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Bridging the social_divide

  1. 1. Bridging the Social Divide#Winning Senior Management Support Presented by Mal Chia, Digital Media Strategist for Connecting Up Australia, June 22nd 2011
  2. 2. It’s not about technology
  3. 3. It’s about people
  4. 4. 42% of senior managers do notsupport or champion social media
  5. 5. As a result, most social programs aremisaligned with business objectives
  6. 6. Typically start from the bottom up
  7. 7. What’s wrong with this approach?• Doesn’t scale• Creates ‘help desk’ mentality• Typically lives within a department• Difficultly resourcing• Inconsistent experience
  8. 8. Need support from the top
  9. 9. But why should they care?• Conversation is happening online, with or without you• Relate it to business strategy & objectives• The cost of inaction• But how does it affect the bottom line?
  10. 10. Measurement is still the biggest barrier for 34% senior managers• You need an analytics framework• 3 tiers of metrics • Reach/exposure • Strategic • Financial
  11. 11. Benefits of executive buy-in• Increase speed of access to knowledge• Shared resources across departments• Coordinated voice• Better customer experience• Reduce confusion & brand dilution• Stay ‘on message’• Strategy & direction
  12. 12. What we did• Showed evidence• Alignment with strategic direction• Moved from organic to coordinated model• Established cross-functional team• ‘One’ voice
  13. 13. Mal Chia