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Social Media Today: Marketing in New Ways


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Nader Ali-Hassan, Associate Director, Social Media Strategy at Razorfish discusses how to evaluate, execute and measure social media campaigns to boost business. Nader has more than six years of experience in managing interactive accounts and assembling interactive programs. His areas of focus have been in social media, online strategy, online reputation management, search engine marketing, online partnerships, and blogger outreach. At Razorfish, Nader provides social media strategies, execution, and management for a number of clients, including Delta Air Lines, Mercedes-Benz USA and numerous CPG brands. Nader holds a Juris Doctorate and is thankful everyday that he is not a practicing attorney.

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Social Media Today: Marketing in New Ways

  1. 1. Social Media today: Marketing in new ways Like • Comment • ShareMay 20121
  2. 2. Roadmap: Quick Background Like • Comment • Share Top Themes in Social Media Like • Comment • Share Time for Questions? Like • Comment • Share
  3. 3. Today, people will… Upload 70,000 Make 375,000 edits hours of video to Wikipedia to YouTube Upload Create 250 million 100,000 photos to new blogs Facebook using Wordpress Tweet 340 million times3
  4. 4. Social Media is. . . The need to create
  5. 5. And the need to connect
  6. 6. The social media network
  7. 7. We are on a journey Analog Digital World World7
  8. 8. Devices are magnifying this trend8
  9. 9. Social Media is marketing in a different way9
  10. 10. This is disrupting the norm10
  11. 11. But why should we care?
  12. 12. 2008 Vizu Answers, 2009 Yankelovich, 2009 Edelman Trust Barometer, 2009 Edelman Trust Barometer, TGI, HT SpikeJones, Brains On Fire. 12
  13. 13. 6 themes to consider13
  14. 14. People first.Platforms second.
  15. 15. Each one of us is at the center15 *Paul Adams
  16. 16. Social marking can not live in a vacuum… Social Brand Sites Paid CRM Mobile Partnerships Loyalty In Store
  17. 17. … And neither should each platform Twitter .Com Facebook Email Mobile YouTube Pinterest Blogs
  18. 18. What are the implications of this?• The first question in every strategy should be centered around your customer, and what need will this fulfill for them• Don’t create a “Facebook Strategy”• Be platform agnostic• It’s the relationships that matter18
  19. 19. Rumors of Facebook’sdemise are greatlyexaggerated
  20. 20. By the numbers…. 20
  21. 21. The experience is expanding beyond a statusupdate21
  22. 22. These new tools are expanding the experience onFacebook22
  23. 23. What are the implications of this?• As we think about how to leverage social platforms, expand your horizons• Don’t reinvent the wheel• Success will be a combination of paid and organic strategies23
  24. 24. It’s easier to share
  25. 25. Our attention spans are shrinking • Social media has evolved from long form content to push buttons Push Button & Curating Short form Long form 2000 2012Source:
  26. 26. Ultimately, Pinterest facilitates cross-platform sharing. …back to Pinterest… …Post to Pinterest… Find an image at the original source… …to Facebook or Twitter...
  27. 27. But does its ease push away consumers?
  28. 28. What is the impact of all of this?• Whatever you do, keep it simple!• The shinny object, is not necessarily the right object28
  29. 29. Ceding control ofyour brand will berewarded with loyalty.
  30. 30. Contributor networks give power to their people• New media landscape gives control to anyone with a mobile phone and a keen eye for content• News outlets (CNN to YAHOO) leverage citizen journalists to aide in their storytelling• Brands are beginning to offer a platform for consumers to submit user generated content (UGC)• They gamify the experience to provide a reason for return engagements
  31. 31. Crowdsourced HamburgerVideo to go here31
  32. 32. What are the implications of this?• Social networking is disrupting traditional models.• Seize the initiative before it disrupts your category and your business.32
  33. 33. Influence infiltratesall.
  34. 34. Extensions of your daily graph34
  35. 35. Levi’s35
  36. 36. What are the implications of this? • You’ve got new marketing tactics to leverage • You can optimize your media spend even further • Your social influencers can bring in more consumers • You need new metrics for evaluating customer value36
  37. 37. Measurement:Listen, Mine, Monitorand Ladder-Up.
  38. 38. Listening: Conversations That Mention You Address Be a resource for your customers Listen Educate Understand what Distribute valued people are saying content Energize Evolve Activating your Give your customers a voice in your business advocates
  39. 39. Mining: Find your White Space
  40. 40. Monitoring: Test and learnNew Tools exist to provide much more in-depth information about yourcontentPage 40 © 2010 Razorfish. all rightsreserved.
  41. 41. From a Social Analytics Perspective, Our Goal is to Measure Social Across Channels Apps Profiles & Display Social Search .com Mobile Email Client Data Segments Consumer & Apps /Media metrics Social metrics Media metrics Site metrics Mobile metrics Email metrics Attitudinal Business Metrics Client Data Silo reports provide a detailed view at a channel level and have a role in optimizing channel performance. But this can/must be improved to tell a cross-channel story with comprehensive tagging, data collection, and analytics strategies.
  42. 42. Recap: 6 themes to consider1. People first. Platforms second.2. Rumors of Facebook’s demise are greatly exaggerated.3. It’s easier to share.4. Ceding control of your brand will be rewarded with loyalty.5. Influence infiltrates all.6. Measurement- Listen, Mine, Monitor and Ladder-Up.42
  43. 43. Thanks Like • Comment • ShareNader Ali-HassanAssociate Director, Social Media@nadees43