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ABOUT BRANDSMART                   Social Media and Reputation Management Strategies to Engage Consumers & Channel Partner...
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BrandSmart 2011 Presentation Line-up


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BrandSmart 2011 Presentation Line-up

  1. 1. ABOUT BRANDSMART Turn up the Volume! How Brand and Music Integration Delivers Positive Results Presented by Marcie Allen, President, MAC PresentsSince 2001, the Chicago MAC Presents is a sponsorship and fulfillment agency that executes partnerships between the world’sChapter of the American leading brands and artists. In 2011, MAC Presents secured BlackBerry as a sponsor for Foo Fighters Ga-Marketing Association has rage Tour to launch their new album, “Wasting Light.” Eight lucky fans, across the country, won a concertbrought together some of the in their garage with Foo Fighters. The promotion was launched through social media, radio, online, and garnered millions of impressions. Looking for new ways to market to consumers, brands are utilizing musicmost respected and innovative to tap into emotions and create a memorable experience.marketing leaders for the annualBrandSmart Conference. There and Back Again: Shaping a Brand that Shapes You Presented by Bill Ogle, CMO of MotorolaBrandSmart is the Midwest’s Newly hired CMOs are often told their charter is to start fresh, with a clean slate. The savvy marketing ex- ecutive knows that is not true, no matter how sincere the board and CEO’s intention. No CMO enters an es-leading forum on branding tablished company with a completely clean slate from which to work. Established companies have history,thought leadership. Hosted by and that history – good, bad or ugly – is inscribed in the brand the new CMO inherits. Entering Motorola inthe Chicago American July 2009, Bill Ogle inherited a brand with more than eight decades of history at the pinnacle of American innovation and global markets. It was a business viewed as a “turnaround” after a stumble. Since enteringMarketing Association – AMA’s in 2009, Bill has successfully launched Motorola Mobility, introduced industry-first and innovative productslargest professional chapter – and helped further establish Motorola as one of the premier innovators.this day-long conference is at-tended by mid- and senior-level What elements factored into re-launching the Motorola Mobility brand tying back to its industry firsts his- tory in the mobile and television industries? How will Motorola continue to evolve its brand and build uponmarketers looking to become its heritage? This session focuses on the strategy and challenge of harnessing history to position a globalbranding rock stars through brand for the future.best practices and application- The Founders Have Left the Building: Perpetuating Insurgent Brands after Winningpacked insights from a lineup of Presented by Kirk Chartier, Chief Marketing Officer of optionsXpressbranding superstars Insurgent brands take on the persona of their founders, but once the battle is won, “professional manage- ment” struggles to keep the brand going. The practice of politics and the art of brand positioning can fix this. At optionsXpress, management used lessons learned at Apple, Starbucks, McDonald’s and the 2010EVENT DETAILS: presidential campaign to recharge the insurgency and achieve double-digit growth.When: Welcome to Jazz MarketingJune 22, 2011 Dan Michelson, CMO, Allscripts Borrowing a metaphor from the book Leadership Jazz by Max Dupree, we’ll contrast many traditional mar-Time: keting organizations, which follow their plan with the precision of an orchestra, with marketing at AllscriptsConference: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM (Nasdaq: MDRX), which is more analogous to that of a jazz band—improvising and experimenting to createNetworking: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM something truly unique in the market. And we’ll outline how the marketing team had leveraged that ap- proach to play a pivotal role in driving Allscripts from a 200-person dot-com with $50 million in annual rev-Where: enue to a 6,000-person healthcare information technology powerhouse with nearly $1.5 billion in revenueSpertus Institute per year.610 South Michigan Avenue Even in a rapidly changing and complex market, the company has maintained a relatively simple ‘go toChicago, IL 60605-1901 market’ formula: mind share + market share. But in marketing, as in jazz, it is rare to hear the same song(312) 322-1700 played exactly the same way twice. So it is critical to take that simple equation and execute against it, not only with the appropriate rigor and speed, but also with improvisation and creativity. That combination canPricing: translate into a more dynamic form of marketing– jazz marketing.AMA Member: $250 Groupon: At the Intersection of Local, Social and MobileNon-Member: $350 Presented by Lee Brown, SVP of National Sales for GrouponRegister: Groupon has harnessed the power of collective buying for offline merchants, providing them the abilitybrandsmart2011.eventbrite.com to participate in online commerce for the first time. With unprecedented consumer adoption and rapidly- expanding market coverage, the Groupon marketing platform offers unique opportunities for engagement312.280.0449 and activation. Lee Brown, SVP of National Sales, will talk about the company’s heritage and the invention of social commerce, what Groupon means for national brands, and what’s next for Groupon.
