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  • LinkedIn’s mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. This is our guiding principle when we launch new initiatives or programs.
  • Our most important core value is that members come first. We develop products across three dimensions to deliver value to our members: 1. Professional Identity, which helps professionals connect, find, and be found;LinkedIn is the most powerful, professionally-oriented search engine on the planet. In becoming a member, you are carving out a piece of digital real estate and creating your professional profile of record. When you need to find someone, connect with someone, do a business deal or tap professional knowledge, LinkedIn is the place to go. 2. Insights, which help people get the information and knowledge they need to be great at what they do; A fire hose of unique and valuable information, knowledge, data and insight flow through the LinkedIn network as a result of our members connecting and sharing.Our job is to build products that derive information and insights from that data for our members to help them be better at what they do every day. Examples of some of these products are LI Today, Groups, Homepage, Signal3. And Everywhere, which ensures that our platform works wherever our members work, regardless of where they are, on the Web or off. We live in an age where we can no longer expect our members to be tethered to their desks. We live in a mobile, ubiquitous computer age. LinkedIn is focused on providing members with access to their professional identity and insights wherever they may be -- whether it is on and off the desktop or on and off LinkedIn.com. We know our members will still visit other sites, and we want to continue to scale our API offerings to provide value to our members no matter where they are.If you’re taking time to build your professional identity, network and knowledge..the sum total of our value proposition is that LinkedIn will enable our members to find dream jobs and be great at jobs they’re already in.
  • Setting the Stage: Social Transformation, Personal vs. Professional LivesSocial Media Environments MatterSocial media environments are not made equally. In our personal lives, we may use social media to share photos and videos or play games with our family and friends. Meanwhile, 90% of professionals use social media to get access to thought leadership and information they couldn’t get elsewhere (Society for New Communications Research, 2010)Three quarters of professionals rely either lightly or heavily on professional networks to support business decisions (Society for New Community Research, 2010)These differences in social media environments drive 81% of LinkedIn members to have separate social networks for their personal and professional lives (Source: LinkedIn Audience 360 US Member Study, Aug 2011)
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  • Status Update and Chevron logos are intended to be customized. See appendix for generic, non-branded example. Co Status Updates are distributed at key points across LI and the web “Everywhere” is a core LI value and emphasized in everything we do Followers are genuinely interested in your brand, they are not given incentivized offers to follow (eg, “like” me to enter sweepstakes)
  • Both Chevron logos are intended to be customized. See appendix for generic, non-branded example.Leveraging LinkedIn’s assets drives the virality that fuels your Follower ecosystem. As we discussed your Co Page is the foundation of your presence on the platform. From this central hub your Co Status Update is distributed to your Followers, and their interactions with your status update (via shares, comments, likes) are distributed across their networks. These Follower interactions generate tremendous value for you… Earned media – advocates and enthusiasts amplify your brand messages, generating “earned media” which is the most powerful form of advertising that exists Incremental reach – as your message spreads via the viral mechanics you benefit from incremental reach, which serves to lower your acquisition costs and increase your ROI Lasting relationships – while campaigns end, your conversations with Followers continue. This ability to have sustained, relevant messaging helps you impact purchase influence, and also move key metrics around retention and loyaltyInsights – are key to improving campaign performance and planning… [next slide]
  • And the last example I would share with you are LinkedIn groups. We have over 1 million groups on LinkedIn, again, exclusively focused on enabling professionals to share their knowledge with one another. And one of the things that's somewhat unique about this is the fact that by virtue of people's identity being associated with their contents, the quality of the discussion and the conversations is much higher than you would normally see.  Our groups can range in numbers from a handful of people all the way up, in this case to an entrepreneurial group focused on startups, to over 200,000 members. And we offer a custom groups capability that enables marketers such as yourselves and your companies to invite their most influential customers to participate in discussions pertaining to thought leadership around your products and services. And have generated significant momentum along those lines, as well.
