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Low voltage detector with digital display tag 780 d


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Al Buraq Electric & Tools L.L.C ---- Your All in One Destination
In 2004, when Al Buraq Hardware & Tools was started as a small family-owned business, we made a commitment to provide working people with great quality tools at the lowest prices. And for over 10 years, Al Buraq Hardware & Tools has done just that. From hand tools and generators, to air and power tools, from shop equipment to automotive tools, Al Buraq offers more than 20,000 tools and accessories at quality levels that match or exceed competing brands.
We buy directly from the factories and we sell directly to you to enjoy the savings and the very high quality standards products.
Now Al Buraq Hardware & Tools L.L.C in the UAE is following the guidance of HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashed Al Maktoom to move Dubai Government to a smart Government we decided to have our E-SHOWROOM where the client can enjoy preparing the LPO directly from our website using his username and password.
What do we have in our E-SHOWROOM?
- Electrical Safety Products: industrial safety helmet for linemen, safety helmet for linemen with short visor, safety helmet with integrated face screen for electricians, Electrician face shield with headband and brow-guard, Arc-Flash protective face shield, helmet for use in the forestry industry, safety cap, glasses, headgears, safety shoes, safety boots, insulating mats, work gears, high-visibility garments, rain protection, climbing equipment, harnesses, energy absorbers, fall arresters, anchorage, connectors, lanyards, sets, rescue devices, latex gloves, composite chlorinated gloves, leather gloves, handling leather gloves, preliminary identification of cables and phases, no-voltage testing / absence of voltage testing, earthing and short-circuiting, earthing stickes, insulating tools 1000 V, cable cutters, shunt, repowering, network controlling and measuring equipment, substation equipment, (FAMECA, Sibille Safe, Jegou industries, Technowill)

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Low voltage detector with digital display tag 780 d

  1. 1.  Low Voltage Detector TAG 780D
  2. 2. Two probes designed for comfortable handling with gloves Slim probes Test Bouton suitable for electrician’s gloves Silicone double insulated lead CAT IV 1000V IP65 DIGITAL  LEDs Digital display Go / No Go indication  LV DETECTOR WITH DIGITAL DISPLAY TAG 780D
  3. 3. ■ Standard and Environment  LV DETECTOR WITH DIGITAL DISPLAY TAG 780D Low voltage detector with digital display TAG 780D Two-pole Low-Voltage Detector Standard IEC 61243-3 (2009)  Main purpose: Proving Dead = Checking the absence of operating voltage before connecting short circuit and earthing devices.  Technical Specific features : • the device are equipped with a « low impedance » circuit to drain residual current and make the difference with operating voltage. (vs. Multimeters with ultra high impedance).  100% Availability to secure safety mission: • NO Fuse but reversible variable resistors • Redundant circuit for Hazardous voltage indication operating w/o battery.
  4. 4. ■ Additional Functions of the LV detector Every function compatible with electrician gloves  Hazardous voltage light & sound indication : above 50V AC 120V DC ;  Indication of Voltage levels 120V 230V 400V 1000V  Voltage display from 5 V to 999 V (3 digits)  Unipolar Phase indication on the 2 probes (NEUTRAL FAILURE detection)  AC or DC indication  POLARITY indication on DC  PHASE SEQUENCE (field rotation) compatible with Gen Set  CONTINUITY test < 100 Ω  Test button  LV DETECTOR WITH DIGITAL DISPLAY TAG 780D
  5. 5. Display  Display accuracy: +/-2% + 1digit  Display Resolution : 1V  Standard : IEC 61243-3 = 2010  Batteries 2 x 1,5V LR03 (AAA) ■ Specifications of the LV detector Field of Use  Voltage range 5V - 1000 V AC ; 5V – 1500V DC  Nominal Voltage indications : 120, 230, 400 et 1000V AC DC  Operating current < 3.5 mA  1000V cat. IV  Frequency range for AC: 15 Hz to 60 Hz  Temperature : - 15°C + 45°C  LV DETECTOR WITH DIGITAL DISPLAY TAG 780D
  6. 6. All our products help utilities to face global challenges providing high safety level for electrical network improvement operations: Preparation / safety Efficiency / Availability THE NETWORK WILL CHANGE !
  9. 9. Work in total confidence with your powernetwork
  10. 10. HISTORY & FIGURES  1949: creation of the company to supply earthing devices to “compagnie du Rhin”  1960: creation of the French LiveW competence Center (SERECT) in Mulhouse  1989: building of this building specialy designed around high voltage laboratory  1998: integration in Novarc Group  4800 m², 3500 references, TOP80% 1500 ref / 40 products  330 suppliers, 2M components, 200k end products  ISO 9002 in 1996, ISO 9001 since 2002  Export rate > 65% in more than 100 countries
  11. 11. For Sales: