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Big Data of Digital Awesomeness


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Big data is a big deal, especially when trying to justify marketing spend. But for lots of marketers, breaking down data and understanding how to execute campaigns based on this information is still confusing. Blue Compass will help you crack the code on big data to help you engage better with your audience and increase your bottom line!

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Big Data of Digital Awesomeness

  1. 1. Hello, we are Blue Compass Melissa Harden, Digital Marketing Expert - - @melliharden Melissa Harden is a digital marketing expert with more than nine years experience in search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing. One of the leading SEO experts in Des Moines, Melissa helps businesses identify their current online standings, build online marketing strategies and increase online branding. Her focus isn't to simply bring more traffic to a site, but to bring in more conversions and revenue for a company. Erin Febel, Digital Marketing Strategist - - @efebs With a passion for studying the effects of social media and digital campaigns on business, marketing and culture, Erin continually works to stay on top of emerging industry trends to connect brands and consumers to Blue Compass clients. She is able to apply her background to advise businesses, organizations and individuals on how to best use digital marketing and social networks to build relationships, which ultimately deliver value and results. Katrina Reger, Digital Marketing Analyst - - @k_reger As a Digital Marketing analyst at Blue Compass. Katrina enjoys helping advance the online presence of her clients by taking an integrated and comprehensive digital marketing approach. Katrina continues to keep up with the latest industry changes and trends in the ever changing world of digital marketing.
  2. 2. Want Stuff? Tweet a question about Big Data to @bluecompass during our presentation for a chance to win a Blue Compass t-shirt! @amaiowa @bluecompass
  3. 3. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  4. 4. What is big data? There are some things that are so big that they have implications for everyone, whether we want it or not. Big Data is one of those things, and is completely transforming the way we do business and is impacting most other parts of our lives. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  5. 5. What is big data? The basic idea behind “Big Data” is that everything we do is increasingly leaving a digital trace (or data) which we as marketers can use and analyze. Big Data therefore refers to our ability to make use of the ever-increasing volumes of data. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  6. 6. Big data Marketing Also known as data-driven marketing, big data marketing is the process of collecting, analyzing, and executing on the insights you’ve derived from big data to encourage customer engagement and improve marketing. Big Data analytics does a really good job telling us what our customers are doing, who they are doing it with, where they do it and when they do it. However, it does a pretty awful job telling us why our customers do what they do. Understanding the why behind the actions is critical to marketers since they are tasked with finding ways to change customer behavior. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  7. 7. Big data Marketing @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to It sure has us talking ….….
  8. 8. Activity Data Simple activities we do every single day, like listening to music or reading a book are now generating data. Digital music player and eBooks collect data on our activities. Your smartphone collects data on how you use it and your web browser collects information on what you are searching for. Your credit card company collects data on where you shop and your shop collects data on what you buy. It is hard to image any activity that does not generate data. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  9. 9. So ... why do we care about big data? @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  10. 10. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Over 90% of all the data in the world was created in the past 2 years Boom!
  11. 11. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Google alone processes over 40,000 search queries per second, making it over 3.5 billion in a single day Boom!
  12. 12. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Every minute, we send 204 million emails, generate 1.8 million facebook likes, send 278,000 Tweets and upload 200,000 photos to facebook Boom!
  13. 13. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to A 10% increase in data accessibility can mean an additional $65.7 million in net income for an average fortune 1000 company Boom!
  14. 14. the 5 vs of big data @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to The different types of data The size of the data The speed at which the data is generated Having big data is no use unless you can turn it into value The accuracy (uncertainty) of the data 5 Vs of Big Data Volume Velocity Variety Veracity Value
  15. 15. Structured v.s. unstructured @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to 10% 90% Structured information is the data in databases and is about 10% of the story10% Unstructured information is 90% of Big Data and is “human information” like emails, videos, tweets, Facebook posts, call center conversations, closed circuit TV footage, mobile phone calls, website clicks
  16. 16. 69% of customer demographics is generated by insights from devices and social media platforms To understand customers and their behaviors, analyze: @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to understanding customers Understanding customers Social media data Browser data Trending keywords Analytics69%
  17. 17. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to General Model for Analyzing Big Data Monitor Analyze exceptions Analyze causes Decide act No problem No idea But how? Act within the process Hopefully … real-time to daily
  18. 18. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to From the dawn of civilization from 2003, humankind generated five exabytes of data. Now we produce exabytes of data every two days … and the pace is accelerating.” -Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google Why should we care?
  19. 19. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to “Big Data is the foundation of all of the megatrends that are happening today, from social to mobile to cloud to gaming.” -Chris Lynch, Vertica Systems Why should we care?
