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Keeping pace with twitter: Dtes2 session 3


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Session plan linked to conference presentation. Using twitter to keep pace in an online university session.

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Keeping pace with twitter: Dtes2 session 3

  1. 1. This%work%is%licensed%under%the%Creative%Commons%Attribution7NonCommercial7ShareAlike%2.0%UK:%England%&%Wales%License.%To%view%a%copy%of%this%license,%visit% 3 Time: Location: Online Duration: 120 mins Room:Programme: BSc Sec D&T Ed Subject/Module: DTES2No. students: Topic: Seminar: Creativity in D&T’ Reflecting: what is it? FF for seminar 1 & 2Lesson aims:Evaluate evidence of, and opportunities for, creativity, thinking and problem solvingskills in secondary schoolsLesson outcomes.By the end of this session students should be able to: • Define creativity – different definitions • How it can be fostered and inhibited • Creativity in D&T • Reflect on what makes a seminar effectiveAssessment methods:- contribution to jigsawPrevious knowledge assumed: Materials/ equipment required:Use on NOW discussion forum Wiki NOW: discussion Screenr Skype? Twitter with hashtag #dtes2 Individual notes on topics/ copy of textsDifferentiation and equal opportunities:• Screenr for those who have not used discussion boards before• Scaffolding of jigsaw activity with information released at key points• Session plan pre-released for students to familiarise themselves with structure of the session• Assessment criteria encourages all students to be able to achieve at all stagesActivities to be undertaken for the next session:• Preparation for seminar 1-13• Reflection/ notes on Alison’s seminar• Thinking skills in D&T reading/preparation Session Plan
  2. 2. Stage Time Subject matter Lecturer activity Student activity Resources/Differentiation Assessment Category /Notes of activity 1. Prior Practice topic Screenr prepared Make at least one post NOW discussion All to have made a Student to in NOW Tweet: to topic ‘Practice post led start Ready to start #dtes2 ? topic’ Some to have replied Stage to another post 2 Few to have started a #dtes new thread 2 2. 10- Introduction to Screenr with Watch screenr and Wiki Lecturer 10.05 session information about find relevant resources NOW: content for led Stage where resources are today, discussion and 3 for this morning’s buzz #dtes session Screenr 2 Skype? Twitter Individual notes on topics 3. 10.05 - Online Monitor online 1. Read instructions NOW All to have made an Student 10.25 discussion in discussion on topic Individual notes on appropriate post led groups of 3 on 2. Contribute to topics which uses reading Stage NOW discussion topic as Some summary/ 4 per instructions! conclusion of the topic #dtes Few to have identified 2 key points for sharing with peers 4. 10.25 Preparation for 1. Post groups for next 1. Check new groups – NOW discussion on None Student – jigsaw & grab stage on wiki on wiki topic activity 10.40 a coffee 2. Open new 2. Read instructions Individual notes on Stage discussion forum for new discussion topics 5 3. Get a coffee in NOW Twitter 4. Read tweets! 3. Prepare Wiki #dtes 2 information for Session Plan
  3. 3. sharing about your topic 4. Get a coffee! 5. Post a tweet about how this morning is going5. 10.40- Jigsaw Monitor online discussion 1. Read instructions on Wiki All to have made an Student 11.15 topic NOW discussion appropriate post led 2. Contribute to Access to first discussion which uses reading Stage discussion topic as and previous 6 per instructions! discussion #dtes Some development of 2 initial discussion Few will make links FF on between their original discus topic and their peers sion topics, developing board their breadth of for understanding about semin creativity ar 1 & 26. 11.15 – Summarise key Monitor online discussion 1. Create a summary of Etherpad per group All will be able to Student 11.40 learning/ topic in discussion NOW discussion describe how they have led Stage understanding against learning met at least one of the 7 of creativity objectives on learning objectives of the #dtes etherpad for your session group Some will be able to do 2 2. Copy and paste this for 2 or more discussion in A few will be able to do etherpad into NOW this for all of the discussion under new objectives thread: ‘Summary’7. 11.40 – Reflection on Form set up in NOW Complete form in NOW Form in NOW All will provide descriptive Student 11.50 seminar this responses to the activity Session Plan
