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D&T curriculum planning


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Presentation for week 25 (2011/12)
This presentations introduces a module task for developing innovative practice which will support the process of modernising D&T.

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D&T curriculum planning

  1. 1. Diet of experience...
  2. 2. Designing andDesigning makingwithoutmaking Exploring Making technology and without society designing
  3. 3. The challenge• What does that curriculum look like?• 4 types of activities – mainly designing – mainly making – designing and making – exploring technology in society Mainly Mainly Designing & Exploring Designing Making Making Tech in Soc MD MM D&M ETS MD MM D&M ETS
  4. 4. A way forward VISION STATEMENT FOR D&T KS3 PLANNING ‘TOOLKIT’ 7 8 9 Resistant Materials Textiles Whole Food year planSystems and controlTEACHING ‘Industry/careers’ activities (eg 1 lesson max) ‘Product analysis’ activitiesRESOURCES ‘Design’ activities ‘Make’ activities ‘Design and Make’ activities (eg 4-12 weeks) etcCPD ACTIVITIES Mix of Face-to-Face and Online November 2009
  5. 5. Some (resource) answers ... D&T Key Resources
  6. 6. Some (resource) answers ...
  7. 7. Exploring Technology in Society Pedal to the well, fill up the tank and by the time you’re home you have 8 litres of purified water.‘15 Below Coat’ -for the homeless
  8. 8. Year 9 Control – ‘Jitterbugs’ OHT.5.21
  9. 9. How do we get there... ?
  10. 10. Some (resource) answers ...
  11. 11. Your challenge:In groups of mixed material specialisms create a Mainly Designing or Mainly MakingSOW which: – reflects your understanding of a modern curriculum – Takes risks and is innovativeStarting points: – SAS1 SOW – SOW from your school 2009
  12. 12. Time line 20/1/2012 27/1/2012 10/2/2012 Teach 25 minutes of Introduction to the task Market place of SOW one lesson from SoW Plan SoW using matrix Feedback from peers to peers (peers will be pupils)