a question, email me at @NE_Children