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  1. 1. As International Law continues to play a prominent role in the legal arena,access to an online collection to assist in researching the evolution of thisimportant area of law is essential. has now closed the gap in thevoid of online access to important international law research documents!In addition, the current dilemma facing international law researchers today -the inability to easily search across multiple international law titles in printformat - is now an afterthought with the availability of Foreignand International Law Resources Database (FILRD)!With HeinOnline’s FILRD, researchers are able to easily search or browseonline through the treasures of some of the world’s best international lawpublications, from the in-depth coverage of publications of the AmericanSociety of International Law and prominent Yearbooks from around theworld to the Hague Permanent Court of International Justice series and thepublications of dozens of other highly-respected publishers. Altogether, thislibrary contains more than 1,000,000 pages and more than 1,800 volumes!As with other HeinOnline content, the Foreign and International LawResources Database contains documents from inception in an image-based(PDF) and fully-searchable format. This ensures authenticity of the originaldocument, saving research time and enhancing the value of this collection tothe legal community.The World’s Most Comprehensive OnlineCollection for the International Law Researcher!REV. 03.2013Presented in thefollowing five parts:Ÿ Part I: InternationalYearbooks and PeriodicalsŸ Part II: U.S. Law DigestsŸ Part III: InternationalTribunals/JudicialDecisionsŸ Part IV: OtherSignificant TitlesPart V: Court of Justiceof the EuropeanCommunitiesFOREIGN ANDINTERNATIONALLAW RESOURCES DATABASE
  2. 2. HeinOnline’s Foreign and International Law Resources Database contains dozens of significant research titleswith all content from inception* of every title in an image-based (PDF) format. A sampling of the content can befound below:PART I: INTERNATIONAL YEARBOOKS AND SERIALSŸ International NegotiationsŸ International PeacekeepingŸ Italian Yearbook of International LawŸ Labour Law DocumentsŸ League of Nations-Official JournalŸ Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations LawŸ New Zealand Yearbook of International LawŸ Ocean YearbookŸ Polish Yearbook of International LawŸ Revue de Droit Uniforme/Uniform Law Review (NewSeries)Ÿ South African Human Rights YearbookŸ Spanish Yearbook of International LawŸ Uniform Law ReviewŸ United Nations International Court of Justice Year-bookŸ United Nations Juridical YearbookŸ United Nations Yearbook of the International LawCommissionŸ USAK Yearbook of International Politics and LawŸ Many More!Ÿ African Yearbook of International LawŸ American Society of International Law ProceedingsŸ Asian Yearbook of International LawŸ Australian Yearbook of International LawŸ Austrian Review of International and European LawŸ Baltic Yearbook of International LawŸ Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal StudiesŸ Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law andAffairsŸ Croatian Yearbook of European Law and PolicyŸ European Yearbook of Minority IssuesŸ Finnish Yearbook of International LawŸ Human Rights, the Helsinki Accords, and the UnitedStates: Selected Executive and CongressionalDocumentsŸ International Adjudications: Ancient and ModernHistory and DocumentsŸ International Community Law ReviewŸ International Law Studies Series. US Naval WarCollege.Ÿ International Law Association, Reports ofConferences*Please note: All coverage is from inception. Individual title coverage varies based on contractual arrangements with publishers.FILRD· Cumulative Digest of United States Practice inInternational Law, 1981-1988· Digest of International Law (Whiteman)· Digest of International Law (Hackworth)· Digest of International Law as Embodied inDiplomatic Discussions, Treaties and OtherInternational Agreements… (Moore)· Digest of International Law of the United StatesTaken from Documents Issued by Presidents andSecretaries of State…(Wharton)· Digest of United States Practice in International Law· Digest of the Published Opinions of the Attorneys-General, and of the Leading Decisions of the FederalCourts, with Reference to International Law, Treaties,and Kindred Subjects· History and Digest of the International Arbitrationsto Which the United States Has Been a PartyPART II: U.S. LAW DIGESTS
