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Rules of Sports

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  1. 1. TeamsPlayers must take turns batting on offence, and they must batin a pre-determined order and remain in that order for the entiregame. The same players will also play defence when they arenot batting. On defence, teams must have one pitcher. Abaseball field consists of bases.
  2. 2. Basic RulesPlayers take turns going up to home plate to try to hit a baseballthrown from a pitcher. The pitcher has to place the ball over homeplate and between the height of the batters knees and shoulders. Ifthe ball crosses this area, it is not hit and the batter moves, it iscounted as a strike. If it does not cross this area, it counts as a ball.Batters have to get a hit before they get three strikes, or else they areout. Batters have to touch all the bases on their way to touchinghome plate. If a player is out of a base when the pitcher gets the ballis eliminated. If a batter gets home plate the team scores a run. A nonstop run is a home run and the team gets a life for an eliminatedpartner. If the team on defence catches the ball in the air the teamschange positions--the batting team takes the field to play defence,and vice versa. The team that scores the most runs wins.