  20. 20. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to “Without big data, you are blind and deaf in the middle of a freeway.” -Geoffrey Moore, theorist Why should we care?
  21. 21. Customer journey = big Data Acquisition Growth Retention Satisfaction Loyality of marketers who use big data say they use customer analytics to support these core sales and marketing goals use analytics to enhance customer satisfaction use analytics to increase customer loyalty
  22. 22. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Cool. but as a marketer can I ignore big data? NO.
  23. 23. The Internet of things What is IoT? what is m2m? The Internet of things (IoT) is a network of everyday objects connecting to the Internet, these smart devices are embedded in home appliances, in vehicles, in shops and in the office. Machine-to-machine (M2M) technology enables wireless communication between multiple devices, turning data into meaningful information that can be analyzed and acted upon. 48% of marketers think IoT justifies the “hoopla” around Big Data
  24. 24. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to The Internet of things $2 Billion $6 Billion 14 million devices sold 171 million devices sold The Quantified Self: Plenty of room for growth in the market of US adults track their diet, exercise or weight uses wearable technology
  25. 25. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to “Hiding within those mounds of data is knowledge that could change the life of a patient, or change the world.” -Atule Butte, Stanford School of Medicine Changing the world...
  26. 26. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Can Big DAta cure parkinson’s? Launched in 2014, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s is collaborating with Intel for the project and the chipmaker has built an open-source big data analytics platform on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to analyze the patient data collected from wearable devices. The charity is hoping the data from thousands of individuals on slowness of movement, tremor and sleep quality will help physicians measure how Parkinson’s progresses and make breakthroughs in drug development. "The variability in Parkinson's symptoms creates unique challenges in monitoring progression of the disease," said Diane Bryant, senior vice-president and general manager of Intel's datacentre group. "Emerging technologies can create a new paradigm for measurement of Parkinson's. Everyone loves and wants wearables,” she added. Big Data Analytics Wearable Technology Public Cloud Computing
  27. 27. your meeting was pushed back 45 minutes The Internet of things @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Technology is beginning to talk to each other and develop their own intelligence Imagine a scenario when …. your car knows it will need to gas to make it to the train station. Fill- ups usually take 5 minutes there was an accident on your driving route causing a 15 minute detour your train is running 20 minutes behind schedule And signals your car to start in 5 minutes to melt the ice accumulated in overnight snow storms. This is communicated to your alarm clock which allows you 5 extra minutes of sleep And signals your coffee maker to turn on 5 minutes later as well
  28. 28. Smart cities What’s a smart city? A city-wide network of sensors that provides real-time valuable information on the flow of citizens, noise and other forms of environmental pollution, as well as traffic and weather conditions.
  29. 29. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to “By the end of the decade, everyone on earth will be connected.” -Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google the internet of things
  30. 30. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to ….Is it any wonder data is cool once again?
  31. 31. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to The secret is not just “big” data, but “right” data. Here’s how we see it play out. What we call “enterprise marketing platforms” will take in data on the viewing and purchase behavior of millions. They will feed it into software that combines elements of marketing models, attribution models, and other analytical tools. And the result will be predictions that relate watching to buying more precisely than ever before. These models will then inform systems that systematically and “programmatically” bid for and buy advertising, and monitor the buying activity that results. These results will be fed back into the predictive models in real-time. The models get better with each cycle. The waste goes out. The ROI goes up. And the money comes in. Are we there yet? Nobody’s quite there yet. -Mitch Barns, CEO of Nielsen Even traditional agrees
  32. 32. ….. So does spotify June 24, 2015 August 30, 2015
  33. 33. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Big data challenges 51% 45% 42% 39% 29% Lack of sharing data is an obstacle to measuring marketing ROI Not using data effectively to personalize marketing communications Not able to link data together at the individual customer level Data collected too infrequently or not quickly enough Too little or no customer/consumer data
  34. 34. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to In summary …. “I keep saying that the sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians and I am not kidding.” Hal Varian, Google
  35. 35. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to In summary …. “The companies that will be storing all that device data are less concerned [about] sheer volume and more concerned about making it usable.” Gil Harris, Forbes
  36. 36. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  37. 37. We all know Google @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  38. 38. Google has a lot of data @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  39. 39. Google has a lot of data @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  40. 40. Google has a lot of data @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  41. 41. Google has a lot of data @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  42. 42. Google has a lot of data @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  43. 43. Google has a lot of data @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Do you know that you can make Google Analytics go beyond the basics and look at custom data? P.S. - You want it to do this.
  44. 44. Google has a lot of data @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  45. 45. Google has a lot of data @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  46. 46. Google has a lot of data @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  47. 47. We all know facebook @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  48. 48. facebook has a lot of data @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  49. 49. facebook has a lot of data @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  50. 50. Consumers give us data @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to 45% Increase in Conversions Using Real Image
  51. 51. sites are live focus groups @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  52. 52. But you have to KNow what to track @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  53. 53. how much do Digital Channels know? @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to unless you are a marketer... More than you want them to. then it’s kind of awesome.
  54. 54. Finding People @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  55. 55. Finding More Specific People @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  56. 56. Finding What People share @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  57. 57. Finding What People search @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  58. 58. Finding What People search @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  59. 59. so what do you do with all this data? @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  60. 60. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to You make a digital marketing strategy
  61. 61. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Your Company’s data Look in your company’s data and financials to see what makes your company money. ● Who buys your products or services? ● What makes the most profit? ● When is the trend in purchases? ● What sets that trend? ● Where are people purchasing? ○ Offline ○ Online
  62. 62. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to what makes easy money? Slow ROI Low ROI Fast ROI Maintains ROI Profit Velocity
  63. 63. Let’s Use Flu as an example @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  64. 64. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Flu makes money Let’s say we learned that people with the flu make our company the most money. So I want to find people who have the flu or who will have the flu and let them know about our product.
  65. 65. Finding What People share @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  66. 66. where People share @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  67. 67. What Type of content share @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  68. 68. Content length People share @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  69. 69. keywords people use @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  70. 70. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Digital Marketing for Flu What the data told us: ● Flu vaccine information is on people’s minds; it’s the information they share ● Flu symptoms are what people search for; it’s what they are concerned about and shows user's intent ● Create a video or write an informative article about flu symptoms and vaccines ● Make sure to have 2,000-3,000 words of content ● Share in Facebook
  71. 71. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Now...I start tracking users I want to know: ● What they clicked on ● Why they clicked on it ● When they would convert Implement changes to make this occur more often: ● Send new traffic ● Track some more :)
  72. 72. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Remember this is science Create a hypothesis based on data: ● Data won’t tell you everything, you have to figure out which aspect made users take action. Implement new test: ● Send new traffic ● Track some more :) Implement new test: ● Send new traffic ● Track some more :)
  73. 73. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to It’s just so awesome! By using big data, companies can understand what makes people their customers, when their customers are purchasing, why they are buying and how to keep that happening.
  74. 74. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  75. 75. THe Big Question How do I look at all of this data and find out what I need to know versus what I want it to say. -Every Digital Marketer Ever @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to
  76. 76. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Increase Brand Awareness Visits Time Spent on Site Pages Per Session Reach Engagement Rate Shares Followers Link Clicks Subscriptions Video Views Content Downloads Sign of awareness and trust! Ratio of Branded to Keyword based searches Everyone Needs Brand Awareness But How Do You ACTUALLY Measure It?Website Traffic Social Engagement Consumption Of Content Inbound Links Branded Searches
  77. 77. @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to Increase Conversions While all conversions are important it is even more important to take note of the quality of each lead. Are you making more on your leads than you are paying for them? While not as valuable as a conversion - you can't get the conversion without people getting to the page. And why are they leaving without converting? Are your ads showing when and where you want them to? Are your conversions or clicks down due to impression share? More Straightforward But Harder To Achieve Results! Conversions / Conversion Rate Cost Per Conversion Clicks / CTR Impression Share
  78. 78. Let’s Dive Into Big Data There are infinite attributes that can be tracked and utilized, including but not limited to: Click Through Rate, Time on Page, Pages/Session, Video Views, View Through Rate, Conversions, Conversion Rate, Cost per Conversion, Impressions, Likes, Comments, Organic Traffics, Shares, Unique Visitors, Bounce Rate, Average Position, Pageviews, Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Location, Source, Medium, Retweets, Link Clicks and MANY MANY MORE! But How Do All of These Connect or Compare?
  79. 79. Let’s Dive Into Big Data! @amaiowa @bluecompass Tweet Questions to … or at least some of it!
  80. 80. Let’s Dive Into Big Data What We Normally See:
  81. 81. Add A Little Planning
  82. 82. SO Now What? The more dimensions you add the more you can refine the data and make better marketing decisions.
  83. 83. Various Views
  84. 84. Still A Lot To look At … Really What Does This Mean? Layering the data allows for a more holistic view. It provides a better way to comprehend the overall situation. Want to generate new leads? Conversion Rate Optimization helps brand acquire new business and increase ROI!
  85. 85. What Is The End Game?
  86. 86. Want A Chart or Graph?
  87. 87. Want Stuff? Tweet a question about Big Data to @bluecompass during our presentation for a chance to win a Blue Compass t-shirt! @amaiowa @bluecompass