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Rapleaf - a Momentum 2013 Sponsor

  1. 1. An Overview
  2. 2. OUR MISSIONTo make it incredibly easy for marketers to access the data they need topersonalize content for their customers. We’re consumers too, and we love it when marketing messages arerelevant to us. So, we fuel marketing automation tools with the necessary data to helpbrands keep their customers happy and engaged. 
  3. 3. WHAT WE DO Real-Time Data on 80% of U.S. Emails.
  4. 4. WHY YOU SHOULD CAREEMAIL BEATS news, gaming, socialnetworking, video, and shopping to retain thetop spot of all mobile activity.Your customers are checking email on theiriphoneipaddroidkindle right now.ARE YOUR EMAILS MAKING ITTHROUGH THE CLUTTER OF THEIRCROWDED INBOX?Source:  Pew  Research  Center,  2012    
  5. 5. WHY YOU SHOULD CARE“If you are a B2C company and are not yet personalizing emails, youare missing out on what your competitors are capitalizing on.Our clients that personalize emails see click through rates 43%greater than those that don’t.Bottom line, Rapleaf data is the key ingredient that drives ourpersonalization engine.”Erik Severinghaus, CEO
  6. 6. THE BEST AT DATA ON EMAILBetter CoverageAt least one data point on 80% of U.S. EmailsFaster Delivery<5ms response time from our APIStronger Customer BondsIndustry leading coverage & response time enables us to help our clientspersonalize more communications with their customers than ever before
  7. 7. CLIENT SEGMENTS SERVEDEnterprise B2CDedicated Account Manager. Append or APIRap in AppCustom Integrations. We power your favorite applicationsSmall B2CSelf-Service. InstantData or API
  8. 8. ON-MENU DATA CARD Type  of  Bundle   Field   Possible  Values   Descrip7on       Age   18  -­‐  20;  21  -­‐  24;  25-­‐34;  35  -­‐  44;  45  -­‐  54;  55-­‐64;  65+   Age  Range   Demographic   Gender     Male;  Female   Gender       Zip  Code  LocaJon   i.e.:  94105   LocaJon-­‐based  data  by  zip  code       EducaJon   Completed  High  School;  ARended  College;  Completed  College;  Completed  Graduate   Indicates  the  highest  known  level  of  educaJon  the  person  has  completed.   School;  ARended  VocaJonal/Technical       High  Net  Worth   Yes;  (blank)   Someone  is  likely  be  in  the  top  10%  of  net  worth  households  in  the  U.S.       Home  Market  Value   1k-­‐25k;  25k-­‐50k;  50k-­‐75k;  75k-­‐100k;  100k-­‐150k;  150k-­‐200k;  200k-­‐250k;  250k-­‐300k; Market  value  of  persons  home.  In  ranges  of  $25K  and  $50K  increments.   300k-­‐350k;  350k-­‐500k;  500k-­‐1mm;  1mm+   Household   Home  Owner  Status   Own;  Rent   Whether  the  person  owns  or  rents  their  home.       Household  Income   0-­‐15k;  15k-­‐25k;  25k-­‐35k;  35k-­‐50k;  50k-­‐75k;  75k-­‐100k;  100k-­‐125k;  125k-­‐150k;  150k-­‐175k; Income  of  household  by  range   175k-­‐200k;  200k-­‐250k;  250k+       Length  of  Residence   Less  than  1  year;  1  year;  2  years;  3  years;  4  years;  5  years;  6  years;  7  years;  8  years;  9   Number  of  years  spent  in  the  current  residence.  Reported  as  number;  not   years;  10  years;  11-­‐15  years;  16-­‐19  years;  20+  years   range.       Marital  Status   Single;  Married   Marital  status       OccupaJon   Blue  Collar  Worker;  Business  Owner;  Civil  Service;  Technology;  ExecuJve/Upper   OccupaJon   Management;  Health  Services;  Homemaker;  Middle  Management;  Military  Personnel;   Nurse;  Part  Time;  Professional;  ReJred;  Secretary;  Student;  Teacher;  White  Collar  Worker     Presence  of  Children   Yes;  No   Indicates  whether  there  are  1  or  more  children  in  the  household.     Arts  &  Crais   true;  (blank)   Purchases  arts  &  crais  related  products       Blogging   true;  (blank)   Interest  in  blogging   Interest   Books   true;  (blank)   Purchases  books;  Interest  in  reading  books       Business   true;  (blank)   Interest  in  business       Health  &  Wellness   true;  (blank)   Interest  in  healthy  lifestyle;  purchases  healthy  lifestyle  products       News  &  Current  Events   true;  (blank)   Purchases  subscripJons  for  news  &  current  events.       AutomoJve   true;  (blank)   Purchases  automoJve  goods       Baby  Product  Buyer   true;  (blank)   Has  bought  a  baby  product  in  the  past  18  months       Beauty   true;  (blank)   Purchases  beauty  products   Purchase   Charitable  Donor   true;  (blank)   Indicates  liklihood  of  being  a  charitable  donor       Cooking   true;  (blank)   Purchases  cooking  magazines;  interest  in  cooking       Discount  Shopper   true;  (blank)   Purchase  behavior:  Interest  in  discounts.       High  End  Brand  Buyer   true;  (blank)   Has  bought  a  premium  CPG  brand  in  the  past  18  months       Home  &  Garden   true;  (blank)   Purchases  home  &  garden  products       Home  Improvement   true;  (blank)   Purchases  home  improvement  goods       Luxury  Goods  &  Jewelry   true;  (blank)   Purchases  luxury  items       Magazine  Buyer   true;  (blank)   Purchases  magazines  subscripJons       Outdoor  &  Adventure   true;  (blank)   Purchases  outdoor  &  adventure  products       Pets   true;  (blank)   Purchases  pet  related  products       Power  Shopper   true;  (blank)   Purchases  items  from  mulJple  retail  channels       Sports   true;  (blank)   Purchases  sporJng  goods/Sports  related  products       Technology   true;  (blank)   Purchases  technology       Travel   true;  (blank)   Purchases  travel  related  goods;  Interest  in  travel  
  9. 9. SIMPLE PRICING + Strong Volume Discounts
  10. 10. PRIVACY AND SECURITYLeading the internet forward intransparency, notice, and choice
  11. 11. DO YOU LOVE DATA?
  12. 12. GET IN TOUCH.Don’t be shy.Keep up to date with RapleafFacebook: www.facebook.com/rapleafTwitter: @RapleafLinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/rapleafContact Rapleaf directlyEmail: sales@rapleaf.comPhone: 312.582.4363