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L bartman cama sunrise presentation 5 22-13 (1)


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L bartman cama sunrise presentation 5 22-13 (1)

  1. 1. Driving Innovation in Today’sChanging MarketplaceLinda BartmanChief Marketing Officer,
  2. 2. Overview• Visited by more than 12 millioncar shoppers eachmonth, is the leadingdestination for online carshoppers.• We offer credible and easy-to-understand information fromconsumers and experts to helpbuyers formulate opinions onwhat to buy, where to buy andhow much to pay for a car.
  3. 3. OverviewSalesCustomerSupportTrainingMarketingOperationsStrategy &Biz DevProductFinance
  4. 4. A Unique Company Culture
  5. 5. Unique Business SegmentsConsumer OEM Dealer
  6. 6. Shifting Trends Present UniqueChallenges
  7. 7. Historically, Dealers have had Control
  8. 8. Today, Shoppers Hold the Keys
  9. 9. New and Unique Challenges for OurBusiness and Industry
  10. 10. Challenges Present Opportunity toInnovate with Value in MindMobile Metrics
  11. 11. Today’s Mobile Shopper• Mobile is mainstream with110 million smartphone usersin the U.S.• 83% of mobile car shoppersown a smartphone, and 28%own a tablet• More than 1/3 of car shoppersfelt that information attainedfrom mobile devices was anessential factor in theirpurchaseSource: comScore 2012; Mobile Web & App Usage for Automotive Shoppers, Nielsen/
  12. 12. Mobile Shopper Trends Translateto Cars.comMobile traffichas increasedyear over yearOf traffic comesfrom a mobile device41%36%27% less likely to send an email lead12Source: Omniture and Business Objects
  13. 13. Evolving Mobile Platforms to DeliverValue and Meet Consumer Needs
  14. 14. Digital Attribution ChallengesTHENNOW
  15. 15. Digital Attribution ChallengesEffectively Utilizing DataChanging Dealer MindsetsMoving Digital from Associationwith Direct Response
  16. 16. Defining Our Data StrategyBusinessIntelligenceData LicensingData forContentDevelopment
  17. 17. Utilizing Content Marketing toOvercome Attribution ChallengesContentMarketingValueAttributionandMeasurementOnline BrandingDigital StrategyMobileSocial Mediaand ReputationManagementConsumerJourney
  18. 18. Digital Attribution ChallengesEffectively Utilizing DataChanging Dealer MindsetsMoving Digital from Associationwith Direct Response
  19. 19. Changing the Value DiscussionBased on Today’s ShopperAudienceAwarenessConsiderationConversion19Today’s Value MetricsYesterday’s Value MetricDirect Response
  20. 20. Driving Your Own Innovation
  21. 21. Create the Right Environmentfor Your Clients• How are you accounting for consumer behaviorchanges in your industry?• Are you managing the risks between your consumerand B2B strategy?• Are you utilizing data as effectively as possible toprove your value?
  22. 22. Thank You