Choice criteria of research problem


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Choice criteria of research problem

  1. 1. Choice Criteria of Research Problem Interested in the affairs research puts a number of criteria that help the researcher in the selection problem Some of these standards researcher himself, and others to external social factors The following are the most important of these criteria :
  2. 2. 1 - Self Criteria : These standards relate to the researcher and his personality, abilities and inclinations where they can not Researcher to tackle a problem only if it had a tendency to this problem One of the most self criteria: Researcher interest : Researcher tends to choose the problems of concern to the attention A person who personally tends Waller problem can make active efforts as a whole. The ability of a researcher: the researcher must accompany the attention of the subject provide the technical capacity And skills necessary to do this research, provide that if the research is being done To reach and resolve the problem .
  3. 3. provide material resources: Some research requires considerable material has the potential of Are not available to the researcher, which makes his task difficult and therefore must take into account the researcher In his choice of problem to the availability of material resources necessary for its consideration. - information is available : T he study of the research problem requiring access to information And certain statements in the references, books or manuscripts in the Documentation Centers This implies that the researcher confirmed the availability of references and information on the problem of search.
  4. 4. 2-Scientific and Social Criteria: Standards made up in addition to the Self criteria sound basis for the selection problem Search Among the most prominent scientific and social norms as follows: Interest scientific research: The other side of applied research is very important because of the goals of scientific research that Arrive at the facts and knowledge and scientific methods to help us improve the living conditions Must be from a combination of the theoretical side of reality and scientific applications
  5. 5. the contribution of research to the advancement of knowledge: The researcher on that adds nothing to human knowledge, do not do running Researcher in subjects duplicates not led to the discovery of information and new facts. The human knowledge-building is connected to every researcher involved in this construction by adding new This addition is the justification for the great efforts made by each researcher in the field.
  6. 6. : Disseminate the results of the study <ul><li>Researcher tries to choose the design problem and urging him to have a general nature and so Facilitate the dissemination of their results on similar cases, it is true that the generalization is dangerous but What applies to a situation may not apply to another position, but there is a degree of stability And sustained in the things that allows circular within acceptable limits. That good research is to draw attention to a subject and addresses the aspects of this find Moa and leave the door open to dozens of studies </li></ul>
  7. 7. The formulation of the problem and questions: There is no specific language drafted in the form of questions or phrases are expressive, but in any formulation should be formulated quite clear .
  8. 8. Criteria for the formulation problem: - The clarity of the wording and accuracy. - Be clear in the wording and the presence of variables. - That the formulation of the problem must be clear so that it can reach a solution which are subject to immediate testing.
  9. 9. Criteria for evaluating the problem: <ul><li>- Do you deal with the problem the subject or the subject newly bis? - Do you contribute to this subject in addition certain scientific? - Is the problem has been formulated in precise terms and clear? - Will this problem to the attention research and other studies? - Is the benefit of scientific results will be presented to the community? </li></ul>