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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Retailer-Themed Super Saver Events


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Amazon’s Prime days, but also Krogers’ Cart Buster (also known as Mega Sales), are just two examples of innovative promotional activities. This study looks at these innovative types of events and demonstrates the effects they have on consumers.

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Retailer-Themed Super Saver Events

  1. 1. Guyt and Gijsbrechts (2020) Retailer-Themed Super Saver Events: Are They Effective?
  2. 2. Guyt and Gijsbrechts (2020) Retailer-Themed Super Saver Events These events are specific to the retailer and involve the retailer to mass advertise unusually deep and immediate deals across a broad range of categories with a common savings theme and deal format Examples: Amazon’s “Prime Day,” Kroger’s “Cart Buster Savings” event, Woolworths’ “Two-Day Super-Sale” event, Exito’s “Dias de Precios Especiales,” Albert Heijn’s “Hamsterweeks”
  3. 3. Guyt and Gijsbrechts (2020) Impact of Retailer- Themed Super Saver Events • During event: • Increase store visits and basket size • Attract new customers • Mostly at expense of discounters • Impact much larger than effect of discounting or advertising alone  event theme is critical! • Before/After event: • Consumers visit and buy less in anticipation • Consumers visit more but for smaller baskets afterward • Net impact: • Small increase in purchases, status quo in profits • But: impact differs between events! Scope of promos and free publicity are key!
  4. 4. Guyt and Gijsbrechts (2020) Guidelines for Retailers • Use Retailer-Themed Super Saver Events as a defense mechanism from eroding market shares: • Increase share of wallet among light customers • Prevent defection to discounters • Avoid negative effects due to postponing purchases in anticipation of sale: • Varying event timing may prevent consumers from predicting next event • Get national brand managers on board: • Positive volume-effects can convince managers to contribute to discounts • Create unique and easy-to-recognize theme to guarantee success • Strive for earned (not just owned) media impressions • Ensure minimum scope (# of products)