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Bill Pink_Integrated Marketing 3.0_CAMA_April12

  1. 1. Pulling the Pieces Together:Using Cross Media Measurement to Drive Integrated Strategy
  2. 2. Agenda• The Changing Media Landscape – the Pieces to be Pulled Together o Evolving Trends in TV and Online – the Story over Time o Multi Media Effects on Key Outcomes• How to Pull the Pieces Together: Cross Media Measurement o First Principles o Questions Answered o Primer on Designo Evaluating the Success of the Dove for Men Launch** Co-presented in March 2011 with Unilever at the Advertising Research Foundation 2
  3. 3. Summary Over Time: TV and the Big Picture Key Questions and Sources Trends Over Time GRP Volume / Kantar Media Creative Branded Memorability / MB Copy Testing Creative Relevance and Persuasion / MB Copy Testing TV Ad Awareness / MB Tracking Brand Demand and Current Usage / MB Tracking
  4. 4. Potential Explanations:• Changing TV viewing habits? Consumer control with DVRs and multiple media options?• More focus on short term promotions than long term brand building?• Commoditization, more categories with acceptable store brands / growth in private labels?• Macro-economic effects, like recession?• Shift to mass merchandisers away from grocery?• Audience fragmentation and targeted media tactics?• Net take-away: harder to break through, and raises importance of understanding whats working and leveraging those learnings
  5. 5. Overall Norms: Online Ad Awareness Trend Baseline Delta 40 35 5.2 30 11.2 4.3 7.8 4.5 7.4 6.0 4.3 25Percent Impacted 20 4.9 15 32.0 28.7 24.5 24.2 25.5 22.9 22.9 22.7 10 14.7 5 0 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Q/2010 • Control groups do not see the “Baseline” refers to the percentage of respondents in the control group that were online ad campaign previously aware of the ad campaign. “Delta” corresponds to the positive difference in • Exposed groups have had the ad awareness between the exposed and control groups opportunity to see the campaign Source: Dynamic Logic MarketNorms, North America, Full Dataset, Q1/2010, N=4,727, n=7,361,669
  6. 6. Creative Technologies: Online Ad Awareness• Introduction of new online forms drive early incremental effects and overtime this effect is muted off a much larger base Video Rich Media Simple Flash Static/GIF 18 16 14 Percent Impacted 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Q1/2010 Source: Dynamic Logics MarketNorms, North America, Full Dataset, Q1/2010, N=4,727, n=7,361,669
  7. 7. Mobile advertising compared to early online &video norms – benefits of capitalizing on newmedia forms. +22.1 Early Online Norms (2000-2002) Early Video Norms (2002-2004) +18.9 MobilePercent Impacted +12.0 Delta (Δ) +11.3 +9.1 +7.8 +5.8 +5.4 +5.0 +4.5 +4.1 +3.7 +4.0 +2.3 +2.1 Aided Brand Awareness Mobile Ad Awareness Message Association Brand Favorability Purchase IntentSource: Dynamic Logic’s MarketNorms; Online (2000-2002). N=616 campaigns; Online Video MarketNorms (2002-2004), N=34 campaigns;AdIndex for Mobile Norms through Q4/2009 N=74campaigns, n=69,524 respondents Delta (Δ)=Exposed-ControlBase Sizes too small to break-out Europe data
  8. 8. More Opportunities to See or Read Multiple Media Lead to Greater Increases In Message Association • Users of multiple media had higher baseline levels of brand communication awareness Total Brand Message Association Communication Awareness Control Delta Control Delta70.0 25.060.0 9.9 20.050.0 9.6 10.2 5.5 9.040.0 15.0 6.1 5.330.0 10.0 3.2 46.2 49.520.0 39.2 13.6 32.4 5.0 11.8 8.3 9.410.0 0.0 0.0 TV TV+ TV+ TV+ TV TV+ TV+ TV+ Online Print Print+Online Online Print Print+Online Source: Dynamic Logic Database of CrossMedia studies
  9. 9. Cross Media: Our Tool for Action • Measures campaign impact on all communication and How did the gives a level read on brand outcomes across media campaign perform? channels What was the • Specific link between change in any measured contribution of the outcome and exposure to any activity in context of different elements? other influences • Unique and synergistic effects of media (what is What was their cost- working together for greater effect) efficiency in delivering lifts? • All contributions are related to spend • Clear advice of future media allocations How can I optimize • Diagnosis of frequency moving forward? • Recognition questions add content diagnostics 9
