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Development gap past papers


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Development gap past papers

  1. 1. Development Gap:SAM5. Study Figure 5.(a) Explain the message of the cartoon, and state how far you agree with its message. (10)(b) Assess the view that economic development is not possible without causingenvironmental degradation. (15)
  2. 2. Development Gap: January 2010 Bridging the Development Gap. 4 Study Figure 4. (a) Using information in Figure 4, and your own knowledge, explain why it is difficult to measure development. (10) (b) Evaluate the role of different global organisations in narrowing the development gap. (15)
  3. 3. Development Gap: June 2010Bridging the Development Gap4 Study Figure 4.(a) Using Figure 4 and your ownknowledge, explain why some groups ofpeople within a country have a lowerlevel of development than others.(10)(b) Using named examples, assess theadvantages and disadvantages of top-downand bottom-up development strategies.(15)
  4. 4. Development Gap : January 2011 Bridging the Development Gap 4 Study Figure 4. (a) Suggest how the information shown can be considered as both good and bad news for the developing world. (10) (b) Using named examples, evaluate the success oftwo contrasting strategies used to narrow the development gap. (15)
  5. 5. Development Gap : January 2012Bridging the Development Gap5 Study Figure 5.(a) Suggest why the people shown have contrasting views on the priorities fordevelopment. (10)(b) Using named examples, examine the extent to which the development gap occurswithin countries as well as globally. (15)
  6. 6. Development Gap : June 2012Bridging the Development Gap4 Study Figure 4.(a) Suggest reasons for the variableprogress towards achieving theMillenniumDevelopment Goal targets. (10)(b) Using named examples, assess theadvantages and disadvantages ofcontrastingways of measuring development. (15)
  7. 7. Development Gap : January 2013Bridging the Development Gap4 Study Figure 4. (a) Using Figure 4, explain how the groups of players have both positive and negativeimpacts on the development process. (10) (b) Assess the extent to which models and theories, such as the North-South divideand dependency theory, are useful in helping to understand the development gap.(15)