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  • Government has decided to increase farmers’ funding. This is an opportunity for ENGRO foods because previously due to weather conditions and other reasons there was lots of wastage of milk but now that can be reduced as farmers will be better able to store milk for longer time periods.
  • Olpers

    1. 1. Marketing Strategy of Olper’sPrepared by:ALI MAAZALIMAAAZ@YAHOO.COM
    2. 2. CONTENTSEngro History5 P’sSegmentation & TargetingPositioningSWOTPricing
    3. 3. Engro HistoryEngro Foods (Pvt.) Limited (EFL)has been established in2005. The plant located at Sukkur and second plant isbuilt up at sahiwalThe plant has been established at a cost of Rs. 1 billionwhich provides direct employment to 750 people
    4. 4. 5 P’sProductEFL launched olper’s as all purpose milk and it mostlyused as consumer product because it mostly bought byfinal users for personal useOlper’s lite for low fat – high calcium diet milk isreflected and reminded in all campaigns to stand out
    5. 5. Pricecompetition-based pricing Engro foods olper’s usually pricedbelow, above or equal to its competitor’s pricesDiscount price olper’s are often marked down during saleperiods and special occasions. Like Ramadan this will: generatesales increase profits
    6. 6. Place
    7. 7. PackagingPackaging of Olper’s milk is in red color and olper’scream in purple colour which is quite different from itscompetitors because these colours are attractive thanother
    8. 8. PromotionEFL Promotes their products through massivepromotions , huge advertisements as well as publicrelations
    9. 9. SWOTStrengthsENGRO is a well established brand name in Fertilizer,IT and infrastructure business. The brand is well knownso customers will automatically have a brandassociation with Olper’sMassive & Effective Promotion is also the strength forOlper’s
    10. 10. WeaknessEFL is not having its own dairy farms; it largely collectsloose milk from farmers which sometimes is of lowquality and impure because they add vegetable oil tomilk to get higher prices.EFL is dependent upon Tetra Pak for the packaging of itsentire dairy products. Tetra Pak is the only optionavailable to Olper’s for packaging because it is havingmonopoly in the packaging sector in Pakistan
    11. 11. OpportunitiesGrowing dissatisfaction with loose milk and increasingawareness about health and hygiene issues have led toincreased processed milk consumptionDue to competition olper’s continuously enhancing theirquality
    12. 12. ThreatsConsumer’s preferences change with time and pricesmight create certain barriers interms of the profit margins for Olper’s. For example, losemilk is still cheaper thanpackaged milk and that is also one factor that people stillprefer to buy lose milk.
    13. 13. Segmentation & TargetingThere are no boundaries such as demographic orgeographic for olper’s milk EFL introduced olper’smilk as all purpose milk its for all genders ages forall most all social classes and also EFL placed it allover the PakistanWhere as EFL segmented olper’s lite aspsychographic they showed in theiradvertisement that this milk is for health or dietconscious people low fait high calcium milk
    14. 14. PositioningPositioning involves designing the product and imagethat will occupy a distinctive place in the minds of thetarget market
    15. 15. ConclusionOlper’s milk is very fast growing product. Itestablished itself in market in a very short time. Bythis speed it, just in 2 or 3 years it will take over of allits competitors.