  10. 10. CrossMedia: First Principles Pre-campaign analysis % considering within groups based on # of media exposed to once campaign started 24 Pre-Disposition: Important to 19 understand differences in how people feel about the brand before 16 People exposed the advertising hits. People exposed to two media People exposed to one media only to no media Media Neutrality: Important to put all the media (even low reach) on the same playing field in terms of ability to impact the brand. Objectives-Focused: The focus of our analyses will be based on individual campaign objectives. 10
  11. 11. Cross Media: First Principles continued• We need both a WIDE lens to look across multiple media as well as a DEEP lens to look to within particular media o WIDE = TV relative to print relative to online display relative to billboards, … o DEEP = Network vs cable, dayparts, genres, programs, …• Different media work differently to achieve different objectives o TV is not just about awareness generation, online is not just about persuasion, … cross media measurement must allow for media effects to cross expected boundaries• Whenever possible, we compare findings against prior launches and databased results
  12. 12. Obtaining Respondent Level Exposure Data TV: Calculated based on media consumption questions, using total TV viewing hours and weekly reach and frequency estimates, and application of advertising decay rates Print: Calculated using frequency of reading, survey data and the accumulation curves. The final exposure for each print vehicle can be decayed over time depending on the on-sale date and the interview date Online: Calculated using a cookie tracking system and application of advertising decay rates for each exposure (use time of interview and time for each exposure) 12
  13. 13. Designing a CrossMedia Research program Time 1. Pre-Sample 2. In-Campaign Sample 3. Analytics A. Category, brand and advertising metrics We relate weight Questionnaire of exposure to changes in B. Brand disposition factors, including category & outcomes, brand experience accounting for pre disposition C. Opportunity to see / hear different media activities and other influences. 13
  14. 14. Introduction of Dove for Men
  15. 15. Introduction of Dove for MenAn Integrated 360 Campaign• January of 2010, Dove introduce its new line of Men’s personal wash o Phased approach, initially aiming to raise awareness among women and later targeting men through a Super Bowl sponsorship and subsequent male-targeted advertising o The specific media included TV advertising, print placements, and online banner and videos Dove’s Integrated Media Plan January 11-April 30
  16. 16. Evaluating the Success of the LaunchResearch Program Analytic Techniques Upfront creative evaluations before  Matched cell comparisons of like launch consumers exposed to the campaign Ongoing tracking to ensure we  Logit regressions to identify marginal understood consumer perceptions contributions and diminishing returns before, during and after launch with increased frequency Cross media research to understand the  Structural equation models to estimate unique and synergistic effects direct and indirect effects of the of the media campaign, and drive scenario testing Digital deep dive to see which sites and creatives were working
  17. 17. In National Tracking, the Democracy CampaignDrove Awareness and Intent February was Dove Mens Total brand awareness heaviest month in terms of support - and where Top 2 Box Purchase Intent we saw the greatest First Choice Purchase Intent growth October Novemb Decembe January February March April er r "Ghost" Female- Dove Mens TV and Reads Pre- Targeted TV Heaviest Digital Launch Activity Month: Super Activity Bowl, Print, Continue *Source: : Millward Brown Male Personal Wash Tracker TV & Digital Activity
  18. 18. Incremental Awareness: Comparisonto Other Male Product Launches 1st Quarter TRPs 2nd Quarter TRPs and Growth from and Growth from Brand Baseline Baseline While Dove did not +40% +90% reach the same level Dove Men + Care of awareness after 6 TRPs: 387 TRPs: 254 months as other +23% +21% Competitor 1 launches, it did show TRPs: 354 TRPs: 290 the largest increase Competitor 2 +3% +9% in awareness from TRPs: 313 TRPs: 436 the ghost level +5% +5% (nearly doubling its Competitor 3 base level) TRPs: 364 TRPs:78 +21% +20% Competitor 4 TRPs: 447 TRPs: 252