  • On the dimension of everywhere, working wherever our members work; for us that starts with mobile and recognition that our membership is no longer tethered directly to their desktop. We have an extremely talented team focused on our mobile applications. And very recently launched a new iPhone application and Android application that was met with very welcomed acclaim. As a result, Apple actually featured our iPhone app as their app of the week.With regard to mobile, not surprisingly it is our fastest growing service. We're up over 400 percent in terms of page views year-over-year.
  • ObjectivePosition Philips at the center of thought-leadership in healthcareSolutionCreate an active online global community forprofessionals within health field to spark discussion and develop relationshipsProductsCustom GroupsSocial Ad: Join GroupsPollsContent AdsPartner MessagesResultsEstablished globally active 30,000+ membercommunityOver 4,400 discussions: largest LinkedIn group dedicated to healthcare innovation60% of group members are manager+Groups generate 50+ NPS (extremely high valued)“Combining our thought-leadership with LinkedIn’s trusted environment and professional context, has enabled us to create active communities that have become online destinations for medical and lighting professionals worldwide. This has helped establish Philips as a partner in these fields of expertise amongst our key target audiences.” – Hans Notenboom, Global Director B2B Online, Philips“Philips, thanks for your leadership and allowing me to be active in advancing the importance of innovations in healthcare.” – from group member
  • AE: Janine TaorminaCountry: USCompany Descriptionathenahealthprovides practice management, electronic health record and patient communication services to healthcare organizations.ChallengesThe company needed to reach hard-to-find busy healthcare executives, and offer access to thought leadership content such as white papers, videos, and blogs.athenahealth also wanted to capture contact info of prospects for lead generation.SolutionReach these busy professionals on LinkedIn where they were already spending time.Use Content Ads to encourage members to view athenahealth content or download white papers in exchange for their contact info.Expanding the reach of the Content Ad through broader targeting, while retaining the focus on LinkedIn members who can influence decision-makers.Why LinkedIn?Content Ads offer interactivity, which encourages athenahealth’s target audience to browse thought leadership material.LinkedIn’s precise targeting helped athenahealth reach specific C-level executives in healthcare and other related professions.Results61% rise in click-to-conversion rate.More names and contact info for lead-gen pipeline.Increase in followers improves social media reach.Client Quotes“We hadn’t seen a tool like the content unit before. It’s not just a standard display ad – it’s engaging and interactive, and really helps us showcase our point of view.” – Amanda Melander, Advertising Manager, athenahealth“When we can engage with healthcare executives and showcase our vision, we can turn them into partners in our goal to drive innovation in the healthcare system.”– Amanda Melander, Advertising Manager, athenahealth
  • It is this kind of value exchange that users expect from LinkedIn and thepartners in our ecosystem.Today we will share some exciting news about how we are further enablingmarketers to leverage the LinkedIn platform to execute highly relevant andeffective programs.We believe we are in the early days of harnessing the opportunity of ourmarketing platform.We see tremendous opportunity to work together with you, our marketingpartners, to deliver on a shared mission - to connect with professionalsin ways that enhance their lives and drive value for our business
  • "Healthcare and Financial Services SIG" - Linked in Healthcare Marketing

    1. 1. Marketing SolutionsWhere business happens Marketing Solutions 1
    2. 2. Our mission… Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. Marketing Solutions 2
    3. 3. The value we bring to our members Identity Rolodex, Resume, Connect, find and be found Business Card LinkedIn Profile, Address Book, Search Insights Newspapers, Be great at what you do Trade Magazines, Events Homepage, LinkedIn Today, Groups Everywhere Work wherever our members work Desktop Mobile, APIs, Plug-Ins Opportunities that will transform the trajectory of your career Marketing Solutions 3
    4. 4. LinkedIn AudienceMarketing Solutions 4