  3. 3. · Hague. Permanent Court of International Justice -Series A, A/B, B, C, D, E, F· Permanent Court of International Justice: A Treatise· Reports of International Arbitral AwardsPART III: INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNALS/JUDICIAL DECISIONS· Arbitration and the Hague Court· Hague Court Reports Comprising the Awards,Accompanied by Syllabi, the Agreements for theArbitration, and Other DocumentsDon’t Wait; Subscribe Today»PART IV: OTHER SIGNIFICANT WORKS RELATED TO FOREIGN & INTERNATIONAL LAW· International Courts of Arbitration (Balch)· International Problems and Hague Conferences· Country Reports on Terrorism· North Atlantic Coast Fisheries at the Hague:Argument on Behalf of the United States· Proceedings of International Conference AmericanSociety for Judicial Settlement of InternationalDisputesNOW AVAILABLE IN PART IV - American Series of Foreign Penal CodesThis series provides accurate English translations of important Penal Codes of foreign countries. Each volumeincludes an introduction by a knowledgeable scholar in the particular country’s Penal Code. Countries include:Argentina, Colombia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Korea, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, and others.PART V: COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIESThe Court of Justice of the European Communities is the mostimportant court in Western Europe. It has decision-making powerin all matters involving the existence and operation of theEuropean Communities, and its jurisdiction in such mattersextends to all member-countries of the European Communities.The Reports of this court, which began publication in 1954, areconsidered the official source of its judgments and other decisions.Following are the publications available:Ÿ European Court Reports. Reports of European CommunityStaff Cases: ECR-SCŸ Reports of Cases before the CourtŸ Reports of Cases before the Court of Justice and the Court ofFirst InstanceŸ Reports of Cases before the Court of Justice and the Court ofFirst Instance. Section II, Court of First InstanceSearch by Case!
  4. 4. Considering that the cost to purchase the titles in this collection hardbound format is in excess of $100,000.00,HeinOnline’s FILRD is the most affordable method for gaining access to world-class foreign and international lawcontent. In addition to the affordability this HeinOnline collection provides, researchers can now search across multipletitles throughout the collection - a feature that is not possible in print format, at any cost! Researchers can easily navigatethrough the incredible amount and valuable content of these important research documents.Annual subscriptions are available for this collection. Please inquire for pricing. For those wishing to own much of thecontent in HeinOnline’s FILRD library, we offer digital content ownership.Annual Subscription…….……………………………………………………………………………………….please inquireDigital Content Ownership Pricing............................................................................….….please inquireDigital content ownership includes ownership rights to the PDF files of the scanned images of all pages contained within the library as of 12/31/13. If you wish tospread the ownership cost across multiple budget years, please contact us to discuss budget options in more detail.Subscribers to Foreign & International Law Resources Database Receive $1,000.00 off HeinOnline’sUnited Nations Law Collection: http://heinonline.org/HeinDocs/UnitedNations2.pdfFor more information, or to place your order for this historically unique collection of international law content, simplycontact your Sales Representative, marketing@wshein.com or 800-828-7571.William S. Hein & Co., Inc. & HeinOnline2350 N. Forest Rd. Getzville, NY 14068Ph: 716-882-2600 • Toll Free: 800-828-7571 • International Customers Dial: +1 716 882 2600Fax: 716-883-8100marketing@wshein.com • heinonline.org • www.wshein.comCassidy Cataloguing Services offers MARC21 catalog records for this collection. For details and pricing, please contactinfo@cassidycat.com or (973) 586-3200.Looking for MARC21 Catalog Records?HEINONLINE“The whole world is in some manner one nation.”-De Vitoria, De Potestate Civili 21SUBSCRIPTIONS & DIGITAL CONTENT OWNERSHIP OPTIONSCONTACT USAFFORDABLE FOR MOST RESEARCH LIBRARIES!