  19. 19. Matched Cell Comparisons: Big Effects Withinthe Footprint of the Campaign Online, in combination with exposure to other media, drove incremental impacts more consistently than in previous launches Comparison of Results: Dove CrossMedia Studies Dove Campaign A 2009 Dove Campaign B 2009 Dove for Men 2010 Test Brand: Dove Test Brand: Dove Test Brand: Dove Men+Care Target: Females 18-49 Target: Females 18-49 Target: Adults 25-54 TV + TV + TV + TV + TV + Print + TV TV + TV + Print + TV TV + TV + Print + TV Only Online Print Online Only Online Print Online Only Online Print Online A B C D A B C D A B C DAidedBrand          AC  ACAwarenessPurchase   A       A  Intent= Improvement over the control group  = No change over the control  = Decline from the control group
  20. 20. Logit Regressions: Each Media PerformedDifferently at Distinct Frequency Levels ● The marginal effects of TV and Print to awareness are greater than online and are maximized at lower frequency levels ● Online contributes to awareness at a slightly increasing rate with 9.00% increasing exposures Print Media Effectiveness Aided Brand Awareness Online 8.00% Maximized Aided Brand Awareness TV Marginal Contribution 7.00% Aided Brand Awareness: Print 6.00% 5.00% TV 4.00% Media Effectiveness Maximized 3.00% Online Media Effectiveness 2.00% Continues Growth 1.00% 0.00% 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Frequency of Exposure Source: Dynamic Logic Study/Dove Democracy, Female Audience
  21. 21. Digital Deep Dive: Drew Brees CreativesDrove Awareness and Messaging Unaided Awareness Message Association Purchase Intent Creative CPM Relative Relative Relative Relative Relative Relative Themes Effect Efficiency Effect Efficiency Effect Efficiency Drew Brees 1 1 2 1 1 2 6 Steam 4 2 1 6 5 1 1 Women’s Flash 7 7 7 7 7 5 2 Tackle Dry Skin 5 5 5 5 6 3 3 Men’s Flash 6 6 6 4 4 6 5 Manthem 3 4 3 2 2 7 7 Wakey Wakey 2 3 4 2 3 4 4
  22. 22. Structural Equation Models: Identificationand Functional Benefits Drove Intent Education on specific Brand Attributes properties drove identification, Relative Impact on Purchase which ultimately motivated Intent Among Males males New cleaning 0.17 Relative Rank Attribute Fights Impact Dry Skin Understands needs 1 Is the right choice for me 8.7% 0.33 Provides a deep clean without leaving 0.46 2 you dry like other soap 4.5% Cares for my skin 0.05 Purchase 3 Cares for my skin 2.5% Deep clean Intent without 0.39 Is a brand that truly understands the drying, like 4 needs of men 2.0% other soap 0.29 5 Is a new cleansing product for men 1.6% 0.06 0.25 6 Fights dry skin 0.8% Right choice for me *Source: Dynamic Logic Cross Media Study
  23. 23. Scenario Testing: Removing the SuperBowl Would Drop Awareness • Keeping the Super Bowl in conjunction with magazines showed potential to help grow salience • Changes to Non-Super Bowl TV resulted in minimal change, again suggesting cross-channel exposure was important for males 120 Unaided Brand Awareness 110 110Actual Media PlanIndexed Against 100 Index=100 Scenario B: Keep Super Bowl, 90 Add Newsweek and Time issues weeks 1-5 80 80 Scenario A: 70 Drop Super Bowl
  24. 24. Conclusions• Cross media measurement is a business imperative, and it’s ability to drive strategic decisions comes back to first principles: o Understanding campaign objectives o Media neutrality o Controlling for brand pre-disposition o Looking across media and within media to understand how the campaign is working (or not) o Allowing different media to work different to drive objectives o Comparing back to databases or other relevant context• Key learnings for Dove for Men that will drive future decisions: o Pre-test as many assets as possible to insure optimization o Continue to drive for men association with functional messaging o Drive Branding in the very cluttered environment o Recognize that a big splash with effective assets is critical to jump start o The synergistic effect of multiple media channels is driving success 24