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Toromocho 797F-4X4-LMR Presentación de Fesa.pdf

  1. 797F 4x4 LMR Program Update Presentation to Chinalco – Toromocho February 19, 2016
  2. 797F Low Maintenance Ratio (LMR) High Altitude Engine Bundling of key customer value features: • 4x4 high altitude air system • Self-cleaning oil filter + Centrifugal Oil Filter (COF) • Hydraulic Valve Lash Adjusters (HLA) with low lift cam • Individual port thermocouples – telematics ready • Extends oil change intervals • Eliminates oil filter replacement • Reduces contamination risk to engine during service • Eliminates lash adjustment and reduces valvetrain loads • Provides full life turbochargers and air system • Reduces engine weight compared to current 4x2 HAA configuration • Lab Testing – full strain, vibration, and thermal assessment (complete) • TPG Testing – Machine performance and vibration (in process) • Field – 2 HAA machines for in use demonstration (begin early 3Q16) Project Description Customer Benefits Validation LMR Key Iron T2 C175 Iron
  3. 4X4 Air System Benefits Future 4X4 vs Current 4X2 • Approximately 1000 kg weight reduction • 550 mm reduction in overall package height • Reduces overall air system vibration levels • 100 fewer parts per engine • Front and rear support structures are independent of each other • Eliminates potential for vibratory interactions between the two systems. • Reduces effects of thermal growth and distortion • Predicted reduction in cycle fuel consumption 4x4 HAA 4x2 HAA
  4. 4x2 Lessons Learned Applied Turbos Exhaust Intake Structures • C175-20 engine 2nd order and 5th order block vibration factored into design • Turbochargers completely supported from front and rear housings for optimal vertical support • Minimized system height and lengths to reduce overall package vibration levels • Air system structure separated into two halves • Minimize system thermal growth and distortion of support structures • Eliminates vibratory interactions between front and rear turbochargers • Inner-stage exhaust ducting between HP and LP made as short as possible to eliminate need for hot exhaust piping supports • Eliminated wastegate + left & right Air & Exhaust mixing
  5. HLA and Low Lift Cam Benefits Valve Seating Velocity Reduction Rotator Fatigue Life improvement Spring Fatigue Factor Improvement Pushrod Force Reduction Lifter Shaft / Bolt Fatigue life improvement Wear Reduction Rocker Shaft / Bolt Fatigue Life (IN) improvement Wear Reduction Bridge Fatigue Life improvement Wear Reduction Valve Seat Fatigue Life improvement Wear Reduction Pushrod Fatigue Life (IN) improvement Wear Reduction Hyd Lash Adj (HLA) Eliminates lash setting interval Maintains targeted lash Cylinder Head
  6. HLA – How They Work Body - Tip Body - Lower Body - Upper Piston Retaining Ring Seat - Check 1. Check Ball Ball Retainer Feed Spring Intake Valve Closed 1. Check valve opens. 2. Oil refills chamber 3. Lash reset to zero Intake Valve Open 4. Check valve closes 5. HLA is hydraulically locked 6. Maintains zero lash during valve lift event.
  7. 797F LMR Engine – Lubrication System Distributor Motor Backflush Oil To COF SCF Functional Overview Dirty oil filtered through fine mesh screens. < 0.5% of the filtered oil flow powers the hydraulic motor which turns the distributor. 3% of the filtered oil is directed back through the screen elements to flush out the debris (self clean) and is carried to a centrifugal filter. ~97% of clean oil goes to the engine main oil gallery SCF filters oil to 40 micron absolute. (Today’s cartridge filter is 20 micron) Centrifugal filter removes contaminants from the backflush oil. No service required for SCF which means clean side of lube system always remains closed! Supplier YouTube Video – Functional Overview ( Self Cleaning Filter & COF IMG_0571 - Windows Photo Viewer Aluminum body: 88 kg No Filter bypass valve Filter Out Unfiltered oil press. HPFP clean oil port Backflush To COF Filter In
  8. 797F LMR Engine – Lubrication System Centrifugal Oil Filter (COF) Spindle Cleaning chamber (high pressure) Contaminant buildup Inlet Drain Cut-off valve Nozzle Drive chamber (crankcase pressure) • 4 liters of dirt holding capacity • 25 lbs when full of contaminants • 1 unit per engine (2nd unit potentially required for HA sites.) • CAT custom base design for optimal packaging
  9. 797F Low Maintenance Ratio (LMR) High Altitude Engine • As reviewed, Ferreyros and Caterpillar are committed to making the 797F 4x2 C175-20 a successful engine for Toromocho. • We are also committed to developing new technologies and products to improve performance, improve efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs for Toromocho. • Thank you for partnering with us!
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