  2. 2. ABOUT BRANDSMART Social Media and Reputation Management Strategies to Engage Consumers & Channel Partners Presented by Linda Bartman, Senior Director of Marketing for Cars.comSince 2001, the Chicago The car shopping experience has one of the worst perceptions around. Consumers are worried about be-Chapter of the American ing taken and feel they don’t have control in the car shopping process. Dealers are looking to change thatMarketing Association has perception and create a new reality. At the core of Cars.com value proposition is to provide solutions tobrought together some of the engage consumers and drive them to visit a dealer’s store. Cars.com Linda Bartman will take you through how Cars.com is working to reshape the car shopping experience and is changing the dynamic betweenmost respected and innovative consumers and the dealerships through social media and reputation management.marketing leaders for the annualBrandSmart Conference. Chicago Blackhawks: One Goal Presented by Dave Knickerbocker, Sr. Executive Director of Marketing & Business Development In less than three years, the Chicago Blackhawks have made a remarkable turnaround that Forbes calledBrandSmart is the Midwest’s “The Greatest Sports-Business Turnaround Ever.” Sr. Executive Director of Marketing and Business Devel-leading forum on branding opment Dave Knickerbocker will take you inside the inner layer of the Chicago Blackhawks organizationthought leadership. Hosted by and focus on some of the brand initiatives that have brought the Blackhawks organization back to rel-the Chicago American evance.Marketing Association – AMA’s Brand Marketing on Facebook: What Works/What Doesn’t?largest professional chapter – Presented by Jeff Ragovin, Chief Revenue Officer, Buddy Mediathis day-long conference is at- Brand marketers and agencies now realize that the Facebook platform is way too big to ignore. So whattended by mid- and senior-level works and what doesn’t when it comes to engaging people and building your brand? Buddy Media’s Jeffmarketers looking to become Ragovin will show best practices from brands including Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Johnson and John- son, Carnival, L’Oreal and many more.branding rock stars throughbest practices and application- Marketing in a World that is Customer Controlled: It’s not about communication anymore!packed insights from a lineup of Presented by John M. Greening, Associate Professor, Northwestern University Medill IMC Everybody agrees that the customer determines all value... but then we try to influence them by lecturing,branding superstars rather than building a relationship based on something other than self-promotion. Influence is not about communication anymore unless we have something of interest to discuss. Everyone knows the old model is obsolete but when challenged to create results in this marketplace, we default to that way of thinkingEVENT DETAILS: because it’s safe and easily understood by our bosses. This presentation will outline— in very practical terms— how to truly influence customers in a world where the customers themselves determine effective-When: ness. It’s not about communication anymore!June 22, 2011 How to Step Ahead as a Global Brand: Think Holistic, Act PersonalTime: Presented by Luis Gallardo, CMO of DeloitteConference: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM Over the last eight years, Luis Gallardo has been instrumental in Deloitte’s marketplace recognition. MostNetworking: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM recently, Deloitte became the #1 professional services practice globally in FY2010, increasing its number of employees to 175,000, and expanding its $27 billion in revenue across 150 countries. Today, the De-Where: loitte brand is one of the most admired brands within the professional services industry and is consistentlySpertus Institute featured as a top employer of choice around the world. But staying a step ahead of today’s ever-changing and complex global environment is no easy feat, even for the best marketers and C-suite executives. That’s610 South Michigan Avenue why Luis has developed the THAP beta lab, a philosophy that helps in shaping a desirable and sustainableChicago, IL 60605-1901 future for brands.(312) 322-1700 What’s The Sound Of Your Brand?Pricing: Presented by Tena Clark, CEO/Chief Creative Officer, DMI Music & Media SolutionsAMA Member: $250 What musical touchstone does President Barack Obama, the most powerful leader in the world, shareNon-Member: $350 with Aretha Franklin, crowned the greatest singer of the rock era by Rolling Stone Magazine? The answer is the music expertise of Tena Clark. The company she founded, DMI Music & Media Solutions, programsRegister: the President’s music for Air Force One, and Clark also recently produced the Queen of Soul’s most recentbrandsmart2011.eventbrite.com album.312.280.0449 How do you create the sound of your brand? Do you know your brand’s soundDNA®? Have you defined your music strategy so your sound is consistent across all consumer touch points? Clark will speak on the power of music as it relates to a brand and the state of the union of the music industry. She’ll also chal- lenge the audience to define their own soundDNA.