    5. 5. The globally connectedprofessional network150,000,000+ UK NLregistered members (as of Jan 2012) 8M+ 3M+ DACH 2M+ France 3M+ Canada Italy 5M+ Europe Spain 2M+ USA 35M+ ME 2M+ 60M+ 3.8m+ India Brazil 13M+ Australia 7M+ South Africa 2.9M+ 1.6M+ Marketing Solutions 5
    6. 6. LinkedIn Audience: Healthcare Professionals  5.4Million Healthcare Professionals* – 1.6M active on a monthly basis  An Engaged Audience: – 88M Page Views/Month  Rapidly Growing Audience: – 48% Growth YOY* LInkedIn Panorama Data Metrics, Nov 2011 Marketing Solutions 6
    7. 7. LinkedIn Audience:Healthcare Professionals 20 18 16 Jobs Avg number of PVs / user of secion 14 Groups 12 Profile Views People Search 10 Home Page Inbox 8 Company Pages 6 Address Book 4 2 - 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% % of monthly uniques using section Marketing Solutions 7
    8. 8. The Future of Social CommunicationMarketing Solutions 8
    9. 9. Social Media Environments Matter 90% of professionals use social media to get access to thought leadership and information they couldn’t get elsewhere1 3 out of 4 professionals rely either lightly or heavily on professional networks to support business decisions1 81% of LinkedIn members prefer to have separate social networks for their personal and professional lives2 1Society for New Communications Research, US 2010 2LinkedIn Audience 360 Survey, US, August 2011 Marketing Solutions 9
    10. 10. The Three Classifications of Social Networks Identity Relationships Activities Status, Friends, Family & Social Utility Social Gaming & Colleagues PhotoSharing Public Fans & Real Time Communications Followers Micro-blogging Professional Colleagues & Professional Identity, Network Business Contacts Connections & Insights Marketing Solutions 10 10
    11. 11. The Professional Network MISSION: Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful Provide ability to own and manage one’s own professional identity Curate professional context Turn relationships and information into business opportunity Marketing Solutions 11
    12. 12. Company Pages: Establish brand presence on LinkedIn Marketing Solutions 12
    13. 13. Follow Companies: Insights and business intelligence Marketing Solutions 13
    14. 14. Engage Those Most Interested in Your BrandIntroducing Company Status Updates Homepage Chevron is demonstrating how solar energy can increase production from Profile mature oil fields. The project uses more than 7,600 mirrors to focus the suns rays onto a solar boiler. Learn more: http://bit.ly/oow11ytfb ChevronLike (5) • Comment amet, consecteturadipiscingelit. Loremipsum dolor sit • Share Maurisrhoncusscelerisqueporttitor. Fusceviverrajustofermentum dolor volutpat. Like (5) • Comment • Share Mobile Website 55% of LinkedIn members will follow a company “forever”. 45% of members want weekly updates. LinkedIn Survey (n=363), US and Canada, October 2011 Marketing Solutions 14
    15. 15. LinkedIn Assets and Virality Fuel Follower EcosystemEngagement generates value Comment• Earned media• Incremental reach Share• Relevant relationships Like• Insights Share Like Comment Status Update Marketing Solutions 15 15
    16. 16. LinkedIn Today: Your personal trade magazine On-Startups-Community-Entrepreneurs Marketing Solutions 16
    17. 17. LinkedIn Groups: Your source for professional knowledge Marketing Solutions 17
    18. 18. LinkedIn Mobile: Working wherever our members work 400% y/y increase in mobile page views Marketing Solutions 18
    19. 19. The Payoff: Success on LinkedIn Marketing Solutions 19
    20. 20. Philips: Driving Innovation in Health Objective How can Philips position itself at the center of thought-leadership in healthcare? Solution Create an active online global community for professionals Results Globally active 30,000+ member community – largest LinkedIn group dedicated to healthcare innovation with 4,400 discussions “Combining our thought-leadership with LinkedIn’s trusted environment and professional context enabled us to createactive communities that have become online destinations for medical professionals worldwide.” – Hans Notenboom, Global Director B2B Online, Philips Marketing Solutions 20
    21. 21. athenahealth: HealthcareEstablishing Thought Leadership Objectives  Find and influence healthcare executives online  Broaden access to thought leadership content Product  Content Ads Results Use targeting to reach executives, increase visibility for thought leadership, and improve lead generation 61% Increase in click-to-conversion rate Marketing Solutions 21
    22. 22. Marketing Solutions 22