Marketing Automation and Demand Generation: A Framework for Analysis


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A presentation by Dr. Debra Zahay-Blatz, Associate Professor of Interactive Marketing, Head of Interactive Marketing Program at Northern Illinois University

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Marketing Automation and Demand Generation: A Framework for Analysis

  1. 1. Marketing Automation and Demand Generation: A Framework for Analysis Dr. Debra Zahay-Blatz Associate Professor of Interactive Marketing, Head of Interactive Marketing Program Northern Illinois University 11/17/2010
  2. 2. Who Am I?: My Journey in B2B Marketing started in Sales and Technology • MBA from NU’s Kellogg, NOT In Marketing but Information Systems and Finance • Started in technical area, moved into sales support then sales then marketing • Worked for Dun & Bradstreet and MCI Telecommunications • Fast forward 15 years and I was Director of Sales & Marketing (without a Marketing Degree), sound familiar to B2B Marketers?
  3. 3. What we called integrated IMC involved the sales force • Sent letters to prospects in a particular vertical industry • Invited them to contribute to a newsletter on a particular topic • Sent direct mailers on these topics • Timed it with sales force participation • Netted millions on small investment Zahay, ESOMAR, 2002
  4. 4. What else we called it…. • Database Marketing • B2B Direct Marketing • Lead Generation/Lead Management • One to one marketing • Relationship marketing • Customer-centric marketing • Customer Relationship Management • You name it…..
  5. 5. Now, Marketing has become an Interactive Marketing Conversation Evaluate Program Identify Strategic Targets Build Database, website Contact/Interact
  6. 6. Marketing is evolving/has evolved/must evolve….
  7. 7. . . . And by the way I got my Marketing Degree • PH.D. in Marketing from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2000 • Research in customer databases and how they can be used to create competitive advantage, information use in NPD • Parlayed my technical knowledge into teaching internet and database marketing, since 1999
  8. 8. What is Demand Generation? Demand generation is the revenue- focused set of activities of both sales and marketing that gets quality leads into the top of the sales funnel and then helps sales pull opportunities through the funnel quicker. – Adapted from the Pedowitz Group
  9. 9. What is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation is a term that describes an emerging category of Web 2.0 and beyond technology designed to improve marketing efficiencies and drive revenue through high quality lead generation and management. These technologies work to integrate marketing and sales funnels. – Adapted from the Pedowitz Group
  10. 10. Why do we do this (Marketing Automation, Demand Gen)? • WE WANT TO MAKE MONEY
  11. 11. What are the two ways to position ourselves to make money? • Low-cost • Differentiation (Value) – Michael Porter
  12. 12. How do we make money other than cutting costs? • WE GROW, through leveraging our strengths, our core competencies Edit Penrose, The Theory of the Growth of the Firm, 1959
  13. 13. Effective Demand Generation Processes Aid Competitiveness in Two Ways • Fuel growth • Provide a competence that is a source of competitive advantage, BUT ONLY IF THE SKILLS are difficult to imitate
  14. 14. So, Automation Tools can be helpful, but they are only a Technology • Technology itself cannot be a source of competitive advantage • Technology can be imitated • How the technology is used by the firm CAN be a source of advantage – Resource-based view of the firm
  15. 15. Therefore, Automated Marketing tools… • Are no substitute for understanding what is going on with your prospect and the buying cycling • Are no substitute for working well with your sales force • Are no substitute for a culture where everyone works to understand the customer buying cycle
  16. 16. Remember but we had to work with … • Direct mail • The telephone • The sales force • Some data bases, probably not integrated • Manual lead tracking systems • Poor lead qualification processes
  17. 17. Source: Joel Book, Exact Target
  18. 18. Traditional Customer Lifecycle is Now Officially Augmented by Marketing Programs And Actions Source: Marketo, Inc.
  19. 19. B2B Buyers Rely Less on Sales Force and instead are…. Thanks to Adam Needles, Silverpop
  20. 20. Less reliance on sales force for information means an….
  21. 21. Therefore creating value for the customer can result from Demand Generation/ Nurturing Processes • Sales and Marketing must work together • Marketing can find and nurture leads • Marketing can support sales in nurturing leads that it considers valuable • Growth and profits can result
  22. 22. Warning! • Many marketers still see this process as a management, not Value CO-Creation • Relationships can be nurtured and developed but rarely MANAGED • There are TWO parties to the equation (usually more in a B2B situation)
  23. 23. Don’t Be a Stranger! • Debra Zahay Blatz…, 815-753-6215 • Friend me on facebook or linkedin as Debra Zahay Blatz, follow my twitter feed, @zahay