  4. 4. Stage morning questions 8 Some will be able to #dtes indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the 2 teaching and learning styles used for today Few will provide an explanation of why aspects of the session went well and others did not, with suggestions for improvement 8. 11.50- Reflection on Etherpad page for Participate in Etherpad : this is the Lecturer 12 learning discussion against etherpad discussion one for the final led Stage learning objectives discussion 9 #dtes 2 9. 12 c Sign off on Post tweet to close Post tweet to sign off Twitter All twitter session finishe d– see you on FridayAlternative*plan*for*seminar*leaders*1!&"2! 1. Prior c Share Open discussion area Upload any notes/ NOW discussion to planning for for seminar leaders resources to discussion start seminar 2. 11.15 Discuss ideas Question about format Respond to questions NOW discussion Consolidation of plans – for seminar and content for seminar Session Plan
  5. 5. 11.40 Session Plan
  6. 6. Topicsforfirstdiscussion! Topic! Themes&in&topic! Key$reading!Terminology related to 1. Definitions of creativity CRAFT, 2005. Chapter 2creativity 2. Misconceptions about creativity ROBINSON, 2011. Chapter 6Becoming creative 1. Schools/ education ADAIR, 2009 2. Inhibiting creativity FISHER, 1990. 3. Encouraging creativity ROBINSON, 2010. ROBINSON, 2011. Chapter 3Creativity in school 1. Creativity in school subjects CRAFT, 2005. Chapter 3 2. Creative teaching CROPLEY, 2003. Chapter 7 QCA, 2007.Valuing creativity in D&T 1. Importance of valuing creativity in MIDDLETON, 2005 pupils LEWIS, 2006 2. Values and creativity in D&TTeaching and learning 1. Creativity in D&T National CRAFT, 2005. Chapter 6creativity in D&T Curriculum McLELLAN, R. and NICHOLL, B. 2008 2. Teaching to be creative in D&T QCA, 2007. 3. Teaching creatively in D&T Session Plan
  7. 7. Reflection on teaching1. Describe: what do I do? Feedback: • exciting to use many different software, • once i got my head around how it all works, • I gained some vital points about creativity. • I enjoyed the online seminar • I really enjoyed working this way • This was great, I really enjoyed it. • Loved the session plan this was a great idea making it available • It has been an interesting lesson My notes Included a lot of different web based technologies, used twitter for time checks and as additional help.2. Inform: what does this mean? Feedback: • twitter was vital to ensure we all kept at the same pace!! • I enjoyed it as a new experience • very hectic • think the structure worked well especially with the timings so we were all on the same bit at the same time. • will look to use etherpad again for planning and changing things about • I liked the fact that it was up to me to keep up with everyone else and it kept me on task. • Enjoyed at times, and felt very rushed/stressed at others. • i found the discussion board difficult at times prefer the etherpad • Having all the notes stored is beneficial to me it helps me to be organised. • I felt the pressure was on to rush sometimes My notes A lot to prepare in advance, using so many new technologies meant I added a lot of links and advice – maybe too much repetition of links which added to confusion for some. Tried to provide a lot of support for students3. Confront - how did I come to be like this? My notes Feel a pressure to keep a high pace to a session, not confident at building in thinking time.Amendments/developments/actions4. Reconstruct: how might I do things differently? Feedback: This seminar has been a mixed success; some practice on the technology used may have settled some of the less technology abled members of the group... There could have been another break later on, as i had to leave the computer But it certainly has been fun! Session Plan
  8. 8. My notes• Release screenr in advance – maybe embed in NOW pages?• Use etherpad in another session to aid with familiarisation• Have key questions about the set texts in the discussion boards to support initial threads• Open first discussion boards one week before so the first part of the session can be done asynchronously as part of SDS• Have reflection activity as SDS for after the session• Consider using Facebook – but is this just another technology? Session Plan